Bills still have faith in Nathan Peterman (or so they say)

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When the Bills abruptly benched quarterback Tyrod Taylor last season, it seemed fairly clear that the Bills: (1) decided to find a franchise quarterback; and (2) realized that Tyrod Taylor wouldn’t become one. So it was on to (then) popular rookie Nathan Peterman, who had been generating plenty of buzz among the fan base.

And it didn’t go very well, with five interceptions in one half against the Chargers.

So it was no surprise — indeed, it was expected — that the Bills would make a play for one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. They did, trading up for Josh Allen at No. 7.

With training camp looming, however, the Bills still have faith in Peterman. Or at least they’re saying that until Allen signs his rookie contract.

“I think he’s a very confident young man and he’s resilient,” G.M. Brandon Beane said regarding Peterman, via Sal Mariorana of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. “You saw a guy who got knocked down hard. Not all on him, either, but the greatest thing about what Nathan did was he never pointed a finger and that says a lot, because it’s hard.”

Coach Sean McDermott also expressed faith in Peterman.

“I’m confident that he is wired the right way and he’ll learn from the moments both high and low that did or didn’t go his way,” McDermott said, according to Maiorana. “He’s an extremely confident young man and a guy that works hard. Sometimes as a rookie, in this case as a rookie quarterback, you’re thrust in a situation where everyone sees your body of work. I know his second year will be better than his first year. I thought he did some really good things his first year. When you look at the DNA, he’s a fit for us in that regard.”

“He’s super smart,” Beane said. “He’s not going to tell you how good he is or how smart he is. He’s just Steady Eddie every day and you love how he approaches the game. I know Sean’s been there more than me, but even I’ve stopped in there a couple times when [offensive coordinator Brian] Daboll’s had those guys in [the meeting room] and they’re writing stuff on the board. He’s playing Jeopardy! with them. He’s trying to just see what they know, and Nathan is really, really smart.”

The Bills signed veteran AJ McCarron in free agency, and the quarterback competition supposedly is wide open. So either they’re talking up Peterman as leverage in the lingering Allen discussions, or maybe they’re hoping to showcase Peterman for a possible trade.

Regardless, if the Bills liked Peterman as much as they claim to, they wouldn’t have needed both McCarron and Allen.

20 responses to “Bills still have faith in Nathan Peterman (or so they say)

  1. It’s funny to see an article like this one. In the camps so far Nate showed a lot more than AJ did. Josh as good as he displayed will not be the game 1 starter. He needs more time developing his footwork. Now AJ may show something once practices start but I doubt it very much. I still can’t get over how he SETTLED for the lowest possible QB contract. Why did he Settle? Makes me think he doesn’t believe in himself. Nate, Josh then maybe AJ as our 3 in that order.

  2. With a winning record and season all to play for, they benched the QB who’d helped get to that. Why? Because they got wooped by the Saints (and fell to 5-4). That was as much on the Bills D as Tyrod, but dumb Bills coaches and over-hyped fans felt they were really better than Saints and so wanted a fall guy. The fact they felt Nathan was ready oubly proves how bad Bills coaches were.

    Now they’re bigging Nathan up again, partly to desperately repair having broken the guy and partly to suggest the decision to play him wasn’t all that bad and the game was just an aberration, but mostly in the vain hope of retrieving some value on him.

  3. cardinealsfan20 says:

    July 23, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Even with all his interceptions, Peterman > Krappernick and his anti-American kneelers


    Agreed 100% brother!!!!!

  4. I’m a Pats fan, but I think it’s unfair to judge him with that 1 game. He sort of got thrown into it, against a team with a seriously good defensive front and pass rush. And he didn’t exactly have all star receivers either. He certainly has a skill set and the ability to make throws that Tyrod couldn’t.

    Obviously you expect him to lose out to Allen, and most likely this is the Bills trying to ease him into the starting role while hoping Peterman can do well enough that they might get something in trade.

  5. Josh Allen won’t be ready until next year … he’s raw with tremendous upside. McCarron and Peterman will shoulder the load (i.e. pass rushers) this year. Allen won’t see the field unless there are injuries and/or the other two stink it up ….

  6. Yes they DID need both McCarron and Allen. Gauging the ability of Peterman is still underway. Better to have an option if you need it than to go looking for one half way through the preseason.

  7. Don’t forget when Tyrod got hurt in the playoffs, Peterman came in to deliver Jalen Ramsey the game clinching interception.

  8. Oh, so the Bills D only passed for 54 yards against the Saints? Got it. He rebounded well against the Colts in absolutely abysmal conditions. Guys can rebound, no reason not to believe he can’t, unless you’re a hater.

  9. kevines255 says:
    July 23, 2018 at 11:10 am
    Here come the Bills fans and their argument that 3 of the 5 first half INTs weren’t his fault.

    He’s horrible
    Bills Fan

  10. Just to make sure I was remembering correctly, I checked out Peterman’s first half against the Chargers. Two of the pics were really bad throws. One was a not-good throw but not as horrible as the other two. One he got hit while throwing (to a guy who was pretty well covered so bad decision but may have made a good throw otherwise). Only the first one was he entirely blameless as the RB thought he was playing volleyball for a moment. Peterman made a few decent throws but you can’t just sling the ball up for grabs and expect good things to happen.

  11. It’s pretty simple – If he outplays both Allen and McCarron in training camp and preseason then he should be the starting QB. Anyone who is making a judgment on Peterman or any other player based on 1 or 2 games obviously doesn’t know what the heck they’re talking about. Peterman has alway shown he had ability. Not saying he is a franchise QB, but he deserves a serious shot, not just one game. If he’s the best QB come Sept. Give him 3 games to prove it – good or bad.

  12. Taylor never delivered an opening drive touchdown or a touchdown in the opening quarter. Peterman, even with 5 interceptions in the first half, did score a touchdown in the first quarter. That is the story that needs to be stressed. Not every quarterback’s first game is stellar. New year, new team, lets move on and see how it plays out. I am hoping AJ does a great a job. He will have one shot with the Bills, I hope he makes it count.

  13. The Bills liked Peterman way before they hit the midseason slide. That is why he won the #2 job as a rookie 5th round pick! They still like him for all the same reasons. This offense needs a downfield passing threat to take the heat off the running game. That was never going to be the case with Tyrod and probably not with McCarron either. Compared to those two Peterman is a gunslinger. Like it or not Nathan will be your season opener starter and may play well enough to keep the job. Sitting for awhile could be the best thing to happen to Allen anyway.

  14. I feel pretty much the same as you. Nate had no issues with overcoming that horrendous 1st half calamity. He let it fall completely off his memory. He had the best showing in camps. Josh did very well in camps. AJ was up and down.

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