Bears first-rounder Roquan Smith unsigned, not reporting yet


Bears linebacker Roquan Smith is one of the 14 remaining draft picks without a contract, which wouldn’t ordinarily a cause for panic in mid-July.

Except for the fact the Bears rookies report to camp today.

Via Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the first-rounder is not among the players reporting today, and won’t until he has a deal.

It’s not a holdout since he doesn’t have a contract to hold out from, and labeling him as such is one of the ways teams apply subtle pressure, knowing fans fall for it and blame the player for such things.

At any rate, Bears veterans report later this week (July 19), and if Smith’s signed by then, it shouldn’t be a big deal. But for the moment, it’s something to talk about.

18 responses to “Bears first-rounder Roquan Smith unsigned, not reporting yet

  1. Offset language…The only thing there is to remain in contention. Cliff Stein would have had this worked out already, and Smith would be in camp today. One of the more under-rated contract negotiators in the NFL. Since he left, there have not been any major issues, but there have been hangups in getting deals done.

    They need this kid to be “as advertised” when he gets on the field. Missing time in camp is not going to help that.

  2. The team is trying to remove the offset provision.

    I predict:

    Eventually, he will reach an agreement with the team.
    BUT if its in the middle of training camp or close to the start of the season he will miss out on valuable training time, resulting in him being less effective this season.

    He will eventually make up the missed time, certainly by next year, but the team will miss out on some of his value (he will contribute less in 2018).
    This costs the team.

    And depending on how the negotiations go it also starts the team and player off in a confrontational manner rather than a mutually beneficial one.

    The amount the team will recover if he’s cut after year 3 is less than a million. This will only happen if he’s a huge bust. Not just not that good, but such a bust that he can’t make the team. That will greatly harm the GMs reputation, so he will try and keep the player on the roster as long as possible.

    Bottomline: For high draft picks don’t mess around with the offset, it’s unlikely to come into play (i.e. the player won’t be cut before 4 years), and the savings aren’t much (600K). And it causes the team to possibly miss out on some of the players production.

  3. Hope the Bears don’t move an inch on this, I don’t care if he sits the entire year if he thinks this is a good idea.

  4. The offset isn’t worth the holdout, he’s going to be a good player it’s a moot point. Bears are foolish to not get him into camp. Of course Bears have been a joke organization for most of my life so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Paul Byvtary says:

    July 16, 2018 at 9:16 am

    Hope the Bears don’t move an inch on this, I don’t care if he sits the entire year if he thinks this is a good idea.


    Since you seem to be uneducated on this type of topic, I’m going to help you out here. If the Bears was to not move an inch on contract negotiations and allow him sit out an entire season, then they would lose him rights as he would enter into the 2019 NFL Draft. Which the Bears would not receive any compensation in return thus would simply lost out on a 8th overall pick. It’s rare but has happened before with Bo Jackson who the Buccaneers originally drafted but he refused to sign and sat out the year then was drafted by the Raiders the next year, and with Cal Rossi who although never played a single snap was drafted 9th overall and 4th overall both times by the Redskins.

  6. The offset issue seems to be more about the egos of the agents and GMs rather then the money. You have agents that promise their clients that they will take care of this issue and you have GMs who say we have always done it this way and it’s not going to change now.

  7. The team must do what is best for the team, not capitulate to Smith, who has yet to even wear a Bears t-shirt.
    The Bears should demand the offset and any other clauses that protect the team.
    Smith could sign and then get busted for drugs or DV or something and get himself suspended. Then what do the Bears do?
    The employees do NOT run the employer but ya’ll are adamant that the lowest level employee be able to make demands that only executives can make.
    Wake up!

  8. Oh boy, here we go. Could the Bears be the new Browns? The mistake by the other lake? I for one hope they are competitive – I like to watch competitive games and we play them twice a year. The last 4 years the bears are 2-6 vs the Vikings and some of those games were not close.

  9. Maybe the kid just doesn’t want to play for Chicago. Or he needs to hire a new agent.

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