Michael Irvin agrees with Hall’s decision to not acknowledge T.O. individually

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Michael Irvin said he has no problem with Terrell Owens, only Owens’ decision not to show up for his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction next month.

Irvin again criticized Owens for choosing to do his own thing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on the day of the Hall induction ceremony. Further, Irvin agrees with the Hall of Fame declining to acknowledge Owens individually during the enshrinement.

“We can’t spend this moment for all these other guys talking about the guy that is not here,” the Hall of Fame receiver said Saturday at the National Fantasy Football Convention, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “You cannot do that and take that away. He’s doing his own thing wherever he’s doing his own thing, and God bless him. And when they mention the class, they’ll mention him, but why should you steal those other guys’ moment because of the decision of this one? I think it’s the right move. They’re not saying he’s not going to have a bust in the room. They’re not saying he’s not getting his jacket. They’re saying, ‘We’re honoring his wish. He doesn’t want to be here with us, we’re going to mention him as little as possible.’ I think it’s the right move.”

Owens has made it clear he does not appreciate Irvin’s criticism and has expressed unhappiness about Irvin’s decision to read text messages from Owens on the air. While it sounded like a feud was brewing, Irvin has said he considers it a “good friendship, relationship” with Owens.

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  1. The Allen Iverson of the NFL, put up some numbers but ultimately is a Complete Loser.

  2. I don’t agree with Owens as an individual but I still think the HOF as an organization shouldn’t stoop to the same level as Owens

  3. Hey guys you ever stop and think what the bigger issue is? Owens is a selfish jerk but no denying his stats are first ballot worthy unquestionably. He got blackballed by the voters because they didn’t like hi and used a lame excise about how he was bad in the locker room which really shouldn’t have anything to do what he did in the fielld. The leaks or admissions of certain voters further confirm their bias/pettiness when it comes to matters of integrity and the league should strongly consider replacing them.

  4. Both Owens and Irvin are kind of jerks. But they are also both former Cowboy receivers as well as bigtime NFL divas. Most parlors don’t have enough room for more than one diva, particularly the parlor that is the consciousness of lifelong Cowboy fans. As big as Cowboy-world and Jerry-world are, there just isn’t enough room for two of these divas. Irvin, who has a criminal record, is asserting here that he is the big man in Cowboy world, that he wears the pants when it comes to being a Cowboy receiver, and therefore has authority to speak on how Owens should be treated by the Hall Of Fame. What arrogance.

  5. Just unfortunate all around. Yes TO was probably unfairly snubbed before but all he is doing is making them look right by being a cry baby about it. It goes against his nature but had he been the bigger man and just accepted it I feel time would have looked back more fondly on him.

  6. The Hall of Fame is for the fans—they should acknowledge T.O. whether he shows up or not out of respect for the fans that watched him play.

  7. Michael “scissorhands” Irvin gave the greatest crocodile tear speech in history at his HOF induction. He’s a crumb. And I’m a Cowboy fan

  8. Michael Irvin continues to be one of the least intelligible NFL “analysts” in the game.

  9. I would’ve never thought I would see this, but were seeing a grown 44 year old man who has never grown up in T.O. and a president who is 70+ years old who acts like a 5th grader. Unbelievable that grown men can’t even act their age. Too funny.

  10. Michael Irvin is still mad at T.O. for the powdered doughnut remark he made at Irvin..he also referred to Irvin as n uncle tom so MI88 has a grudge.

  11. What TO is doing is the reason why a HOF talented receiver was run out of 5 locker rooms. He always finds a way to make it about himself. He always tries to overshadow other players and I’m this case other HOFs. Good move by HOF. If they let him do it, then future HOF will be a battle to outdo each other

  12. TO is just upset he didn’t get to kneel during the anthem, so here’s his “protest”

  13. Members of the HOF should be the one voting on who will enter their club. Media members voting is pretty dumb…

  14. The Truth says:
    July 14, 2018 at 8:40 pm
    ……. And I’m a Cowboy fan

    And now CNN news @ 11.

