Prince Amukamara has set a high goal for himself

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It’s one thing to have career goals.

It’s another thing to expect to surpass your entire career’s production in a single season.

Via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, Bears cornerback Prince Amukamara was asked what he hoped to accomplish this year.

I’m really looking for a 10-pick season,” Amukamara replied.

The 29-year-old Amukamara has played seven seasons in the NFL. He also has seven interceptions, with three of them coming in 2014 for the Giants. HIs last interception was in September 2015, when he picked off Washington’s Kirk Cousins.

“I’m reaching for the stars, right?” Amukamara said. “But at the same time, I know what I’m capable of. I know how hard I’ve worked. And every year I keep putting those goals out there. Because when it finally does happen, I can circle back to the time that I said it.”

If it does happen, the Bears will be delighted with the three-year contract they gave him this offseason, which included $18 million in guarantees. Also, they will ask him to buy lottery tickets.

23 responses to “Prince Amukamara has set a high goal for himself

  1. Is he serious? He had zero turnovers last season. I was disappointed when we resigned him.

  2. Only reading the headline, I thought the answer would be employment. Prince is a classic good but not great player. If he plays all 16 games, it would be a good year and only the 2nd time in his 8 year career.

  3. Given that the Bears’ pass rush currently consists of Leonard Floyd (coming off an injury) and little else, that’s ambitious goal in the extreme.

  4. vaphinfan says:
    July 12, 2018 at 10:16 am
    So he’s looking to hit his peak during his 8th season in the NFL?
    Troy Brown literally did that. He made it hard to cut him. Special teams was his bread and butter. He found a way to hang around long enough to his big break. His 8th year was when he became a starter. He didn’t actually break the 1000 yard barrier until his 9th year.

  5. Even with Fuller playing at a high level last year, teams kept avoiding Amukamara all year. That continued all season… it’s not like teams starting throwing at Amukamara after realizing Fuller wasn’t a weak link. So his coverage was, at a minimum, highly respected by opposing offensive coordinators. If their team D ascends from last year… and having a better offense should help that cause… then he should get a lot more chances to steal the ball. Barring the Bears annual ritual of devastating injuries to key players, you’ve got to like Fangio’s chances of getting more pressure on the QB with Roquan’s speed and coverage abilities, along with hopefully growth by Floyd, Robertson-Harris, and Bullard. None of these things are far fetched…. except the part about avoiding devastating injuries.

  6. The good news is that he has cousins twice this year, the bad news is that he has Rodgers twice this year

  7. As an Omaha-born Big Red fan, the hype around this guy coming out of college was such that I figured he’d be a perennial Pro Bowl-caliber NFL corner.

    Not so much…he’s barely average. Serviceable may be too complimentary at this point.

    B/t him and Eli Apple, the NY Football Giants have recently shown a propensity to bomb on 1st rd CBs.

  8. I really looking forward to winning the lotto this year. Am I reaching for the stars? Yes. But at the same time, I know what I’m capable of. My chances are just as good as anyone else.

    And when I do win, I remind all you doubters that I wrote this.

  9. The difference between being a world class athlete and being a fan who reads posts is saying your going to do something huge, while sitting there saying “thats not possible”!

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