Tony Dungy: Jameis Winston knows right things to do, needs “good decision-making”

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Jameis Winston drew criticism Friday after posting a video of a workout with his trainer, who wore a shirt that read “JAMEIS AGAINST THE WORLD.”

The shirts are NFLPA-licensed and personalized for all players, with team versions sold by the NFL, Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times reports. But it still didn’t sit well with some, considering Winston’s three-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

After the workout, the Bucs quarterback spent time with kids attending a Tampa Bay Youth Football League camp at the same facility.

Former Bucs coach Tony Dungy, who now works as a studio analyst for NBC, said Winston needs a consistent message in his actions.

“I know he has a good heart. He wants to do the right thing,” Dungy, who is promoting a new line of children’s books written with his wife, Lauren, said, via Auman. “He’s very aware of his role as a leader, his role as someone kids need to look up to. I think he knows the right things to do. Now he just needs to follow through on that with good decision-making.”

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  1. That is JUST the problem! Doesn’t get it, and when he gets caught… I didn’t do it..

  2. “I know he has a good heart. He wants to do the right thing.” Yes, Tony (and a brain the size of a pea). Jameis is talented but prone to dumb erratic decisions both on and off the field. No more excuses for Jameis.

  3. He’s a good guy, just needs a change of scenery. The Eagles would be a good landing spot. With one quarterback coming back from a major injury and the other one moving on after this year…the Eagles would have their guy.

  4. You know he has a good heart? What utter BS. His actions speak volumes and there’s no good heart there.

    Dungy needs to shut his pie hole. How many get out of jail free cards does one guy get in the NFL? Winston should be out of the league.

  5. he does not have a good heart you momo. thst shirt proves it. dude cause his own problems but thrn blames the world

  6. JAMEIS AGAINST JAMEIS” would be a better depiction of the current state of affairs.

    He needs to get his own house in order.

  7. I think we will see a lot more allegations aimed at young famous stars because to me it seems it’s almost becoming another revenue stream for some people when they see an opportunity. Alleged sexual assault, fisty kuffs etc. Young football players are probably the most at risk because they are generally full of themselves, brash and like to splash their cash around. I really don’t know what you can do. 99% of the time everything is ok but as soon as drink starts to take effect anything can happen and youngsters do stupid things boys and girls. There are of course some really bad things that need to be investigated and harsh punishments but imo most of time it’s stupidly probably caused by drink equals an opportunity for some to receive some extra money.

  8. Such hypersensitivity. It’s a motivational t-shirt, ISSUED BY NFLPA.
    This is not a story, it’s not pig socks, it’s a shirt.
    This guy needs a big year to redeem himself so, however he needs to motivate himself I don’t care.
    Just continue to stay clean and get Tampa to the Playoffs.

  9. I don’t know, Tony, I feel people with a “good heart” who “know the right things to do” wouldn’t violate Uber drivers in drive throughs and issue half-assed apologies when they get away with half the allegedly standard suspension for it. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer to call those people selfish, entitled jerks

  10. Has a good heart? Knows the right things to do? The guy is about 45 minutes away from being in prison after demonstrating he has a bad heart and doing the wrong thing over and over again.


  12. I love when people that have character and a moral compass assume that everyone else does as well. Some people are just hardwired differently. Jameis is basically an entitled animal who grew up poor but wildly celebrated due to his talent. Imagine the sheer lunacy he has gotten away with.

  13. I am a Bucs season ticket holder who recently went from a strong supporter to it’s time to let him go but this T shirt issue is nonsense. So what if his trainer (not even Jameis) wore it to a workout session with Jameis? It’s actually a pretty good message for a summer time workout.

    It’s not like Jameis showed up in public wearing it. He has made a LOT of bad decisions but this in NOT one of them.

  14. Nice BS platitude from Dungy.

    More and more he gets just like Jim Nance. Never a firm statement.Always afraid to call it like it is. Heaven forbid truth might hurt someone’s feelings.

    Nance is like toasted wonder bread with nothing on it – mushy on the inside, stale and crumbly on the outside, no flavor and can’t stand up to any other ingredients. Dungy is the exact same thing.

  15. dway096 says: “This is not a story, it’s not pig socks, it’s a shirt. This guy needs a big year to redeem himself so, however he needs to motivate himself I don’t care.”

    Your statements are contradictory. Kaepernick wearing pig socks “to motivate himself” is not okay? Maybe Kaepernick wanted a “big year” too and I guess to you nothing matters as long as it gets the results.

  16. In the recovery community, Dungy is what is known as an “enabler.” Unfortunately, he performs that role as a “wise,” “Christian” know-it-all who delivers his smarmy messages in an attempt to come off sounding like a guru (which he is definitely not), and who just loves to get into other people’s business! He uses it as an income builder like other people use email solicitation. You don’t think he received a bunch of money for his “work” with Vick?

    I agree that Jameis needs “better decision making,” but don’t we all?

    What Jameis REALLY needs in order to effect REAL change, is another forty or so IQ points!

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