Dolphins think Kiko Alonso “can play better”

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The Dolphins are getting linebacker Raekwon McMillan back in the lineup this year after he tore his ACL in the first preseason game of his rookie year and the hope is that his presence provides a boost to the team’s defense.

McMillan isn’t the only player they think can help on that front. Linebacker Kiko Alonso played in every game last season and made 115 tackles, but linebackers coach Frank Bush believes that the veteran’s play left something to be desired.

“I’d kind of say it was up and down,” Bush said, via the Palm Beach Post. “I was expecting a lot more from him. I’m sure he expected more from me. He did what we thought he should do and he can play better. He can play better in coverage. Some of his tackling was suspect.”

Late last season, defensive coordinator Matt Burke said that there were times that Alonso played well for 55 snaps but played poorly on five. Burke said the team “can’t have those five” when Alonso takes the field this season.

17 responses to “Dolphins think Kiko Alonso “can play better”

  1. He’s a big party guy so I doubt you’re going to see any commitment to improve.

  2. If you’re waiting til now to throw a guy under the bus for last season you might as well save it for the first loss this year. Or better still, don’t mention him at all and just say you need to do better.

  3. Kiko has played out of position. If he must read, shed and drop to cover a receiver, he will lose the battle every time. He is a Will or Sam, not MLB. A very decent tackler, but not against larger TE’s. I can see Burke going with 3 Safeties (Fitzpatrick) as a Base sometimes and certainly on any passing down. McCain, Fitz and McDonald can cover, but only after a stoppage to Sub. The Fins got ripped apart on Hurry-Ups with Kiko in Slot or TE coverage. Hopefully, Rookie Jerome Baker can impress and put an end to this need for package defense. Kiko is a solid player when he has a decent cast around him.

  4. His tackling is very suspect because he is the size of a WR by the time the season gets going. He is too small to take on blockers.

  5. So sorry the Eagles traded him to move up in the draft…and for what? some D2 QB from North Dakota State? what was Howie thinking??

  6. It’s a fair assessment on Kiko, that he played well most of the time, but had some plays where he was over-matched (TE coverage to be exact) or he was out of position. I think he has a high motor, but does too much at times and gets himself in trouble. Getting McMillan back on the field should lessen this and help him.

  7. People thought he was a stud as a rookie but in reality he was for the first half then hit the wall. All the complaints here about him were the same then.

    That being said, I got a husky puppy in 2014 and named him kiko then we traded him. Still have the dog though

  8. finzfan49 says:
    July 18, 2018 at 8:36 am
    His tackling is very suspect because he is the size of a WR by the time the season gets going. He is too small to take on blockers

    Sorry, but 6’3″ and 239lbs is not undersized. I will agree he could use improvement on block shedding, but his tackling is excellent. Last year he was #2 and 2016 was #1. Also, stop repeating nonsense that you hear. Typical 4-3 scheme LB’ers are faster and average 241 lbs.

  9. Terrific physical athlete and a great hitter / tackler, but he struggles with the intellectual part of the game. Don’t know why but read up on his exploits at college. Kiko learned how to not be a model citizen at that halfway house they had at Oregon under Chip Kelly’s watch.

  10. There’s absolutely no reason to expect more from Kiko.
    When has he ever lived up to expectation in the NFL?
    He’s undersized and can make some great plays occasionally… whoop dee doo.

  11. superfanentertainment says:
    July 18, 2018 at 8:22 am

    I thought he looked pretty good when he knocked Joe Flacco into next week and Flacco raised his hand to say “Check please.”


    Best post AWARD!

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