Johnny Manziel spectates, again


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats entered an early-season bye week with a quarterback who had tied a CFL record with nine straight 300-yard passing games. And Jeremiah Masoli’s performances had kept Johnny Manziel on the bench.

In the team’s latest game, Manziel once again didn’t play.

But maybe that could change. Masoli threw for only 184 yards against the Saskatechewan Roughriders, with no touchdown passes and an interception. Hamilton lost, 31-20.

After the game, coach June Jones said he hasn’t considered making a change at quarterback. Given that Jones has said Manziel can be one of the best players in CFL history, it’s hard not to wonder whether at some point Jones will give some thought to letting Manziel give it a whirl.

The Tiger-Cats are 2-3 this season, which puts them in second place in the East Division.

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  1. He. Cant. Play.

    One of the bigger NFL flameouts ever. Hope he can keep his personal demons under wraps and keep his life together.

  2. Anyone who expected him to come in and start right away is delusional. They have one of the better QBs in that league starting, he wasn’t just going to waltz in and take the job. He is sticking to it and that is all that can be asked of him right now.

  3. He seems to be earning his keep by riding the pine. If he remains out of trouble watching for two years will probably do him good.

  4. Jeremiah Masoli is playing really well this year. So I don’t think Johnny Manziel will see much playing time at all this season unless Masoli gets hurt or maybe during some garbage time in a blow out.

  5. Stats are for losers, if your not scoring more points than Hamilton is currently they better figure out if the qb is playing that good or not to lose and build stats….

  6. Season is starting to slip and the division is very winnable. Masoli has had some nice yardage but not the results. Manziel will get in soon, even if situationally at first.

  7. Give him a shot. #00 yard games don’t mean a damn thing if you don;t turn them into W’s.
    They are 2-3. Can’t do any worse with Johnny.
    1,2,3. Cue the self righteous haters that say Johnny doesn’t deserve a second chance….Losers.

  8. I used to despise Manziel and wanted him to just go away. Now I am cheering for him because he is doing the right thing. Took him awhile to get to this place but he got there none the less. I hope he keeps at it. Maybe the CFL will be a better permanent fit than the NFL.

  9. Jeremiah Masoli just recently tied a CFL record for 9 straight 300 yds games. Sounds like a player you have to yank out of the starting lineup and let a rookie CFL backup get in there to kick start the offense. We know it is a slow news week for the NFL but this is just a nonstory.

  10. Masoli is not very good, 300 yards per game or not. He throws too many interceptions and he isn’t getting the team touchdowns. Protect the ball, throw TDs–that’s how you measure a good QB. Masoli isn’t cutting it.

  11. So if this was reversed, and it was Manziel who had thrown for 300 yards in 9 consecutive games until this game, would he be benched?

  12. ——————————
    thermanmerman99 says:
    July 21, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    So if this was reversed, and it was Manziel who had thrown for 300 yards in 9 consecutive games until this game, would he be benched?

    If the team had a winning record and his TD/int ratio was 2/1 or better, NO. If the team had a losing record and his TD/int ratio was less than 2/1, YES.

  13. “Give him a shot. That’s all Doug Flutie needed and he became a CFL legend.”

    Flutie was an excellent player who wasn’t too busy partying and rolling up dollar bills to study film.

  14. I’ve had too many friends go the direction Manziel was headed. All started that way in high school – some survived – most did not. That said, everyone loves a great comeback story – I hope Johnny can keep his demons down and live an inspirational life.

    That said – I’m almost 60 and he’s the best college QB I’ve ever seen. That includes Flutie, Manning, Luck and Elway. The only player I can compare him too was Barry Sanders. Electric on every play. It would be cool to see him play just a few series soon and see what happens.

  15. He is doing the right thing here, there is NO doubt that NFL teams are looking at him to see how he handles being on the bench like this. If he handles it well all season and at some point ends up playing and lighting it up he will have an NFL contract as a back up. Hate on him all you want but he has changed his life around and deserves another shot.

  16. Can we just move on, please? He’s still one misstep away from an indefinite suspension in the NFL, so no team is going to hand him the keys to their franchise ever again. In fact, his NFL return would likely start with a suspension, since he left the league while being investigated for domestic violence.

  17. Same as in the NFL Defenses can figure out most QBs with enough tape. To me it looks like Masoli has reached the Brian Hoyer zone. 2 more bad games and Manziel will be in. This time he knows the playbook.

  18. 300 yards in a cfl game is not as impressive as an nfl game. theres only 3 downs, so they pass a lot

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