Ben McAdoo doesn’t think much of the Giants’ tackles

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Former Giants coach Ben McAdoo didn’t have anything to say for months. Now, he has plenty to say.

As it relates to the team’s new left tackle and new right (former left) tackle, McAdoo isn’t all that impressed.

Via the New York Post, McAdoo offered faint praise as to the arrival of Nate Solder.

“Getting a left tackle in there will help them in a lot of ways,” McAdoo said regarding the free-agent acquisition. “I don’t think he’s a very good player, but I think it will help them in a lot of ways where they needed help in that room in the past and they haven’t had anyone to do that.”

McAdoo thinks even less of Ereck Flowers, the former starter on the left side who seems to be on track to start on the right side.

“He can’t bend, you got to be able to bend,” McAdoo said regarding Flowers. “You can run around him on [the right] side just like you can on the other side, Eli just gets to see it, which may help Eli. It’s not the blind side, it’s in his vision, so if he’s comfortable with what’s going on over on the left side, it can help him move in the pocket a little bit better.”

Manning and the rest of the offense will need to play a lot better if the Giants hope to have a better outcome than the one that got McAdoo fired.

25 responses to “Ben McAdoo doesn’t think much of the Giants’ tackles

  1. I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan all the way !! Interesting information from a Coach who benched Eli Manning !! ENOUGH SAID !!

  2. Apparently Ben doesn’t want to get another coaching gig in the NFL.

    It’s a bad look to criticize the players (and therefore indirectly, the GM) of the team that just fired you.

  3. Given his track record of questionable decisions that turned out badly, not sure why anyone ( Even a reporter during the NFL slow period) would be listening to Mr. Mcadoo’s opinion.

  4. I don’t think anyone has said Flowers will be greatly improved, we all know he still has the same issues. Really tho McAdoo just sounds like a scorn woman

  5. And yet McDont left him in the lineup. He “couldn’t bend”? That’s a new one. Flowers was a turnstile as a pass blocker. He was OK as a run blocker. I agree with the Peter Principle reference made in a previous article. McDont did rise to the level of his incompetence as a head coach. He made the playoffs the year before but he did lose the team after letting Beckham run wild and then disciplined other players.

  6. Has Peter King’s column been posted yet? I know he will have(had?) McDont on. He better come right or he will be lucky to be the ballboy on his kid’s Pop Warner team.

  7. Ben McAdoo is certainly reducing his job prospects with these petty comments.

    The question I have is doesn’t the HC have some influence as to who is drafted, who is on the team, and who plays. Jerry Reese may have drafted poorly but surely McAdoo didn’t evaluate all the players well either.

  8. Solder is good, but Brady got the ball out so fast all the time, he’s not a 12 mil per year Tackle, hence why BB walked.

    As the Giants sink into a cap hell with OBJ on the books and no trading of him to rid themselves of the cap hell, don’t expect the Giants to be good anytime soon.

  9. So McAdoo doesn’t think much of the Giants’ tackles, does he? I’m guessing that the Giants’ tackles don’t think too much of McAdoo either. At least the Giants’ tackles have a job. McAdoo is a joke.

  10. Just shows how a wrong turn with a coaching hire can send your franchise in the wrong direction. McAdoo was the strong finalist for that Eagle job and got the Giant one when it’s apparent by now that no one should have been hiring him (I still don’t know how that team his rookie year went 11-5 with how bad the offense was), and the same thing back when the Ravens were prevented from making it much of a choice between Garrett and John Harbaugh because Jerry Jones paid him like an HC.

  11. Why does the opinion of a fired coach even matter? He was fired for a reason and it wasn’t the tackles fault. Unfortunately, this guy will probably get hired by some team and we can watch him ruin that team too.

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