Jarvis Landry: Browns are “definitely a playoff-caliber team”


Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey has been on the roster while the team has gone 1-31 over the last two seasons, but he predicted much better things to come in 2018 when he said in Junes that the team will make the playoffs.

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry didn’t go quite as far as Kirksey, but he shares his teammate’s optimism about the year to come. Landry told Nate Ulrich of Ohio.com that the Browns are “definitely a playoff-caliber team” when it comes to talent and that things like leadership and accountability will determine whether they can actually advance to the postseason.

Landry knows that setting high expectations can sometimes come back to bite a team in the rear end, but he thinks the confidence shown by Kirksey and others that have been through the last two years is the right frame of mind for the team this year.

“But at the same time, it’s great to have those type of aspirations for yourself, for your team, and, honestly, for me, that’s how we’re supposed to think,” Landry said. “That’s what we’re supposed to believe, and the more that that mindset becomes the mindset of the locker room, it’s going to help us get that much better.”

Going to the playoffs may be asking too much of a team that has been mired as deep in the muck as the Browns have been, but Landry and company clearly think there’s no reason to treat it like an impossibility when training camp hasn’t even started.

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  1. Landry is actually right. There isn’t a weak spot on the roster as far as talent goes. It’s going to be about the kind of culture they build there. I think they’ll need a season of “learning how to win” together before becoming true contenders, but I think they’ll be solid and competitive.

  2. Lots of teams make the playoffs in pre-season. Some lucky ones even win the pre-season Superbowl. Congrats Brownies.

  3. They’re saying if they don’t make playoffs, blame it on leadership, not players – for guys who say they’re playoff material, they’re lining up scapegoats in front of their excuses bus way too early. I’d hate to have to lead guys who only got my back so as they’ve somewhere to put their knives.

  4. With the size of the checks he is going to be cashing, he better well say this.

  5. Just focus on winning a game. The Browns haven’t done that since December 24th, 2016.

  6. Are you trying to intimidate other teams? This isn’t wrestling or the UFC. I went to LSU also and learned through studying how to be more logical. I guess you didn’t take courses that enrich the mind.

  7. I see this as just setting healthy goal expectations. Joe Thomas is a first ballot Hall of Famer, no doubt but one thing that always irked me about Joe is that he was wayyyyyyyyyy too comfortable with losing. I would have loved to see him get upset at least once in 10 years.

  8. Landry is correct there is playoff-caliber talent on the team. Sadly, the dysfunction with the ownership, front office and in the locker room far outweighs the talent. This team will become a dumpster fire by week three when they are 0-3.

  9. buckstalion12965 says:
    July 23, 2018 at 8:11 am
    Because he’s been on so many teams that went to the playoffs?

    Actually, he has only been on one other team… and they went to the Playoffs. What’s your point?

  10. while Landry may not be on PEDs, clearly he has a deal under the table with ownership to try to self false hopes to fans in cleveland who are inexplicably still willing to fill stadium seats;

    in no other town (cleveland is no longer a city) in the league can one find people willing to come back to the stadium the second month to see a 0-4 or 1-3 team already out of the playoffs given their division, and with no QB, no HC (the GM should’ve fired Hue by then, if only to protect himself, not that it matters) and no foreseeable future;

    we are not talking about the Rams or Chiefs here, the browns are stockpiled with draft choices, not franchise-calibre talent at the critical positions—QB, RB, LT, TE, LB, DT;

    Baker Mayfield is hardly the second coming of Russell Wilson or Drew Brees, not even the grossly overrated Brett Favre or Fran Tarkenton;

    he will have to work even to achieve the level of that ex-Cowboy QB choke artist now for some reason a commentator;

    that will be exceedingly difficult behind a makeshift OL with no LT and no RB and a TE with the hands of a seal with a hangover;

    wonder what Jarvis will say when the browns start 0-2, Taylor is dead for trying to run over a LB or make a tackle after a pick and the coach is gone;

  11. Ya right,and the Russians didnt meddle in our elections and trump has America over self first in his mind.

  12. Get to .500 by your bye week and then we’ll take you seriously.

    Otherwise, you’re farting rainbows. 🙂

  13. I was kinda pissed Miami didn’t resign you, Jarvis, but you are starting to piss me off (and maybe other DolPhans as well). First, you said last week Miami has crappy QBs (that got Miami to the playoffs in 2016…or did you just mean Jay Cutler?), and now you are saying the Browns–who have won less than ten games in the past three or four seasons–are a playoff caliber team just because they had the cap space to give you more money than you deserved? (And Miami’s final offer was more than you deserved as well!) You are becoming the new diva receiva, the new Terrell Owens, they new Mike Wallace, the new Plaxico Burress. Oh, and who is your QB? Folks, there is a reason the Bills sent Tyrod Taylor packing…

  14. Think positive! But I don’t think it will happen as long as Hue is the coach. It’s hard breaking a culture of losing.

  15. They most definitely are not. They are, however, just a few drafts away from being very good. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the dumpster fire in Cleveland won’t be extinguished in a year.

  16. The Browns certainly have improved talent-wise. However, given John Harbaugh is the best HC in their division and Hue has to battle Trip Tomlin and Marvin Lewis for 2nd best HC, I don’t see the Browns winning more than 4 or 5 games this year. But this is no a knock on the talent or desire the players have.

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