NFL: We’ll address Josh Gordon matter at appropriate time

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Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is on the team’s non-football illness list after announcing that he won’t be at the start of training camp to focus on “overall health and treatment.”

Given Gordon’s history of issues with drugs, more than a few people are likely wondering if the absence could be related to problems on that front that could impact his availability for the 2018 season. Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that Gordon is “absolutely not suspended,” although the NFL is withholding any comment on Gordon’s situation at this time.

“No timetable,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said. “We’ll address the matter at the appropriate time.”

Gordon is in Stage Three of the NFL’s substance abuse program, which means he can be tested 10 times a month and can be “required to submit to further evaluation and subsequent treatment” at the behest of the league’s medical director. Any failure to comply with those and other requirements would lead to a suspension of at least one year.

13 responses to “NFL: We’ll address Josh Gordon matter at appropriate time

  1. If he’s not suspended, this is strictly a team issue which doesn’t/shouldn’t warrant the league to “address it at the appropriate time.”

  2. So, cheating. This is unreal. Here is a guy on the thinnest of thin pieces of ice, it sounds like he slipped up again, but Goodell is bending over backwards for an AFC team not named the Pats.

    Where is Article 46? Has Robby Anderson been suspended yet? Why did Donte Fowler get only 1 game for assaulting a civilian in 2016?

    I know the answer, do you?

  3. This has been going on so long I can’t even remember what he’s done. Has it been anything more than some wacky tobacky, blowing a .09 and a grown man having an alcoholic beverage on a flight?

  4. Waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah. I’m shocked that a Patriots fan would ruin yet another thread and make it all about them! Patriots fans and whining. Name a more iconic duo.

  5. So what you are saying is Gordon got high and needs an extra week to get it out of his system. Do they test their 10x per month while he’s in a treatment center?

  6. He doesn’t stand a chance being tested 10x a month! Too bad. Cleveland might win one game this year. Now maybe not.

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