Friday morning one-liners

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A look at where Bills QB Josh Allen comes from.

A prediction that the Dolphins will outperform outside expectations.

WR Riley McCarron is trying to snag a spot with the Patriots.

What will Jets S Marcus Maye do in his second season?

Ravens DE Brent Urban hopes to pick up where he left off.

Stanford Jennings pulled off one of the most memorable plays in Bengals history.

Previewing what to expect from the Browns interior offensive linemen.

Will Quadree Henderson win a returner job with the Steelers?

The Texans announced themes for this year’s home games.

Breaking down the Colts wide receiver group.

Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette beats out CB Jalen Ramsey when it comes to selling merchandise.

What can the Titans expect from WR Corey Davis?

Pondering the makeup of the Broncos backfield.

Former Chiefs Tony Richardson and Donnie Edwards will visit Japan on a USO tour.

DE Joey Bosa leads the Chargers defensive line.

Raiders TE Jared Cook spent some time in London.

Which Cowboys will step up during DE David Irving‘s suspension?

WR Sterling Shepard has an opportunity to take a bigger role for the Giants.

Eagles C Jason Kelce will be playing the sax next week.

Changes are coming to Washington’s stadium.

Taking stock of the Bears cornerbacks.

What’s the ceiling for Lions QB Matthew Stafford?

The Packers think they’ve upgraded their tight end options.

How long can the Vikings keep their top wide receiver duo together?

Are the Falcons taking a risk by not giving WR Julio Jones a new deal?

There’s one big question concerning the Panthers offensive line.

Deuce McAllister will be doing TV work for the Saints.

Running through the best quarterback seasons in Buccaneers history.

Cardinals DT Corey Peters recounts when he learned he wasn’t going to be a running back.

Did the Rams have a more exciting offseason than the Lakers?

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo‘s recent dinner companion garnered some attention.

Where does WR Brandon Marshall rank on the Seahawks roster?