Terrell Owens still wants to get back in the NFL, will settle for the CFL

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For the first time ever, a non-posthumous Pro Football Hall of Famer won’t be attending the enshrinement ceremony. For the first time ever, a Pro Football Hall of Famer (non-posthumous or otherwise) will be entering the Hall of Fame while trying to get back in to the NFL.

And both are the same guy: receiver Terrell Owens.

He wants to play in the NFL,” agent Jason Staroszik told ESPN on Tuesday. “But if he can’t, the CFL is the next-best option.”

Staroszik is negotiating on T.O.’s behalf with the Edmonton Eskimos. Owens recently invoked the 10-day window during which Edmonton either must make him an offer or release him from the team’s negotiating list.

No NFL team has shown any real interest in signing Owens since the Seahawks cut him nearly six years ago after a training camp/preseason audition. He last played in an actual football game with the Allen Wranglers of the IFL in 2012.

23 responses to “Terrell Owens still wants to get back in the NFL, will settle for the CFL

  1. There is NO chance that T.O will ever play in NFL again. I dont believe any team is willing to put up with his childness, whinning, and bitching. And now the deal with the H.O.F. There is no way. He should have spent his money more wisely, but not T.O. Everything he has ever done is been “look at me”. Good luck. Enjoy your party.

  2. TO hasn’t played a game at the NFL level since 2010 and turns 45 in five months. Pretty easy to imagine him crumbling to pieces the first time he takes a serious hit. Time to hang up the boots, dude.

  3. Get help. No one normal is this big of an attention hound. There is something wrong with you.

    Yet here I am making his comment and will probably come to see how many down votes I get.

    Maybe we are all sick in our own self destructive ways…

  4. You can be domestically abusive or a perpetual drug user and the NFL will still give you a few chances. But, protesting your HOF induction makes you persona non grata.

  5. Such a loser. Should never have been voted in. Others have been waiting. It’s just preposterous who they let in and who they block and the reasons they use.

    Bettis, Warner, DUngy, etc, should be removed and people clearly deserving who have actual stand out resumes as football players with impact, leaving a mark.

  6. Nobody is going to like this but I actually hope he gets a shot. He has stayed in shape, is fast enough, and likely retained enough of his HOF-level receiver skills. A guy whose motivation is “let me show you that I still have it” would be less of a distraction or problem then some of the current divas with their “I need 25 touches per game or trade me.” Anyway, it would fill some seats and sell some jerseys. He would instantly be the second best WR on at least 5 teams.

  7. By the way — CFL — does that stand for the Crying Football league? As in … …. I love my QB … ………

  8. That’s my Quarter Back man.

    That clip is absolutely bizarre, whats more bogus is this clown truly tried to tell people he was seriously crying.

    Next best was the sit-ups in the driveway.

    Man early 2000s was good times in the NFL, it was entertaining then. TD celebrations and big hits across the middle.

    now we have snowflakes making MILLIONS talking about oppression. LOL

  9. Man made 80 million over his career ,his net worth is 100K , tells you a lot about a person when you are interviewed for a job it is now common to check your credit score it tells the employer a lot about the person ,,,Hello !!!!

  10. Sure, like some team would take the PR hit it would receive by bringing the guy who thumbed his nose at the NFL HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY……
    He’s 45……made millions & is now relatively broke….. Forest Gump comes to mind here…. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES…
    Enjoy your misery!!!!

  11. The narcissist realizes many younger fans of the game don’t really remember how good he was and he MUST get back on the field to help his own fragile ego. : /

  12. count me in the minority as pulling for this guy. absolutely hated him on all his previous stops… but as the league continues to change into something only resembling the sport we love, i find myself grasping to even the smallest things reminding me of what it used to be.

    TO was an entertainer, plain and simple. A physical freak, with numbers to back it up. Smart? no. Respectful? no. Deserving of a chance? probably not. But he is what he is – and he wasn’t out getting arrested.

    No GM out there has the balls to pull the trigger on even inviting him for a workout… but are you gonna sit there and tell me it wouldn’t be fun to see him lace it up again?

    He’s closest thing we have in our sport to Rickey Henderson. Hopefully he’s found his Newark Bears.

  13. No idea why but I want to see him in the NFL again. This is odd because I did not like him when he was actively playing in the NFL. Perhaps I just think it would be cool to see someone in the HOF suit up plus I think there are plenty of active players he is better than.

  14. Just can’t wait to see what happens when Owens and Duron Carter are matched up with each other during a whole game. The CFL will have adopt soccer style stoppage time to make up for all wasted time they will be yapping with each other after every play.

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