NFL won’t let Raiders sell Las Vegas apparel until the team leaves Oakland

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There are already plenty of Las Vegas fans who are eager to welcome the Raiders to town, but the NFL isn’t ready to let them buy Las Vegas Raiders apparel just yet.

The league is barring the Raiders from selling Vegas gear until the team leaves Oakland, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN.

That seems like an odd decision: Perhaps the NFL doesn’t want to alienate Oakland fans, but the reality is Oakland fans already know their team is leaving town. Letting Vegas fans buy gear with their town’s name on it isn’t going to pour any more salt into the wounds.

It also means that unscrupulous sellers who make knockoff apparel will have the Las Vegas Raiders merchandise market to themselves. Some fans are going to want to start buying Raiders gear now, and those fans will turn to the sellers who violate the league’s copyright and create their own apparel with the Raiders’ name and logo.

Perhaps the Raiders are considering a rebranding that they’ll roll out when the team moves. There’s no way they’ll get rid of their signature Silver and Black, but a new logo could be coming, and that might be the impetus behind the decision not to sell any merchandise until they arrive in Las Vegas. Until then, only Oakland Raiders gear can be sold legally.

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  1. Maybe I’m weird but this makes sense to me. Keep selling Oakland stuff and make a big deal with the release of vegas stuff during their first offseason there.

  2. if China streamed all the NFL games for free, the players would all stand for the anthem. Maybe it’s going to take more to wake them up ?

  3. They have to liquidate the “Oakland” merch first at full price before selling the “Las Vegas” swag. Plus they want to squeeze Oakland for more while they can.

    New logos and re-branding are both a stretch at best. The Raiders brand is too strong to alter no matter where they play home games. It’s “Raider Nation,” remember?

  4. I actually feel bad for the fans in Oakland. A guy I work with from the East-Bay is a hard-core Raiders fan….his is pretty upset about the move. He feels betrayed. I would too.

  5. “Perhaps the NFL doesn’t want to alienate Oakland fans”

    Perhaps? Maybe as an afterthought but if they think moving the team like this hasn’t already “alienated” the vast majority of Oakland fans they’re dreamin’

  6. “They can also catch illegal merchandise if no official merchandise can be sold”

    Good luck with that. They’d have to play wack a mole on ebay and other auction sites constantly, and the moment they wack down one set of sellers with unlicensed merch another 2 pop right up.

  7. Ah yes.
    Alienating a new fan base while making it tougher for the team to have a solid base and tougher for them to advertise and sell tickets.
    A perfectly executed plan if you have sh** for brains.

  8. I wonder if a small part of this decision is the fact that Vegas Golden Knights apparel is selling like hotcakes. By diluting the Vegas market now, you’re forcing fans to choose which team to spend money on. By waiting, as another post said, they’ll have their own time to make a bigger financial splash.

  9. Does the contract they have in Oakland mean anything? St louis suing NFL mean anything? BRebranding is just not an option, they are touting the black hole purchase of PSL tickets

  10. The jerseys don’t change- this is about t-shirts and sweatshirts.

    The logo didn’t change nor did the jerseys in the LA->Oakland move, did they? The only substantive alterations came when NFL switched from Reebok to Nike for jerseys, and that was pretty miniscule.

    Non-news, and the Raider kickoff as they roll the trucks into Vegas will be over the top in Raider and Vegas style.

  11. How many people want to buy Oakland Raider merchandise when the Raiders are leaving Oakland? Versus how many people would buy Las Vegas Raiders merchandise? If I lived in Oakland I think I would want to buy several T-shirts and maybe a few other things and put them away for posterity. They should become more valuable as time goes by. Other than that, I would only buy new Las Vegas Raider merchandise. You look to the future. At some point the NFL has to realize the fact Las Vegas merchandise will out sell Oakland merchandise. Making the Raider leave Oakland first is not the answer!

  12. I tried to find “Las Vegas Raiders” gear all over the strip. None to be found. Heard this story months ago, all the street venders told me the same thing. “That’s illegal”. So not as easy to find as you might think. Maybe on ebay or some internet sight, but not in Vegas. Everything just said “Raiders”

  13. Too late, there is mad merchandise for sale on eBay with Vegas Raiders on it. I already bought a shirt and it’s high quality, $15. I don’t feel and for Oakland losing their team. 86 out of 126 games in Oakland were blacked out because of attendance. They had to tarp them off to have sell outs, empty luxury boxes and suites as well. Plus it’s a short drive to go see the other NFL team in the Bay Area. They should have let them stay in LA in 1995 and built the Hollywood Park stadium, Oakland jumped in gave AL a bunch of money and took an old stadium and put a giant new useless side on to it. Now Oakland cries foul, why not start going to A’s games cause Portland is salivating and waiting for them to get nothing in Oakland so they can take them. Oakland is a bad sports town, even the Warriors moved across the Bay.

