Evan Engram: Eli Manning is still Eli Manning and poised for a big year

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The Giants didn’t draft a quarterback with the second overall pick, showing their belief in Eli Manning. (Or their lack of faith in Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold.)

Manning is 37 and coming off a season in which he won only three of 15 starts, saw his starts streak ended, threw the third-fewest touchdowns in a season in his career and posted his lowest passer rating since 2007. That’s likely why the Giants quarterback ranked only 35th at his position in the Madden video player ratings.

Tight end Evan Engram, who caught 74 passes for 722 yards and six touchdowns as a rookie, expects Manning to outplay both his Madden rating and his critics.

“Those guys, they’re hit and miss. They’re just low-balling him,” Engram said at the Hyundai Youth Football Camp, via Zach Braziller of the New York Post. “I know for a fact he’s not paying attention to any of that. I’m not either. Eli looked really good all offseason. I went to Duke [for the annual Manning minicamp in April], he was slinging it around all camp. He was making a lot of throws that he’s been making for years.

“We got some new additions on the [offensive] line. We’re going to give him some more time back there. Y’all [will] see. Eli is still Eli. It’s going to be a big year for us and a big year for him.”

Manning has led the Giants to the playoffs only once the past six seasons, but former head coach Ben McAdoo is among those who expect New York to win the NFC East.

“I’m glad he said it. It’s really realistic,” Engram said, pointing to two losses to the Eagles last season by a combined eight points. “As competitors, that’s the goal, to go out and win games and win as many as you can.

15 responses to “Evan Engram: Eli Manning is still Eli Manning and poised for a big year

  1. Talk about being given an all time pass. Eli limits the Giants offense by being completely immobile and throwing balls into the ground to avoid any contact.

  2. Is it nauseating listening to the Giants chirp all offseason every offseason, only to go out in the regular season and embarrass themselves every year.

    I’ve noticed that they’re pimping the “we almost beat the Eagles twice” theory as evidence that maybe they’re not that far away.They lost twice. Once to a backup QB.
    If they had beaten the Eagles twice, they’d be 5-11.

  3. eagles1960 that’s pretty hysterical I actually busted out laughing!!!…..but seriously when you look at the roster it’s Impressive this team can compete for the playoffs if they gel in time.

  4. just a bunch of game worn jersey jokes…weak and predictable fellas. ‘

    Eli Manning is a decent QB with an ability to get hot and torch teams. If he is no longer able to execute that performance going forward, it will be confirmed this season, but I would never count him out. The guy is tough as nails.

  5. I’m not a huge Eli fan, not a Giants fan at all, but…it cracks me up when people bag on a 2 time SB winner. Kid has been playing in his brother’s shadow his whole life and succeeding above and beyond. Don’t count him out.

    That being said, go Jags!

  6. Eli two Super Bowl MVP’s
    Any eagles fan who speaks should recall Eli has more rings then every player that has ever played for the eagles

  7. 2017’s 80.4 passer rating was blamed on a bad o-line, but his overall career rating is only 83.5.

  8. I’m surprised no one brought up his brothers receding hairline and huge forehead. Maybe Eli will look the same when he retires and people will blame it on HGH to.

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