Andy Reid doesn’t plan to “stifle” Patrick Mahomes

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Vegas doesn’t seem to believe much in new Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Chiefs coach Andy Reid definitely does.

“Patrick has been through this for a year now, not only training camp but also the season,” Reid told reporters on Sunday. “He was lucky enough to be in a great room last year with not only great coaches but also great players. . . . Are there going to be growing pains and all that stuff that go on? Sure, he’s a young guy that’s learning the game. We’re here to teach him and that’s what we’ll do and he’s here to learn and then go play and have fun doing it.”

Part of the fun will include allowing him to take chances with his skills, which include a rocket arm that can be deployed with lightning quickness, on the run.

“You surely don’t want to stifle that at all,” Reid said. “One thing that he is blessed with is he has good vision, so you don’t ever want to stifle that and put him in a box with that. Allow him to see. Is there going to be a hiccup here or there? Yeah, there’s going to be a hiccup here or there, but you don’t want to stifle that at all. We’ll see how that goes and monitor as it goes. We don’t miss much, but we’ll continue to teach.”

Reid was careful to praise former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, and Reid declined to compare the two players.

“I would never get into one over the other, that’s just not where I am at,” Reid said. “Alex was phenomenal and will continue to be phenomenal. . . . We feel very lucky to have Pat and to be able to step in and watch him grow here. Let’s see how he does. He can’t be in any better place than with the Kansas City Chiefs and I know he’s fired up about that.”

Reid plans to use training camp to build on the progress Mahomes made during the offseason program.

“He had a learning period that took place during the OTAs,” Reid said of Mahomes. “Let’s not back up. Let’s keep moving forward with that. Now in these live periods it will be a little bit faster than what you had in the OTAs because of that. With the pads on, which we weren’t able to do, let’s see what you can do. Let’s work through it. Let’s not be hesitant. If there’s an interception here or there let’s learn from it. Let’s challenge the offense, not only the player, but challenge yourself within the offense and see what you can get away with. If there’s an interception we will fix that, but don’t hesitate. If you see it, let’s shoot it and go.”

Ultimately, Reid wants to let Mahomes play the game the way he played it at Texas Tech — the way that prompted the Chiefs to trade up to No. 10 to get Mahomes, leaving 2017 rookie phenom Deshaun Watson on the board in the process.

“He’s a good person and carries himself the right way,” Reid said. “He does that with his teammates. He is a humble guy who loves to play the game and plays it aggressively. Normally you appreciate those guys. I wouldn’t expect that to change. I would encourage him not to change that part.”

Even if it may take some time for Mahomes to learn the limits of his abilities, Reid doesn’t seem to be inclined to restrict Mahomes in any way. That will definitely make for some exciting times for the Chiefs, and it will help push Mahomes more quickly than otherwise toward his NFL ceiling, whatever it may be.

Given Reid’s history of getting the absolute most out of his quarterbacks, Mahomes could be hitting his ceiling sooner than later.

37 responses to “Andy Reid doesn’t plan to “stifle” Patrick Mahomes

  1. Just how many games did he win at Texas Tech? Just as I thought. Not that many. Now exactly how many games will he win in KC?

  2. Andy could turn a dog with fleas into a regular season winning QB.

    But he never could make any of them a champion.

    Alex Smith will prove to be another system QB without a hint of real talent and will be a complete joke in Washington.

    The new Andy Reid dog with fleas actually looks the part.

  3. I side with Vegas, the kid is as raw as there is. Seeing how the game has passed up Gruden, I see KC as winning that division.

  4. I agree with him when he said Mahomes couldn’t be in a better place. Obviously with Reid’s success with QBs plus sitting behind a pretty good vet in Alex Smith, he had the chance to learn first. I don’t know if he’s going to light the league on fire right away, but I feel he can be very special very soon. There’s always debate as to when should you start your rookie QB. Should you put him out there week 1 and ride it out or do you insert him after a bye or later in the season. Or do you decide to let him sit and learn for a year then hit the ground running year 2. There’s been success with both approaches, but specifically with Mahomes, I think the Chiefs got it right. All the practices throughout the year, camp, preseason then playing that week 17 was a good set up. Time will obviously tell how he turns out, but I think that year sitting and learning will greatly benefit his career.

    Which is exactly what I hope my Bills do with Josh Allen. He like Mahomes, is also a big athletic QB with an absolute ROCKET of an arm. I don’t know who’s arm is stronger, but there’s no doubt they’re 1 and 2 in the league as far as QB arm strength. To have Allen sit and be able to learn a year would be a god send. We finally have a competent GM in Brandon Beane and a competent coach in Sean McDermott. First year together and they break the 17 year playoff drought. They’re off to a good start, so let’s continue that with Allen. I hope McCarron or Peterman can hold it down for a year.

