DeMarco Murray to announce retirement

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DeMarco Murray changed his mind.

Less than a week after saying he hoped to sign with a team before training camp, the veteran running back has decided to announce his retirement, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Murray told Schefter on his podcast that he had spoken with “four or five” teams about a comeback, but apparently he had a change of heart of realized they weren’t as interested in him as he was in them.

The 30-year-old Murray was released by the Titans earlier this offseason, after rushing for 659 yards last year in a time-share with Derrick Henry.

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  1. Demarco Murray should be a good example to Leveon Bell. When things went right for Murray he was the best back in the league. And after that, except for the big $ contract, nothing went right. And. He really was not that good anymore. To the point now that he is not even a shoe in for a minimum one year contract.

    And don’t get me wrong. He was a good back. It’s not like the next man (or 2 or 3) lined up in Dallas and shook up the league. It was not until Elliot came along that they have another powerful running game.

    It is a team sport … a perspective that has to go both ways.

  2. Forever remembered in the “ Dez caught it” game for fumbling the football with nobody within 10 yards of him and the cowboys going up and down the field like the packers weren’t even there. Wouldn’t have needed the play to dez the game would have been over

  3. DeMarco Murray was a good runningback but he could have had a better career if he would have stayed in Dallas his whole time.

  4. 1 of the bottom tier teams (Browns, Bucs, Bears, Colts) must have been showing strong interest so he had to change his status to avoid the misery of losing constantly…

  5. Number 62 all-time in career rushing yards; hope he set himself up right. Not everyone gets to walk away from the game (see Earl Campbell) and we should all wish him well. Just sayin.

  6. The guy had almost 1300 yds (1287) and 400 receiving (377), to go with 12 TDs just two seasons ago. Philly was a distaster and he was hurt most of last year so didn’t have great stats, but someone should have given him a look. COLLUSION!!!

  7. No point in waiting for Buffalo, Demarco doesn’t want to be a workhorse and does want to make the playoffs. I’m a Bills fan but which QB on our roster inspires hope for a playoff run *this year*? I thought the Lions or Ravens should’ve made him a serious offer by now.

  8. tavisteelersfan says:
    July 13, 2018 at 2:16 pm
    Demarco Murray should be a good example to Leveon Bell.
    How is Demarco Murray any type of example for Bell?
    The only example Bell should take is you are a player with a shelf life age of 30 years so do not settle on your one and likely only chance at free agency. Demarco is out the league but made a boat load of money and retires at an age most backs either retire or lose tremendous market value. At any rate this is Bell’s life. I don’t know why so many people are up in arms over his financial decision like Bell personally wronged them somehow.

  9. Should’ve stayed a Cowboy. He would’ve made hmore money on endorsements alone as a Cowboy than what he made in free agency.

  10. Thirty-two (32) is the official cut-off point of Running Backs, so if I were Mr. Murray, I would wait… unless he knows something about his health that precludes him from waiting.

  11. Demarco Murray’s career is an example of a Hall of Fame career, business wise.

    Played well, got the big contract, set himself up nicely and then retired. With his health.

  12. Imagine retiring at 30, in top health, with $20M+ in the bank, and a cush ESPN job lining up.

    Forget the football HoF, DeMarco Murray is in the HoF of Life.

  13. I wonder if he wishes he had stayed in Dallas now. It didn’t take long for his career to be over. He’d probably still be at Dallas as the starter and they wouldn’t have drafted Elliot. Dumb move on Murray’s part.

  14. With the 4 and 5 year Rookie Contracts, the Vets don’t stand a chance…UNLESS they are at a position like QB, DE, or O-Tackles.
    This NFL union has been busted. Running backs only have about a 6 year shelf life.

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