Thurman Thomas not happy with Terrell Owens’ decision

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With everyone having an opinion about Terrell Owens not showing up for the Hall of Fame ceremony (and with the opinions of non-football people like Charles Barkley and Dick Vitale getting noticed), it makes sense to listen to the comments from the actual members of the Hall of Fame — especially when one of them is closely identified with one of the team for which T.O. played.

Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas disagrees with T.O.’s decision to boycott the enshrinement, even if Thomas agrees that Owens should have been enshrined on his first try.

I’m a little ticked off that he’s not coming,” Thomas said Saturday morning at the Professional Football Researchers Association Convention, via the Buffalo News. “But it’s his choice. . . . I think it was a bad P.R. move on his part, but I do get it. . . . Every guy thinks they should have been a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I remember Deacon Jones telling me after I didn’t get in the first time. . . he said, ‘Whether you’re going to get in the first time, the second time, the third time, it’s when you get in that you should enjoy it.'”

The difference, of course, is that none of the voters felt compelled to publicly crap on Thomas when Thomas got passed over. Owens justifiably should be upset that multiple members of the Selection Committee justified the outcome in 2016 and 2017 by arguing that Owens was/is a bad teammate and a worse person.

Owens said on Saturday night that he’s staying away for all of the men who had to wait to get what they deserved. But, as Thomas says, every finalist believes he should have gotten in on the first try. It’s ultimately a numbers game, and there are more worthy candidates than there are bronze busts.

And if the member of the Selection Committee who opted to trash T.O. had simply explained it that way, maybe he would have shown up for the ceremony once he finally got in.

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  1. I think his reasoning is childish but I wouldn’t waste too much time or emotion on what TO does. Of course he was going to try to make this all about him and be a diva about it. That is what he does. The HOF should do the video and take the high road but that isn’t how American’s behave anymore. They match petty behavior with petty behavior.

  2. I think instead of a bust, they should just have a bronze picture of his backside. After all, he is an a-hole.

  3. With all due respect i think if you just stop writing about him everyone around here would be just fine with that

  4. TO should be protesting the HOF got it wrong with a murderer..I read also, 48-voting members. It seems like it’s way to easy to be voted in with the NFL versus the other 3-major sports.

  5. Every 10 years the Hall of Fame should double the number of inductees for just that year. That would only add an extra 8 people every decade and it could be used as a ceremony to catch up on players deserving of the award, or used specifically for the induction of the best players like TO. Heck they could’ve even snubbed him by giving him a timely induction rather than waiting until the decade celebration.

  6. Former players and coaches should choose who gets in. Everyone says they would be biased, as if the media doesn’t hold the title of bias masters.

  7. Is anyone actually surprised when TO does something like this? It’s just TO being TO. He just can’t help himself.

  8. Aw gee, some of the voters said bad things about poor little T.O.

    He’s going to pout and stay away. That’ll show them!

    Of course what it really does is prove just what they said about him. He shouldn’t be in the HoF.

  9. seagram757 says:
    July 15, 2018 at 8:55 pm
    Yes, continue to give him more attention

    sorry seagram757 , you added another word that shouldn’t have ben there + there should have be a few more words.

    seagram757 says:
    July 15, 2018 at 8:55 pm
    Don’t, continue to give him more attention,he might get a bigger EGO

  10. Another article about a man-child’s hurt feelings. There is huge difference with Thurman and Owens in that Thurman wasn’t fired with cause from every team he was on and he didn’t throw every one of his quarterbacks under the bus. There might be a very good reason to say that Owens is a royal pain in the neck and a bad teammate in a sport that it the ultimate team game. Owens’ behaviour with not showing up perfectly vindicates the people in the HOF who critized his bad attitude and lack of maturity and leadership.

  11. this guy has operated every day of his life with the outlook that the world, and all its institutions and inhabitants have it out for him. each decision he has made is colored by this life view. so whenever anything in his life goes awry, it is because of someone else’s ill will for him and never because of anything he did to cause the outcome, as in this case.

    so for him to now say that this final act of division and selfishness is done in the name of others is laughable.

    its way more likely that he’s just too broke to pony up for the family and hangers on that he would have had to host in canton.

  12. Thurman Thomas was a stud and a good guy. Harry Connick Jr.’s band took Thurman’s helmet!!! Very suspicious.

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