Mike Brown calls Eric Reid’s grievance “a quick-forming thunderhead”

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Eric Reid remains without a job, and Bengals owner Mike Brown remains at the center of the safety’s grievance against the league.

During Reid’s free agent visit to Cincinnati in April, Brown asked Reid about kneeling during the anthem. Reid declined to commit to standing.

The Bengals didn’t offer him a deal, and Reid filed a grievance.

Brown was asked whether he regretted bringing in Reid.

Do I regret stepping into it the way that I apparently did? I think you know the answer to that,” Brown said, via Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It has become a grievance, a lawsuit. I don’t want to get into that matter here. I think my counsel would appreciate my silence on the matter here and suggest I say what I have to say to him.”

“Stepping into it” describes the situation perfectly. Brown, though, didn’t see the firestorm coming.

“Am I a bit surprised about how it formed up? It was a quick-forming thunderhead,” Brown said. “I didn’t expect it, yes.”

24 responses to “Mike Brown calls Eric Reid’s grievance “a quick-forming thunderhead”

  1. It’s a sketchy topic. On one hand, you have an owner that could very well be keeping out a player because of that players personal views. On the other hand, you could have an owner that is keeping out a player because of that players personal views BECAUSE that players personal views are not greater than being part of the team. What I am saying is that if you are trying to build a team that is (view points aside) “on the same page” you don’t want to bring in a guy who wants to lead a movement, you want a guy that’s going to be part of the team.

  2. Reid wasn’t willing to commit to the team. Reid was more interested in his personal political agenda.

    End of story.

  3. If this is collusion then the owners are deep into it cause Vaccaro and Boston are still unsigned also. Just no market for safeties this off-season

  4. There is a room full of people looking for a job. Boss with person #1, I need an employee that is ready to work, not sit around in a chair all day. Person #1, well, I cannot commit to that. Boss, NEXT!!!!!!

  5. To bad all the employees of these players don’t stand up as Brown. Players need to know as most employees know you are accountable for your actions in the work place.

  6. But you were right to ask him that mr brown. And you were even more right in not signing him after he gave you his answer

  7. If as a business owner I can’t hire who I want, or not hire anyone I want for any reason I want, then I will close my business, invest my money, and go lay on the beach with no one looking over my shoulder telling me what to do.

  8. just because he was given an interview, this entitles him to an offer! what planet is he from? oh, I forgot the entitlement planet where everything is free.

  9. So one owner declines to give Reid a contract offer on his terms, does not like the answers to questions he asks. So, he claims it is collusion?
    Dang, it must be nice to be so entitled to a job.

  10. may Reid should go apply at Home Depot or something….get a taste of real life for awhile.

  11. When are we going to get beyond this? Let us all take a deep breath, pay our taxes, obey the laws, and watch some NFL football!

  12. You guys hated Brown for years. Cheapskate, giving all them criminals 2nd chances. Keeps Marvin too long……. Now he’s your hero. Bleh!

  13. This doesn’t prove collusion. It proves this owner didnt want to deal with the headache and drama this player brings. A conclusion that 31 other owners had already determined. Btw, What happened to the “game changer” that kaps lawyer promised a few weeks ago??

  14. Eric Reid will lose his lawsuit, and he will never play in the NFL ever again. He will not convince 3/4 jury that he’s been grieved, and because of his litigiousness he will never suit up again.

  15. The facts are these…..

    There are a lot of “safety’s” with ability……An over abundance……Unlike QB’x…..Edge Rushers….etc…etc…..

    If there are 2 players of “like” talent……and there are plenty at the safety position…..

    What player will a team want to try out……or keep…..

    The player with “no distractions” or the player who is gong to be a “continual distraction”…..

    So Mr. Reid……Enjoy the slivers…..Because you are going to be sitting a long time…..

    Facts are facts…..

  16. Reid obviously gave the wrong answer to the interview question. Basically shot himself in the foot. No grevience buddy. Just stupid!

  17. Brown asked Reid if he planned on taking a knee. Reid declined to answer. How is that proof that Reid was denied a job because of his protest plans? Brown probably should have done what the rest of the owners have done and not given Reid a tryout. When you have a good club house you should keep a jackasses out.

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