Johnny Manziel feeling confident as he heads to his new team

Getty Images

Johnny Manziel still hasn’t played in a Canadian Football League regular season game, but he’s already been traded. That doesn’t have him feeling discouraged.

Instead, Manziel says he’s confident that he’s going to make a difference on the Montreal Alouettes, who acquired him in a trade this week.

I feel confident in the abilities I’m bringing to this team,” Manziel said. “It is a team sport so it’s going to take each and every person to go out there and be successful on a game day. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”

Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman coached Manziel for a year at Texas A&M in 2011, and Manziel said he’s glad to have a coach he knows well.

“I don’t expect to come in here right away and have everything figured out, but at the end of the day I know Coach Sherman and I trust Coach Sherman and the leader he is to put me in a good situation,” Manziel said.

Everything is set up for Manziel to succeed in Montreal. Now it’s on him to do it.