Report: Man arrested after fight with Adam Jones at Atlanta airport

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An employee of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was reportedly arrested on Tuesday night after a fight with free agent cornerback Adam Jones.

TMZ Sports has a video of the altercation, which shows Jones exchanging words with Frank Ragin before Ragin goes after Jones. The two men exchange blows and Ragin winds up on the ground.

Per TMZ, Ragin was arrested for two counts of battery — a female companion of Jones’ reportedly injured her hand — and police say he initiated the incident by “making a gesture” in Jones’ direction.

“Mr. Ragin eventually struck Mr. Jones with a closed fist, causing a laceration to Mr. Jones’ face,” a police source told TMZ. “Mr. Jones then started to defend himself, causing Mr. Ragin to fall to the ground.”

Jones, who became a free agent this offseason after the Bengals declined his option for 2018, and his companion declined medical attention while Ragin was reportedly taken to the hospital.

75 responses to “Report: Man arrested after fight with Adam Jones at Atlanta airport

  1. mr ragen is not very bright…adam “pacman” jones is a certified goon and he was sure to take the L

  2. I’ve walked through a lot of airports. Never had an employee start a fight with me. I’m sure Adam didn’t do anything at all and I’m just doing life wrong.

  3. I hate it like hell when I’m arrested AND taken to the hospital. Insult to injury.

  4. Pacman looks to be in the clear here. Mr big bad airport guy wanted a little fame. Lol. Dude had a foot on Pacman.

    Take your medicine.

    Sidenote, this foolishness has to stop.

  5. Doesn’t seem like this one was his fault, which is a good thing really, just an airport employee trying to have his 15 minutes

  6. xavier179 says:
    July 11, 2018 at 11:37 am
    NFL, please cut this low-life once and for all.
    Do you just have that statement saved somewhere and copy and paste it to any Pacman article without reading the article?

  7. A “big” guy rushes the smaller guy.

    The loaded designer airport backpack wearing smaller guy puts the”big” guy on his back.

    “Big” guy is saved by the crowd.

    AFC North style.
    No denying.

    Re-sign him (cheap).

  8. Anybody criticizing Adam Jones clearly did not watch the video. He’s actually a better man than me because I wouldn’t have walked away after the first threat. Especially if he made a comment about my sister or girlfriend. Even the police said it was textbook self defense. The airport employee was asking for it and Pac-Man gave him what he deserved. That big mouth punk deserved it. Hope he’s gets fired too.

  9. Start a fight and get dropped, get arrested and lose your job…Too bad he’s probably banned from the airport…sounds like a Southwest commercial…”Wanna get away?”

  10. Honestly, I was hoping this article was about someone hearing Packman Jones was in the airport, going to fight him, getting what they deserve, and it ended being baseball Adam Jones.

  11. “I’ve walked through a lot of airports. Never had an employee start a fight with me. I’m sure Adam didn’t do anything at all and I’m just doing life wrong.”

    You’re doing life as just another face in the crowd rather than a celebrity. Get some notoriety where strangers recognize you and might want to start something with you and report back to us then.

  12. Looked like Jones was trying to walk away but this guy kept badgering him. I’m sure this guy was hoping to get punched and try to get some sort of settlement

  13. The big guy is out of shape and trying to go against a professional athlete, what could possibly go wrong?

  14. xavier179 says:
    July 11, 2018 at 11:37 am
    NFL, please cut this low-life once and for all.
    The age of VAST information at ones finger tips yet people are too lazy to read more than a headline.

  15. Jeez.
    There sure are a lot of players & ex-players getting into the police blotter this off-season.

  16. I think when you’ve built a reputation for trouble, it’s going to find you, even when you aren’t looking for it. I was a little surprised that the big guy fell so easily and the fight overall looked very sloppy. I would think most NFL players would just go for the tackle and ground and pound. Also, Pacman had to win that fight or someone would be showing up at the other guys house with their guns.