  5. We all know the Chiefs playoff success, or lack of is a better way to address it. #1 The loss to the Titans is 100% on play calling. Up what 26-3 & the NFL’s rushing champs gets the rock maybe 10 time. ENOUGH of all that nonsense, he is young & sure bumps in the road are a given. But with the surrounding cast #15 Pat Gunslinger Mahomes has if the Chiefs don’t average 28 a game & not give up 30 like they have in the past it’s open game on the league. This kid pure STUD!

  6. I am a Packer fan but I am looking forward to seeing this kid play. He has weapons and a million dollar arm.

  7. They’re going to need him to be great. That defense is almost as bad as Pitt and NE.

  8. Chiefs will likely be reverse in this year (not that it matters as they cant win a playoff game). Young and inexperienced at QB and they have gutted their defense. 7-9.

  9. Future HOFer and WILL lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl within the next 3 years.

  10. If there is anything Andy Reid knows about its hiccups.

    There are winners and losers in this world, Pat Mahomes career record Texas Tech 13 wins, 16 losses.

  11. Hope he’s ready to throw 60 times in pounding rain and 80 mph winds.

  12. Lifetime Ban For Kneelers says:
    July 23, 2018 at 6:07 am

    Future HOFer and WILL lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl within the next 3 years.


    Mahomes may not even be on an NFL roster 3 years from now.

  13. thefiesty1 says:
    July 22, 2018 at 10:57 pm
    Just how many games did he win at Texas Tech? Just as I thought. Not that many. Now exactly how many games will he win in KC?

    Well, when you have the last placed defense in college football on the other side of the ball, winning games can be a challenge. Mahomes will Light up the NFL

  14. I’m not even supposed to be here today says:
    July 22, 2018 at 10:54 pm
    Huge mistake getting rid of Smith, they’ll regret it but that’s why they flop every time in the playoffs and haven’t won anything since the 60’s

    Time will tell, but with Smith we KNEW we were a lock to lose in the playoffs. Alex could not win a playoff game. He will do the same with the Redskins.

  15. araidersfan says:
    July 23, 2018 at 8:36 am
    Lifetime Ban For Kneelers says:
    July 23, 2018 at 6:07 am

    Future HOFer and WILL lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl within the next 3 years.


    Mahomes may not even be on an NFL roster 3 years from now.

    How Scared is this Raiders Fan that Mahomes will be a Stud? LOL

  16. He looked decent in one game and you people act like he’s already an all-time great. He’s going to struggle and have near 20 ints and about five fumbles. Bank on it.

  17. Is clock mismanagement considered stifling?

    If so, he will be subject to being stifled.

  18. raidernation210 says:
    July 23, 2018 at 8:14 am
    1969 LET THAT SINK IN!!!


    Vikings’ and Bills’ fans would love that to be true of their teams. Let that sink in.

  19. joetoronto says:
    July 23, 2018 at 11:51 am
    The kid is as dumb as a box of rocks, Rob Johnson 2.0

    And you know this how? Pat Mahomes is going to light up your Raiders for the next decade.

  20. It’s pretty nuts that at one time, Texas A&M had on their roster Davis Webb and Baker Mayfield. Patrick Mahomes pushed all those guys off the starting position, and they transferred. Now they’re all in the NFL. That’s some damn good recruiting and talent identification.

  21. Look for the Chiefs to take a big step backwards this year. Young and inexperienced at QB, they gutted their defense, and even with good KC teams, they always choke in the playoffs. 7-9 coming up.

  22. The kid Patrick Maholmes has potential & plenty of it

    It’s said the Chiefs the getting rid of Alex is the reason the Chiefs have flopped in every playoff run
    With that approach you’re ALSI saying Alex couldn’t get them over the hump

    Alex Smith is great yet long-term is the theme of almost every team as of late

    Bill Belichek & other great coaches have a mantra I agree with
    “It’s better to move on from greatness 2yrs too early than 1yr too late”

    The Chiefs don’t want to be left behind by other teams adjusting & going younger
    Only to be criticized later for NOT following suit

    I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan buy my fan base have similar opinions against moves of our FO

    Give your team a chance
    Maybe the Chiefs meet up in the SB with the Cowboys after all

  23. raidernation210 says:
    July 23, 2018 at 8:14 am
    1969 LET THAT SINK IN!!!
    1983…Pot meet Kettle.

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