Packers post record revenues in 2017

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For all the concerns expressed by some that the business of the NFL might be in decline, the Packers offer a rebuttal.

As the only publicly held team — thus the only one required to open its books — the Packers serve as an indicator for the financial health of the league, and the numbers keep going up.

According to Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers reported record revenue and record expenses in 2017.

The team revealed that revenues for the fiscal year ending March 31 were $454.9 million, a $13.5 million increase from fiscal 2016. Expenses were up to $420.9 million, up $44.8 million from last year.

Team president Mark Murphy said the rise in expenses include player salaries, travel costs, and construction.

They’ve also increased local revenue beyond the shared national television money.

That the Packers are rolling in dough isn’t a surprise, as the team is successful and one of the best-supported franchises in the league. So while they may skew the league-wide numbers high, the arrow pointing up is a good indicator that everyone is making money, despite a trend of television ratings shrinking.

6 responses to “Packers post record revenues in 2017

  1. Poor guys are starving to death. Wonder how much $$ real franchises are making? Jerry Jones fell into a pile of it.

  2. I like when you enter and leave the stadium it’s not designed to funnel you through areas that congest. It’s just a free for all into the surrounding neighborhood lol

  3. Not bad for a team that is always a pre-season SB pick only to flame out in spectacular fashion every single year.

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