Jameis Winston to begin meeting with potential agents

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A day after word emerged regarding the three-game Jameis Winston suspension, the Buccaneers quarterback parted ways with his agents. Soon, he’ll be selecting new representation.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Winston is expected to receive pitches this weekend from CAA, Athletes First, and Lagardère Sports, among others.

When Winston made the move, one prominent agent suggested a reluctance to represent Winston. It’s unknown whether any agents passed on the opportunity to meet with Winston.

Winston previously was represented by Kenny Felder and Greg Genske, baseball agents with a very limited football presence. It’s believed that Winston was planning to make the change regardless of the suspension, with the goal of having traditional football agents negotiate his second contract with the team.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Winston will receive a second contract. His rookie deal runs through 2019, with a fifth-year option salary of $20.9 million. It’s currently guaranteed for injury, and it becomes fully guaranteed on the first day of the next league year, in March. Performance deficiencies and/or lingering concerns regarding his off-field behavior (the team has removed him from 2018 promotional efforts) could result in the Buccaneers choosing to move on.

If so, that would continue a 42-year trend for the Buccaneers, who have never signed any quarterback the team has drafted to a seconds contract.

36 responses to “Jameis Winston to begin meeting with potential agents

  1. Rumor has it he’s considered Dijon Gantt from Gauge Performance Athletics. Gauge and Gantt have a history of rehabilitating troubled athletes.

  2. Jameis Winston should be meeting with psychiatrists, he’s one strange cat going back to his Florida State days. Just listen to this guy talk. Even his teammates turn him off

  3. Report: Jameis Winston signs with Rickety Jimmy’s Big Time Sportz Agency.

  4. your main job as my agent “keep me from doing really dumb things” sincerely j.w.

  5. “I’m not saying my agent was to blame for me assaulting numerous women, but I’m not not saying it either.”

  6. I heard that after careful consideration he has decided to hire himself.Great Call.

  7. Bail bondsman? That’s funny but may be necessary. Maybe he’s looking for a female agent to improve his image.

  8. Winston’s image has tarnished over the Phoenix incident. On top of that he lied about the whole thing and got others to lie for him. Winston needs help in more than one way. His maturity level is not very good. He will have to sign with a top agency to help him with any new contract going forward. Hopefully, that agency will help him grow up and become a real man!

  9. “For the right price, someone will take on the giant headache that is Jameis Winston.”

    There is no “right price” as agent %s are specified and limited by the CBA. There is no way to increase the slotted percentage for an NFL player other than getting him endorsement deals. That’s the ticket as to making greater revenue off any player.

  10. What Winston needs is professional counseling and help. He has tools but all of that is fading away and the Bucs are tired of his antics. That’s what he should be worried about instead of worrying about Agents …

  11. I wonder just how many of these salivating agents are equipped and prepared to handle the level of toxic, nuclear fallout that JW will eventually rain down on his team and his town.

  12. Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:

    “Technically, Steve DeBerg signed a second contract with the Bucs.”


    “Slow” is a befitting name for you. If you’d read the article you’d see they specifically stated the Bucs haven’t resigned a QB that THEY DRAFTED. The Cowboys drafted Deberg.

  13. This guy doesn’t need an agent to negotiate his next contract. Clearly he won’t be getting top dollar anymore. Hell, he doesn’t deserve a roster spot let alone top 15 QB money.
    This guy needs a damage control agency who specializes in rehabilitating public images. If I was a front office guy I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 ft pole. He’s one crotch grab away from being banned from football. I don’t trust him to keep his hands to himself.

  14. spikeit2times says:
    July 20, 2018 at 2:21 pm
    Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:

    “Technically, Steve DeBerg signed a second contract with the Bucs.”


    “Slow” is a befitting name for you. If you’d read the article you’d see they specifically stated the Bucs haven’t resigned a QB that THEY DRAFTED. The Cowboys drafted Deberg.


    All true but that doesn’t make my statement wrong.

  15. Winston sucks and he never will be a good quarterback because his head is on backwards. Tampa should cut their losses and move on from this clown. frankly I can’t see him playing quarterback for any NFL team, he isn’t good enough to mess around with. Bucks mgmt has their heads up their asses but this is what happens when teams try to salvage a high draft pick wasted on a mediocre player

  16. what i do not understand is the idea from some people who believe winston does not have the right to be represented by an agent. an agent simply performs a service for a client. if someone sold winston a burger or a tastee freez would that also be considered wrong? on the other side of the coin are the ones who claim certain agents can understand winstons feelings. professional sports agents do not perform the hand holding function as far as i know.

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