Sean Payton: Drew Brees’ work ethic, talent make him special at 39

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In 2014, at the tender age of 35, Drew Brees first broached the idea of playing until he’s 45. Now 39, the Saints quarterback said earlier this year that he’s “taking it one year at a time, honestly.”

Father Time has not caught Brees or Tom Brady yet.

It’s different now. I mean, it’s different than it used to be,” Saints coach Sean Payton said on Going Deep with Dan Schwartzman on NBC Sports Radio. “When you see Tom Brady and these guys, they’re eating; they’re lifting; they’re sleeping differently. I mean, 25 years ago, Len Dawson was having cigarettes at halftime. It’s changed a lot. It really has. Then, when you take that and the work ethic and the talent and put it all together you get the Drew Brees and you get someone special.”

Brees completed a career-high 72 percent of his passes last season and led the league in completions (386) and yards per attempt (8.1) while throwing for 4,334 yards and 23 touchdowns. Brees and Brady are in a race to Peyton Manning’s career touchdowns record, and Manning recently said he’s prepared for Brees to break all of his records.

Brees should become the league’s all-time leader in passing yards this season, needing only 1,496 to pass Manning.

15 responses to “Sean Payton: Drew Brees’ work ethic, talent make him special at 39

  1. Well yeah it’s different. Bree’s probably makes more in one game than Dawson made his entire career.

  2. LoL at Payton who says 25 years ago regarding Len Dawson, when he in fact the last season he played was 1975 or 43 years ago.

  3. Brees, a New Orleans Saints QB breaking some of the most prolific QB records of all time. Unreal!!

  4. Drew Brees is a man’s man.

    He is a gentleman.

    Unlike Tomasina Brady who has built a career on playing for a team that is a serial cheater, Brees just plays ball.

    I am definitely not a Saints fan!

    But I respect him and when the Chargers did him dirty, he didn’t whine or did he pout.

    During the Super Bowl, he did not hold back like Cam Cheating so he wouldn’t get hurt. He played all out.

    This guy has often made has made his team better being on the field. And unlike the Cheese Cheater who uses the Cheese Cheater loophole to get free yards and points on a consistent basis, Brees runs an offense that is simply one of the best ever. And Brees is a superior passer and leader. He doesn’t whine. And we don’t have to see him with a stupid discount double check commercial.

    Hats off to Brees. He is a model NFL player. You really can’t find many these days. I hope he owns QB NFL records.

  5. If he’d just admit he’s from Westlake, Texas NOT Austin. It’s a rich suburb with its own city government and all. Michael Dell lives there. Why not give props to your home town? It’s not as if he’s from Pflugerville (another suburb) not as affluent but it is a suburb. He’s not from Austin, be truthful and support your city even if nobody ever heard of it.

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