Report: Malcolm Mitchell had procedure on knee Monday

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A report on Monday indicated that the Patriots were trying to trade wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell, which seemed like a tall task given the knee issues that kept him off the field all of last season and all of this offseason.

If the odds were long before, it looks like they are going to be even longer now.

Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal reports that Mitchell had a procedure on his knee on Monday that is expected to keep him off the field for the start of training camp. Daniels goes further by adding that Mitchell’s season “looks to be in jeopardy,” which may be premature but it certainly doesn’t seem his chances of building on a promising rookie season look good.

The full Patriots squad is due at camp on Wednesday. Another wide receiver, Kenny Britt, will be starting on the physically unable to perform list and the team also added Devin Lucien to the group on Monday.

14 responses to “Report: Malcolm Mitchell had procedure on knee Monday

  1. He is done. Oh well, thanks for the ring and the greatest
    comeback ever!

    Berrios needs to ascend with McCarron. I can see Berrios in Edelman’s spot at the Z and Dorsett in the mix as well. Hogan at the
    X and Britt behind him. McCaron has a chance in the slot.

    James White still remains one of the most underrated offensive
    players in the league.

  2. Hope he’s not done for good but knew BB thought it was desperate when he agreed to hand Mitchell over to his arch enemy – the TB12 Facility! That was nearly 2 months ago and so it looks like snake oil and cumbaya doesn’t repair busted knees after all…

  3. Not what I wanted to hear, as he’s definitely a guy you want to cheer for. As I recall, he came into the league with some knee issues, and it was a dislocated shoulder or elbow that kept him out for the first half of his rookie season. But he quickly built a solid rapport with Brady and was HUGE in the 2nd half of the SB vs the Falcons.

    Good player and good person. Fingers crossed he finds his way back onto the field regardless of it’s with the Patriots or someone else.

  4. Mitchell is a good kid who will probably just be a NEP memory for something beyond his control…

    Hopefully he keeps up his efforts to spread the word to young folks about reading..

  5. Top notch human being but he’s made of glass. Similar issues all through college and can’t stay on the field. I hope he pulls through but not looking good

  6. Maybe he could be traded to the Glassjaw, IA BADMITTENERS? Non-contact is his best chance at success.

    Good luck kid. You showed some signs of ability, but the NFL level toughness just might not be there.

  7. Loved following his reading journey and passion, but reading the tea leaves it doesn’t seem like he’ll be long for New England, or the NFL world. Wish him the best.

  8. I called this months ago.

    He has the same issue as Ryan Tannehill and RG3.

    Both had a weekend ACL but no tear. Both players then had a full tear and then came back stronger.

    The kid needs a full tear. It sucks….but its going to happen. Better to control it with a surgical procedure.

  9. Genius at work.

    Replace him with Devin Smith from Jets. Couldn’t think of a better move for the Genius since hes been following that method past few years stocking his roster with draft busts.

    All he does is draft busts himself so makes sense he attracted to signing more busts.


  10. I love Belichick. Greatest coach I’ve ever seen. Any sport. But what in the hell is the issue with drafting Wide Receivers? I watched Mitchell at UGA and he was solid, but he was already damaged goods! Our best drafted Wide Receiver was a QB in college – Go figure.

  11. “All he does is draft busts himself so makes sense he attracted to signing more busts.”

    Hilarious. Actually “all he does” is put together rosters year after year that compete for the AFC Championship and Super Bowl more than any other team in history in a period as long as Belichick has had control of the Pats.

    People like you ignore the actual facts and results.

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