Randy Moss, Shannon Sharpe settle whatever differences they had

Getty Images

A day ago, Hall of Famers Randy Moss and Shannon Sharpe had beef. And now they don’t.

Just got off the phone with @RandyMoss. Had a great conversation and provided context into why I mentioned his name yesterday,” Sharpe tweeted. “I believe misunderstandings/disagreements can be handled thru civil conversation.”

Said Moss, on Twitter: “So glad real men can talk it out. glad we talked and thank u.”

That marked a dramatic reversal from the message Moss sent on Thursday night.

DO U HAVE A PROB WIT ME?” Moss asked Sharpe. “Everytime u mention me its ALWAYS negative!! I’m trying to live in peace but it seems since u have a national spotlight ur always bashing. what do u get outta tht?? I dont have ur # and I’m not here 4 the trolls but if u do PLS lmk!!!”

The strangest part about the outburst from Moss was that Sharpe, as best we can tell, said nothing about Moss on Thursday’s Undisputed. There definitely wasn’t anything that gained traction in the media. In a segment with Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson regarding the decision of Terrell Owens to skip the enshrinement ceremony, Sharpe suggested (smartly) that Owens’ frustrations arise not only from getting snubbed twice but from Moss getting in on the first try.

That doesn’t change the fact that Sharpe had said things about Moss in the past, a fact that seemed to be lost on Sharpe when he decided to target me for daring to mention the fact that Sharpe and Moss were publicly doing battle on Twitter. (Sharpe also called me “a F boy.” I still don’t know what that means. I have a feeling it’s an insult.)

Regardless, Moss and Sharpe apparently won’t be having any awkward encounters at the Hall of Fame ceremony. Unfortunately.