Larry Fitzgerald: If I play beyond 2018, it will be for Cardinals

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Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald will be back for a 15th season in 2018 and he said this offseason that he hasn’t come to a decision about whether it will be his last year as a player.

If Fitzgerald does decide to play another year, he’ll need to sign a new contract as his current pact with the Cardinals expires after this season. Life as a free agent doesn’t appear to be in the cards, however. Fitzgerald said on Monday that there won’t be any need for other teams to come up with sales pitches designed to lure him away from Arizona.

“If I’m not playing in Arizona, I won’t be playing anywhere,” Fitzgerald said, via the Pioneer Press. “I’ve built a good life for myself down there. Playing in the same place for 15 years is a true blessing.”

With more than 100 catches and 1,000 receiving yards in each of the last three seasons, there’s little sign that Fitzgerald is losing the athletic skills that have made him a star. Assuming that doesn’t change and Fitzgerald avoids major injury, the team’s chances of having a successful 2019 season may wind up looming large in the wideout’s ultimate decision.

20 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald: If I play beyond 2018, it will be for Cardinals

  1. Everybody in Minnesota feels he’s got at least one season here. Every single all-time great WR can’t hang it up toward the end and they all join another team or two, trying to hang on toward the end.

  2. larry is a true class act. unlike to’s selfish ass.

    whether fitzgerald plays after this season or not, he’s a true hall of fame receiver. something terrell stonehands shouldn’t be.

  3. If I were him, I’d quit. Old age ain’t all that pretty even when your body hasn’t been destroyed by playing football for two decades. Enjoy life. Football is just a silly game.

  4. You’d think this’d be his last year – but Jerry Rice played til 42, & had 1,211 yds for Raiders at 40.

  5. What most don’t understand is that while Fitz is the master of his destiny, he puts family first and his kids are securely settled in the valley with school, friends, activities and a
    comfortable home. Fitz has had a great football career and anything he can do some place else isn’t going to be worth the sacrifice his family would have to make as he is a HOFer already.
    I have a feeling that as much as Fitz loves the game, he’s not a big fan of the politics that Bidwill is bringing into the workplace, as well as the fact that this FO is a disaster and can’t seem to get out of their own way even when they get a break and things begin to look up.
    Enjoy the year with your teammates and friends throughout the league Fitzie, then put the Cards in your rearview mirror and enjoy the next chapter!

  6. Nice to see a guy stick out where he started. That being said, With the 1st overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, The Arizona Cardinals select…

  7. Good for him. Go out on your own timeline. He could have been a diva and screamed $$, but he’s not that kind of guy. Classy!

  8. I always expected him to come home to Minnesota to play a few years.
    Unfortunately management there could never elevate that dumpster fire above the Cardinals’ roster.

  9. Fitz has been classy from Day 1. The Cards are paying him a fortune, but it will be interesting to see how his future contracts shape up. I have a feeling he’ll be willing to take a little less to see the team improve, and the Cards will still pay him like $10m a year or something like that.

  10. People forget the cards were a respectable 8-8 and had Stanton and Gabbert most of the season. Should’ve beaten the pats week 1. They are not a bad team. Add Bradford and they could contend for playoffs

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