  17. Pac Man actually didn’t start this fight and he didn’t beat up any women or throw any beer at them. Kudos!

  18. This guy is an even bigger loser than Pacman. I would have never thought that was possible.

  19. Honestly this one doesnt look like Pac Mans fault. (Wow huh?) this looks to me like the other guy was clearly the instigator and he did deliberately push it until Pac Man came back on him. At first Pac Nan did indeed try to walk away. This may have been a guy starting a fight for cash grab purposes, he gets beat up then he sues sort of thing. Unfortunately, even though he was not in any way the instigator, and even though he did initially show restraint, in the end the guy got Pac Man to come back pretty hard and cross a line where I dont think self defense is cut and dried anymore. And I will add that in a grey area like this one is when it really works against a guy to gave a history of being at fault.

  20. If I were Pacman’s attorney, here’s my concern. Pacman was not the instigator and police back him on this, he did however land at least 1 punch after the guy was already down. I’m guessing that might cross the line of self defense. So now all you need is this guy saying I can’t drive or function anymore after that headshot from Pacman. During a civil try they let jurors know what a terrible guy Pacman has been for the last 10-20 years, and there’s an OK shot at collecting some money from Pacman. Of course you’d have to get in line behind the victims of the strip club shooting that he was responsible for, but I’m sure Pacman has somehow tucked away a few million.

  21. This may go down as the first time Adam Jones got into trouble and didn’t start it.

    It may also go down as the last time.

  22. joshgordonsbong says:
    July 11, 2018 at 1:15 pm
    of all the guys in the league to start with you pick pac man???? You ask for the fade you gonna catch the fade…
    To make it worse, for the next ten years (at least), everywhere he goes people are going to point at him and grin and say “Heyyyy …. aren’t you that guy that Pacman wooped?”

  23. Frank Ragin was an airport employee, still clad in his orange vest. So let’s review. Whipped by Pacman, hauled off to jail, and probably fired from his job. Not a good day.

  24. Look, Pac-Man is not the most likable guy. We all know that. But we also know that dude isn’t afraid to let his hand go either. Why the hell would you start something with him?

    If the airport employee didn’t start nothing, there wouldn’t be nothing.

  25. How can you honestly say Jones was defending himself? He got hit then chased the guy down and pummeled him. Jones should’ve been arrested too.

  26. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Pacman was 100% in the right here – some dude starts with him and he has every right to defend himself.

    As others have pointed out – what a day for Frankie, whupped by Pacman on video which goes viral, gets arrested, taken to the hospital, and probably loses his job. Man, I hope that dude doesn’t have a puppy waiting for him at home, because it might not be a good for it.

  27. No suspension needed here, video of you flailing around like a girl and dropping your purse in a “fight” is punishment enough.

  28. Half his size, woman holding him back, has a backpack on and still floors the guy LMAO. Coming up next on Pro’s vs Joe’s…….

  29. If by started to defend himself you mean Advanced towards him and started swinging then yes he defended himself.

  30. I see Pacman is settling I to life after football just as we LL predicted.

    Give the other man a pass…because let’s not kid ourselves…EVERYOBE wants to punch Pacman Jones.

  31. I shocking news an update to this story notes that it started when the man made a ‘gesture’ at Pacman who then ‘confronted’ the employee.

    Everyone in here like ‘Poor Pacman’ when he got triggered by somebody flicking him off and it eventually led to the fight. Pacman is a FA and probably just cost himself more money because he couldn’t take someone flicking him off.

    Trouble doesn’t follow Pacman. He is trouble.

  32. How many people got up this morning thinking they would see a video of a fight Pac Man was in where they did not blame Pac Man? Just goes to show never say never.

  33. So let me get this straight… an airport employee chose to throw hands with Adam ‘PacMan’ Jones who might be clinically insane? Yep, that was a great plan.
    I watched that video and Frank was pushing and pushing. I’m actually impressed Pacman waited that long to crack dudes cranium.

  34. For those of you who want him cut from “the” team…crawl out from under your rock…he is a free agent…not signed with any team…even he has the right to defend himself…

  35. Isn’t anyone concerned that Pacman lost his lunch which hit the ground before the fight?

  36. Looks like Adam Jones is going to get “paid”, for this upcoming
    season even if he doesn’t sign with a team!! lol Good for him!!

  37. I’ll never understand these cowards that want to start stuff with celebs, glad that guy got his. What a chump.

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