Clock ticks for Rams and Aaron Donald

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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald reportedly has said privately that he expects to have his long-awaited second NFL contract before training camp opens. If that’s going to happen, it needs to happen soon.

Rams veterans report for training camp on Wednesday, and there’s been no indication that a deal is imminent. It’s possible that both sides have committed to saying nothing while negotiations reach a critical point. It’s also possible that there’s nothing to say.

Last year, Donald stayed away from training camp and the preseason, showing up a day before the start of the regular season — and nevertheless being named defensive player of the year. This year, it’s not known what Donald will do.

He’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, at a fifth-year option salary of $6.892 million. As explained last week, the Rams may be tempted to let Donald play on a year-to-year basis, tagging him for two, and maybe three, total seasons before allowing him to hit the open market, at the age of 31.

19 responses to “Clock ticks for Rams and Aaron Donald

  1. If he caves and reports, it’s money lost never to be collected. He should publicly state he has given the Rams enough All Pro seasons at a massive discount and won’t be giving them anymore. ‘Pay me or trade me.’

  2. Don’t sign him. You don’t win by paying interior defensive lineman QB money. You can get someone who is 70% of the player for half the cost.

  3. He’ll show and eat whatever the Rams tell him to eat. Some here will be sad but the new precedent is being slammed into place.

    Deal with it.

  4. The guys in the trenches are the ones you pay. He’ll be there for the next decade. You don’t pay the MEveon Bells because their tank is empty at 30. Donald will be manhandling o-linemen into his mid to late 30s.

    Rams are screwing him.

  5. I’m just waiting for tylawspick6 to repeat “cap hell”. Because there hasn’t been an original thought from that corner since the internet was formed.

  6. andreboy1 says:

    July 23, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    Don’t sign him. You don’t win by paying interior defensive lineman QB money. You can get someone who is 70% of the player for half the cost.

    LMAO, Alotta GMs have lost there jobs with that same mind frame!!!

  7. andreboy1 says:
    July 23, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    Don’t sign him. You don’t win by paying interior defensive lineman QB money. You can get someone who is 70% of the player for half the cost.


    The Eagles just won doing the exact opposite of what you just said (see Fletcher Cox)…But if you’re gonna fail when you post, at least you did an epic fail… My god how did your ignorant comment make it through the moderators?…

  8. With all the guys the Rams paid this offseason I can’t believe he wasn’t one of them.

  9. Probably should have signed him before he won defensive POTY. Now he is justified in wanting to be the league’s highest paid guy on that side of the ball. The move to sign Cooks to a monster deal is really baffling at this point. Nobody wins championships by giving receivers huge contracts

  10. The rams screwed up signing Suh and others instead of signing Darnold. Big mistake. Now they are screwed. You can’t buy a SB. It’s too late now.

  11. This is an entirely different year,Donald IMO should be furious I mean irate! He has given them all pro after all pro year. Yet cooks new to the team who has done jack gets nice contract. Then and probably more infuriating Suh comes in and get on a year basis more money almost double really? I mean I am not saying suh isn’t worth money I am saying how could you offer that knowing Donald is better and you didn’t even sweeten the deal at all? If this doesn’t happen before camp I truly believe the rams our all in on 1 year and will probably tag and look to trade him and decide that gurley,Goff,lineman etc contracts and peters probably our more vital. Now I don’t agree a player like Donald comes around once in a great while. Now I do believe you don’t have to have the best DL man to win. You need a pass rusher good to great LB and at least 1 top CB if you check past super bowl teams those have been the spots filled by all pros plus mcvay is a offensive guy. He has such trust in #sonofbum that I believe they don’t sign Donald and will save money for offense and they believe wade can do it himself. I mean peters,suh,talib,Joyner,gurley & Goff not to mention some o lineman have contracts all up at end of this year except Goff if you give Donald 100 million at least 2 of the guys probably 3 depending on Goff weather he wants to pay so that means peters,talib,Joyner our gone or suh,gurley our gone etc if it doesn’t happen mark my words Donald is trade bait after this year.

  12. He deserves to be paid, but he won’t be.

    The crazy thing is that he believes any of the words they say.

    “We want to get this done. We want him locked up long term.

    But we want him to play out his ridiculous rookie deal first.”

    They always leave out that last part…

  13. andreboy1 says:
    July 23, 2018 at 8:41 pm
    Don’t sign him. You don’t win by paying interior defensive lineman QB money. You can get someone who is 70% of the player for half the cost.

    You don’t win by paying average to above average interior linemen to big contracts. However, Aaron Donald is not the average interior lineman. He’s averaged almost 10 sacks a game from the interior line. That’s almost unheard of. He puts an insane amount of pressure in the one place QB’s hate it, up in their face. So he needs the get paid DE money, elite DE money, because he doesn’t take plays off, he gets sacks in the interior, it takes 2 sometimes 3 offensive linemen to keep him in check, allowing for the pass rush on the outside to do its thing. This isn’t the guy you get stingy with. If he were a FA tomorrow he’d get 40 million guaranteed and deserve it. Pay the man. Just look at Fletcher Cox’s deal and add 10 million in guarantees 18 million per and it gets done.

  14. SkOl777 says:
    July 23, 2018 at 8:50 pm
    He beats everyone straight up. Pay that man his money.


    I understood that reference, lol

  15. He should be upset with his union, not the Rams. They are working under the negotiated CBA.
    It’s a hard cap league. He is under the Rams control this year and then 2 or 3 years with the franchise tag.
    There were rumors he wanted to be the highest paid defensive player, 20 mil a year. The Rams have little reason to do that now, especially this year when he is here at 7.9 mil unless Donald is willing to give a little discount.
    To get the record setting contract he probably waits one more year.
    Not saying that is necessarily fair or right, but it’s the reality of the cba.
    And it doesn’t hurt free agents signing here because free agents don’t typically get caught up in the tag game.

  16. Please remember everyone that Geno Atkins makes $10 million and he is one tiny step below Donald.
    Teams Don’t win by paying top dollar! They win by paying medium dollar but promise players to not have to play for loser.
    Rams know Donald wants 25 Million and anybody who paid that would be an idiot!
    I’m sure they wish they could trade him but people’s are willing to give up 3 first round pics for a player who wants $25 million.
    Lastly when you promise a player that kind of money you are eliminating other stars who want to play for less. They have Gurly and Goff contract coming up and they can’t affordable to pay 25 million to a freaking D tackle.
    Are people saying he’s 3x more importantly than Gurly? Well he isn’t! He’s equal!

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