Josh Gordon to miss start of training camp for “overall health and treatment”

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Josh Gordon, the talented but troubled Browns wide receiver whose career has repeatedly been derailed by issues stemming from drug addiction, has announced that he will not be at the start of training camp.

Gordon didn’t go into specifics about the nature of the treatment he currently needs, but he did say in a Twitter message that treatment will keep him off the field when his teammates begin practicing.

“I will not be in Cleveland for the start of training camp,” Gordon wrote. “Rest assured this too is a part of my overall health and treatment plan. I appreciate the awesome support I have received from teammates, friends, fans, and the Brown’s organization. Just like you, I am excited to start the season and I have every intention of being ready and available to join my teammates soon to help bring winning football to our fans. With the help of the NFL, NFLPA, and the Browns’ organization, I have been able to utilize the resources available to me that will ensure my well-being on and off the field. By continuing to follow the plan set up by our medical director and his team and taking this time before this season starts, we believe it will help me maintain the progress I’ve made for not only today but for many years to come. Thank you all for your patience, love, and support! Go Browns!”

Gordon’s message strikes an optimistic note that he’ll be on the field when the season starts. Teammates have spoken highly of him this offseason, and the Browns have indicated that they believe his problems are behind him and some great football is ahead of him.

20 responses to “Josh Gordon to miss start of training camp for “overall health and treatment”

  1. Good for him. Mental health retreats could be useful for many players. If you don’t work through whats in your head you end up feeding the dangerous beast inside of you.

  2. he must’ve failed yet again. this bonehead needs to be banned i tell ya….BANNED!!!!

  3. and did i say the clownshow is starting yet again? #FactoryOfSadness #GoSteelers #Hoorah

  4. Uh o. When things don’t make sense and have cryptic descriptions it’s not usually a good thing. This being Josh Gordon troubles me even more. Cleveland is in the NBA doldrums after LeBron left, the Indians are looking decent, and the Browns only need to win 1 game to have a better season, the Browns could use Josh Gordon to get Cleveland some traction in the sports world.

  5. Hate to see people taking the pessimistic route here. We know that Gordon has an addiction problem; it sounds like he was feeling overwhelmed by urges and so took action to overcome them. If he caught himself BEFORE he did anything that could lead to suspension, GOOD FOR HIM. That would mean he’s developing some level of control, and suggests things could further improve over time. He doesn’t need to fully master his addiction at this point – he just needs to be able to get help with fighting it when he can’t do it alone. Hopefully, he did indeed catch himself in time.

  6. It’s a job, and with most jobs with an organizational structure, they will provide support to an employee with issues, be it addiction, marital affairs, life issues or whatever. They have Human Resources departments. But at some point they aren’t going to make excuses. I’m sure this guy was given full support.

  7. Uh oh! Sounds like another suspension coming. And the other guy just said they were going to the playoffs with the team they have together. Hum……

  8. Funny how posters are calling for him to be banned from the sport and not even know the slightest details of what is really taking place. For all we know he’s doing something good for himself, time will tell….

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