  15. I won’t even pretend that Michael Irvin’s opinion matters.As for T.O., instead of continuing the same behavior that got him cut loose from 5 teams,why not accept the honor with dignity and grace? You know…pull a George Costanza and do the OPPOSITE of what people expect from you?

  16. T.O. was great at taking over the 1st and 2nd quarters. But if you needed him to catch a 4th down pass in the waning moments of a game the ball would magically just bounce off of his hands. I see a lot of T.O. in Dez. And these two players should be known for great catches. But alas its not gonna happen. Dez is known for the catches he didn’t make and ME.OH is known for making a scene on the sidelines lol so is Dez. They’ve both made some great catches and id like to say that Me.Oh. made the best catch i ever saw to beat the Packers in Lameblow Stadium. And Dez was robbed in Lameblow. When JJ went and over paid for Terrell i swore I wouldn’t wear any of my Dallas stuff but i found that impossible. Ive never forgiven T.O. for slamming the ball on the Star in the House that Landry built. Does T.O. have the numbers for the Hall yes yes and double yes but he has no class for the Hall….

  17. Its appropriate that someone whose admission to the HOF was blocked by his sheer odiousness is now going to be technically admitted without being particularly celebrated. He was a great receiver, he was also a total loser of a human being who remained self-absorbed and embittered throughout his career.

  18. He’s lucky he only had to wait 3 years. Im guessing whatever he has to say during “his” ceremony will be every bit as awkward and out of touch as Jordan’s NBA HOF speech.

    If a TO makes an acceptance speech at an obscure college and no one stops to listen, does it make a sound???

    Who cares. Let’s move on.

  19. Finally, a golden opportunity to improve his image and redefine his legacy and instead he reinforces the selfish narratives synonymous with his name.

    Sad, loved his game and was pulling for him, but much like his Sharpie, I think this latest PR disaster is permanent.

  20. The dude was Ok. Was never trancendant. He caught a ton of balls from dump off qbs in an era that rewarded dump offs. He was ultimately a fast TE with marginal hands, that couldn’t block, and had serious personality issues. He isn’t HOF worthy, period. One of the weaker HOF inductees. He’ll be forgoten soon. Very soon.

  21. How pathetic that an organization has made it personal. Whether he’s there or not, honor his individual achievements on the field and move on to the next person. How difficult is it? The NFL is really starting becoming a low class organization. It’s like they feel if someone takes the low road, we’ll go lower.

  22. People please.

    He will show up for the ceremony.

    Do people still not understand this guy? You think he’s getting his attention now, wait till the day of the ceremony and he shows up. Do you know what a media explosion that would be? Do you realize how many media shills will vomit all over themselves praising him calling him misunderstood bc he’s “passionate” (passionate being the media cover word for immature)?? You’re gonna need to have ambulances at the ready for media people. Do you know what it would be like if right as the last speaker steps away, he walks on stage, arms out wide nodding and fist pumping and all that, the players behind him all giving him a standing ovation, and at least one zoomed in on as the tears start flowing?? You don’t think he knows this?

    No one sees this coming??? OF COURSE he’s gonna show up.

  23. TO was snubbed for being a jerk. Michael Irving was a drug abuser, breaking damn state and federal laws, and voters made him a first ballot. It blows my mind that being a jerk keeps you out of the Hall of Fame as long as it kept TO out. Jim Kelly cheated on his wife MULTIPLE TIMES (his wife wrote about it in her book). Bruce Smith was a coke head as well. Ray Lewis allegedly MURDERED SOMEONE, and only got away because of “lack of evidence.” Yet all these guys are first ballot hall of gamers. TO was statistically better than any receiver in the game besides Jerry Rice. He never got in trouble with the law. He never got popped for steroids or cheating. He just had a personality that made him a jerk. That is not a reason to keep him out of the HOF. He has every right to be mad.

  24. WOW when we entertain the thought that Irvin with his history can bring anything to this issue we are having a boring day.

  25. I’m fine if we never hear another word from either of them. Their mouths have overloaded their a-holes.

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