More “minor” changes could still be coming to kickoff rules

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The NFL may not be finished fiddling with kickoffs.

According to Kevin Seifert of, the league said there may be additional changes to this year’s new rules about kickoffs, which they’re trying to make safer.

A league spokesman said any additional changes would be “minor,” but the fact they’re still adjusting just before training camp starts is still a bit startling.

The new rules are a significant change, with former referee Terry McAulay calling them “the biggest change I’ve ever seen.” And if the league’s considering adjusting the rule book now (it was just published on June 28), there figures to be confusion among coaches as they try to figure out what to teach players.

“The NFL officiating and football operations staff, with competition committee approval, may make some minor tweaks to the language to further clarify the rule,” league spokesman Michael Signora said. “If so, that information would be circulated to all clubs and the rule book updated accordingly.”

The league took steps to change kickoffs to try to curb injuries, routinely describing it as the most dangerous play in the game. And even in the recently published rulebook, there were other changes which hadn’t been previously disclosed, including automatic touchbacks if a ball hits the end zone without being touched by a member of the receiving team.

8 responses to “More “minor” changes could still be coming to kickoff rules

  1. The rule is not confusing enough yet, so, the NFL lawyers have to “tweak” it until no one will understand what a kickoff is.

  2. Have you ever seen those walking races where the rules are that one foot has to be touching the ground at all times so that they wind up doing that funny waddling gait? I think they should add that rule to kickoffs. That would eliminate concussions because they would never be going fast enough. And it would be hilarious to watch a play with them all doing that. It would get funnier several beers later in the game.

    Hey, if we are going to ruin football we might as well make it funny while we do.

  3. Im a big Futbol fan but also a big NFL fan, with all these changes it just takes the concept as to why the NFL is good but after all these changes from the Past COUPLE of years the interest i not there anymore. and that’s sad! now I believe the NFL will die eventually in the near future.

  4. Wouldn’t it just be more fun to have one kick off returner in the end zone and one kicker for the other team? Put this man on man. It would be more fun to watch.

  5. The NFL is changing itself right out of business. Clearly the league is not in touch with it’s customer base. If they think all of the PC nonsense is the way of future generations, they are flat out wrong. The vocal minority in this country is going to be in for a rude awakening…

  6. The first “Shazier” type hit and they’ll scrap the rules and change it all over AGAIN kick off or not.

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