Randy Moss helps Jameis Winston through rough spot in his career

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Currently-embattled Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has a new mentor: Once-embattled receiver Randy Moss.

Via FloridaFootballInsiders.com, the soon-to-be Hall of Famer is working with Winston during the down time between the conclusion of the offseason program and the opening of training camp.

Moss spoke to FOX 13 on Tuesday about Winston, who has been suspended for the first three games of the season due to a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.

He’s doing things right,” Moss said. “It’s a bump in the road. . . . Man, just continue to fight. It happens. . . . What he did was wrong. You know, I’m not saying right or wrong. There was a woman involved. So I’m not going to get into all of that. What he did was wrong. He knows it was wrong. So, I think it’s up to him as a man to understand what he did wrong, live and learn from it and let it go.”

Moss is helping not only Winston but other players, but Moss understands that the advice may not register.

“I’m just here to be able to tell and just give the guys whatever I’ve been through,” Moss said. “If they take it, they take it. If they don’t, so what?”

If Winston doesn’t take Randy’s advice, Winston could soon be taking a hike from the NFL.

34 responses to “Randy Moss helps Jameis Winston through rough spot in his career

  1. You know, I’m not saying right or wrong.

    And then he went on to say he was wrong 4 times in the same paragraph. I love Randy Moss. Who else read his quotes in his distinct voice?

  2. Hasn’t Winston been given similar advice after all his other criminal acts?

    The problem is not that he isn’t being told how to act, it is that he has never had to suffer the consequences for his acts because he can play football.

    That’s how it is going down again.

  3. Except he doesn’t understand it was wrong. He has the same arrogant entitled attitude you did.

  4. If the Bucs don’t make the playoffs, and they almost certainly won’t, then Winston’s crimes are going to be a secondary consideration. Winning cures everything, and Winston’s just not good enough to carry an otherwise mediocre football team.

  5. I’d be careful about getting advice from the guy who said “I when I want to play”, never blocked and took plays off when the ball wasn’t coming his way. And he stole every dollar he received from the Raiders cuz he gave us nothing. Mentor!!

  6. Randy perfect example of how one can change their life around and be a good citizen

  7. Jameis Winston doesn’t need Randy Moss to mentor him. He needs a psychiatrist. Moss did some stuff in his playing days, God knows. The things Winston has done are far more serious and bordering on psychotic.

  8. If he didn’t learn after what happened at FSU chances are he never will.

  9. I didn’t know that assaulting a women was just a bump in the road. I’m glad Randy Moss cleared that up.

  10. Well Jameis just had a kid and having a kid usually changes a man’s life. I gave him a pass previously because he was still young but now it’s time to grow up not just for him but for his son too.

  11. The Bucs blew it when they drafted Winston. NOW they are getting all the backlash and negative publicity. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER draft a player that has character issues. I really don’t feel bad for the Bucs.

  12. Randy could help Jameis and Shady, by clunking their heads together Moe Howard style, who knows it might help.

  13. r8rsfan says:

    “I play when I want to play” is what he said.

    Which gave us an all-time youtube remix. I actually get pumped up watching it.

    “I don’t shine shoes, I don’t tape ankles, I don”t cut checks….straight cash homey”

    Love ya Randy. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  14. “It’s just a bump in the road…..Live and Learn from it.”

    The problem is he isn’t learning from it.
    After each incident Jameis publicly states it’s a learning process and to judge him from his actions from here out. The problem is his actions haven’t change from the self centered narcissistic child he was in college. His after incident statements are like an old tape stuck on a loop. I love the Buccaneers and for better or worse they are my team, but the NFL never should have negotiated down to a 3 game suspension from 6. I don’t know the details of the negotiation but hopefully it involves a life coach, mental health professionals, a full work up and medication if necessary.

  15. whenwilliteverend says:
    July 11, 2018 at 9:56 am
    If he didn’t learn after what happened at FSU chances are he never will.

    He got away with it at FSU and at Publixs and basically, with a 3 game suspension, he gets away with it again. If the Bucs pick up his fifth year option it will definetly close the deal on him getting away with it.

    What I thought was really telling is that he never called the girl or sent her an apology, only a fake apology statement. He’s a clown.

  16. factschecker says:
    July 11, 2018 at 9:00 am
    You know, I’m not saying right or wrong.

    And then he went on to say he was wrong 4 times in the same paragraph. I love Randy Moss. Who else read his quotes in his distinct voice?

    And that my friends is what the powers that be at ESPN thought would be the perfect replacement for Chris Bermann & co.

  17. Just remember this all happened before the Bucs chained Winston to Derrick Brooks. Brooks will keep him in line and the Buccos will benefit. Go Bucs!

  18. ^ That is why all thos analysts wear headphones – they either be told what to say or to shut up.

  19. Moss should teach him how to moon opposing fans. They love that. Right, Green Bay?

  20. thought Tampa Hall Of Famer Derrick Brooks was going to be making sure Jameis was on the straight and narrow??

  21. Nope there are no differences in tendencies, Tempers, and actions between us.
    Randy Hit a Parking Officer and drove with her clinging on his hood.
    Jameis…well he’s just a DUMB ASS!
    Just keep those blinders on and pretend there is no problem.

  22. Bitter Oakland Raiders fans repeating a botched quote of Randy Moss taken out of context, hilarious. Moss didn’t want to play for your dumpster fire team so you hate on him.The national media miss quoted a local story so we now have “I play when I want to play” attributed to Moss and kept on repeating it so people think that was his direct quote. That isn’t the full quote .

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