Roquan Smith standoff likely less about offsets, more about structure


Bears linebacker Roquan Smith is one of the seven unsigned top-10 draft picks. With his team among the first to report for training camp, Smith becomes the first 2018 rookie to not show up.

So what’s the issue? The renewed wrestling match over offset language, as one league source explained it to PFT, is more of a problem at the very top of round one. At the bottom of the top 10 (Smith was No. 8), the impasse comes more from issues like the language that voids future guaranteed money and the structure of roster bonuses paid in future years.

Regardless, the Bears officially head to training camp on Thursday, and Smith won’t be there — unless he blinks, the team blinks, or the two sides fashion a compromise on whatever the issues are that are keeping a deal from getting done.

12 responses to “Roquan Smith standoff likely less about offsets, more about structure

  1. I just wish the boneheads on both sides of the table get this worked out real soon. It’s not like the Bears have a lot of surplus talent to play around with.

  2. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to play for the bears. Let’s see who he is drafted by next draft.

  3. Dude, shows up and work and get better. The contract will get worked out…or don’t sign an NFL contract and sit out. I’m sure you have millions laying around.

  4. Lame

    Seven of the top ten…. There is a definite issue if 3/4 of the players and teams can’t come together. Shoot, if it was 2 off 10 its eye opening!

    Also, players signing long term deals with guaranteed money while also making them the highest paid at their position is fine. But don’t cry about it later bro. Salary cap killers!!!! Come on Green Bay I know Sharon is rashly really good lol he’s been a rash for many teams, an irritating itch. But if y’all keep making him the highest paid don’t expect more super bowls. I love the rivalry but what happens when you’re a one man team….. That was sad last year lol I’m talking about GB beating the Bears without AR the rest was funny to watch the reality of the lose of one player. And hopeful for the years to come specially if he kills the cap.

  5. I put this on management. If you pick a guy with the #8 pick, you better be damn sure that he will still be good enough to have a roster spot in 4 seasons. Instead of putting your star draft pick behind the 8 ball to start his career, give the man his money that is mandated to him by the league and let’s get to work!

  6. I know zilch about contracts, but couldn’t they sign a mini-contract, for say…around a month, so they can iron out whatever is the problem?

  7. This is always funny to me. They believed enough in him to pick him in the top 10, and if he is what they believe him to be, the only reason he would not play out his entire rookie contract is injury, which would presumably be during play or practice with the team, which they would cover. The other potential reason to not complete the contract is suspension, which by all accounts is not a likely possibility for the kid.

    The team is trying to protect themselves, but from what? If they are wrong about the kid, they will all be fired in a couple of years anyway. Most believed he was the second safest pick in the top 10, after Nelson, so the odds are low that he will bomb.

    The kid gets basically a guaranteed contract, and the only thing the team is asking for is for some relief if he is released and signs elsewhere, where they don’t pay the portion covered by his new salary. Not a huge deal. If he gets released, he didn’t earn all of his money, just like any other veteran. Should be cut and dry in my opinion.

  8. “the language that voids future guaranteed money and the structure of roster bonuses paid in future years.” What exactly does that mean? I can guess they’re negotiating voiding future guaranteed money based on suspensions or arrests? What about the “structure” of future roster bonuses? Timing? When exactly they’re paid out?

  9. Show up and get to work, he is still a rookie, get humble and show us something, I really hope he lives up to all the hype, he hasn’t even taken played a snap yet, lets not forget kevin white!!!

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