Report: FOX in talks to hire Jeff Fisher as a commentator

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After a long career as a coach, Jeff Fisher may soon begin a new career as a broadcaster.

Michael McCarthy of Sporting News reports that FOX is talking to Fisher about having him work as an analyst either in the booth or in the pregame studio this season.

FOX is in its first year as the home of Thursday Night Football and maintains its Sunday afternoon coverage of NFC games. FOX’s top team, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, will handle Thursday nights but may take some Sunday afternoons off.

In his career coaching the Houston/Tennessee Oilers/Titans and St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams, Fisher went 173-165-1 in the regular season and 5-6 in the postseason. His 165 regular season losses are tied for the most in NFL history.

65 responses to “Report: FOX in talks to hire Jeff Fisher as a commentator

  1. As someone who listened to the Jeff Fisher show when he was in St Louis and LA, I’m going to highly recommend you get familiar with your mute button location on the remote.

  2. What did you think of that great zone blitz Jeff?
    Well, he forced a rash throw but missed a great opportunity to follow through with any late hit.

  3. That will be fascinating commentary, and I can hear his analyst colleague(s) now.

    “Jeff, tell us what decision you would make in this situation to help your team underachieve and never reach its full potential.”

  4. Maybe we’ll get to hear how he trashed Vince
    Young’s career. Can’t wait.

  5. coached for 22 years, made the postseason 6 times, with 3 of those postseason trips producing at least 1 win.

    16 of his 22 years produced an 8-8 or worse record but no matter how bad his teams were he never got bashed in the media because he was friends with everyone.

  6. I like Fisher as he was part of my legendary 1985 Bears team. That said, he was never a good coach or flexible in changing. So, why would I want him analyzing games? So, he could tell me how he would lose?

  7. What amazed me was when you watch the clip of him telling his staff he got canned, some of them are stunned. How could you be even remotely surprised?

  8. Over/Under on Competition Committee references per telecast: 4.5 When he was coaching that would drive me insane: His team would be underperforming but it’d get trotted out how he was on the Competition Committee like that was some huge honor reserved for the true greats.

  9. He could do the 4:00 game that ends at 8:00 or he can do the prime time games that start at 8:00.

  10. I like that Jeff Fisher guy. I think he’ll be a great broadcaster.

    Jon Gruden

  11. Why would anyone think that Jeff Fisher would be a better commentator than he was a coach? Because he could get it right half of the time? That sounds like the definition of “mediocre” to me.

  12. Since he can’t grasp the single fact that he didn’t believe in Goff, that his offenses hadn’t progressed since the 90s, and he has the gall to say he laid the foundation for the success being enjoyed now in LA, with such a lack of insight he ought to make a very peculiar on-air “expert”
    …But it is the age of “alternative facts”, so he’ll fit right in.

  13. Listening to him do a Seahawks game with how much he hates the Seahawks is going to be unbearable….or hilarious.

    On second thought oh God please no Jeff Fisher. My world has been better off without him…as has the Rams.

  14. weepingjebus says:
    July 11, 2018 at 3:05 pm
    What amazed me was when you watch the clip of him telling his staff he got canned, some of them are stunned. How could you be even remotely surprised?


    They were all surprised he wasn’t fired years ago.

  15. Maybe Fisher and Jay Cutler could do the games together,wouldn’t that be a ratings bonanza.

  16. thefiesty1 says:
    July 11, 2018 at 2:57 pm
    Maybe we’ll get to hear how he trashed Vince
    Young’s career. Can’t wait.

    Oh please! VY trashed his own career. He has nobody to blame but himself.

  17. He should be travelling the country doing seminars that teach people how to nail a job interview. That is the one area of life in which he is clearly the best

  18. kemp13, it would be best to brush up on NFL history before commenting. Fisher destroyed any initiative that Vince Young had.

  19. Maybe he can explain how the Rams were bad when he was head coach to a playoff team with a new coach with mostly the same players?

  20. Go ahead. Maybe he can laugh at players getting their knees blown out like he did with RHarrison. A shame they held Bruschi back.

  21. Are the NFL owners, NFL players and TV Networks working together to ruin the game of American Football as we know it ? NFL owners are ruining the game with the rule changes endless commercial breaks, watered down Thursday night matchups… NFL players are ruining the game with promoting their own agenda during NFL games like the Anthem issue, and now a TV network wants to hire a guy that is tied for the most losses in NFL history ? Plus am I the only one that thinks the NFL network is pretty much unwatchable ?

    Thankfully we still have college ball to watch and thankfully I’m going to spend my time elsewhere on Sunday afternoon.

  22. After Fisher signs the contract, they should sign Young to be his broadcast partner. It would guarantee triple the viewership before the first broadcast.

  23. so Fox has Hired John Fox Ex HC of Panthers & Broncos & Bears & now Jeff Fisher

  24. Think whatever you will about Bomani Jones, but he gave Fisher the best nickname: Fiddy-Fiddy

    And hearing it in conversation as casually as one might use “Fisher” was hilarious. “Fiddy-Fiddy should have called a time out there,” for instance.

  25. Oh great. Hire another hugely over-rated ex-head coach. Just what we need, another Rex Blowhard Ryan who never won anything, either.

  26. Puh-lease!!! However, I’m amazed overrated coaches are still able to find jobs in the NFL. The Fisher has only the pedigree for community college football teams.

  27. I would watch a game on mute rather than listen to this charlatan talk about anything.

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