  14. Why not? The Raiders have already sold out their Oakland fans, again.
    There is nothing like playing in the smallest stadium in the NFL, which is also the most run-down. Then, the city decides to build the baseball team a new stadium. You reap what you sew.

  15. Raiders gear hasn’t had a city name on it for some time now, it’s just “Raiders”

    This is all moot.

  16. Man its so dark and cold living in that 49ers shadow in the Bay Area that the Raiders can’t wait to leave for the hot desert.

    Mark Davis running the business side of things and Gruden running the personnel and Football Operations.? Yeah, good luck with all of that.

  17. Lots of fans will buy the knock off Las Vegas apparel but it’s not as easy as you think. If the NFL gets a bug up it’s rear end they will simply employ third party private firms whose job it is to track and prosecute those who sell phony merchandise. They search the popular internet sites, hit flea markets, and even work with Customs Enforcement to get the containers at the port. It’s not a huge expense for the NFL and they send a loud message to anyone who wants to market in this stuff. Intellectual property folks. It’s the name of the game.

  18. Footballinla, you’re right on the money about Al Davis wanting to stay in LA. Tagliabue & Al’s ‘partners’ wouldn’t approve anything unless he shared the new stadium & LA mkt w/ an expansion team to replace the Rams. They knew there was no way in hell Al would agree to that.

  19. Don’t know why anyone is worried about the 20 Oakland Raiders fans. They are leaving because the team isn’t supported enough. Pretty easy decision.

  20. Its not like the NFL to pass up a money making opportunity. I kind id suspect they are still not 100% confidrnt there will be a team called The Raiders playing in Las Vegas.

  21. Just another example of the league sticking it to the RAIDERS.

    That’s fine.

    The RAIDERS will always pay for the “sins” of the late, Great Al Davis.

    It’s a compliment to the man that the league takes so much time and effort to stifle the RAIDERS.

    All good.

    Just Win Baby.

  22. Now you know why Al Davis was always fighting the league. Al was usually right. I have a feeling there’s going to be a legal battle, and the Raiders will win. I’m not really worried about the Raiders making money in Las Vegas. They’re going to be raking in cash faster than anyone is expecting it. That day will come soon enough. Just Win Baby!!!

  23. thejesusofcool says:
    July 24, 2018 at 11:07 am
    Why not? The Raiders have already sold out their Oakland fans, again.

    Youre so dumb I dont know where to start but it was Oakland who sold out the Raiders. The mayor in particular, is as dumb as you.

  24. scoocha says:
    July 24, 2018 at 12:40 pm
    Don’t know why anyone is worried about the 20 Oakland Raiders fans. They are leaving because the team isn’t supported enough. Pretty easy decision.
    – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – — –
    I suggest you put in your deposit for Oakland Raiders season tickets, and get on the waiting list then.

  25. Lawrence Jahn says:
    July 24, 2018 at 1:10 pm
    thejesusofcool says:
    July 24, 2018 at 11:07 am
    Why not? The Raiders have already sold out their Oakland fans, again.

    Youre so dumb I dont know where to start but it was Oakland who sold out the Raiders. The mayor in particular, is as dumb as you.
    – – – – – – – — –
    Now as a Nevada resident I am concened that we are dfl in education, and we don’t have money to pay teachers, but we can pay for the raiders….If Mark Davis can’t afford to own a team, he should sell it then. Mark is no Al, and he is just gutting the team of all its legacy….Firing Amy Trask to Greg Papa just confirms everything….They should be called the Las Vegas Gypsies.

  26. Preeeeetty sure that I saw Las Vegas Raiders merchandise for sale at a convenience store when I was there recently. Not sure who the N.F.L. thinks they are, but that’s just un-American letting them sell it but not the Raiders.

  27. Maybe the reason they don’t sell merchandise until they move is in case the move is cancelled.

  28. I just want to get the merchandise that is mispelled like bad subtitles. Like the Les Vagas Radars.

  29. I guess when your team moves so much, it makes sense not to include the city name. LA/Oakland/Vegas Raiders. I guess the new slogan is ‘Just Move, Baby”

  30. Raider fans know that the teams colors (silver, black, white), player last name and number (and NFL logo) are what adorn the teams Jersey. The helmet has the Raider shield logo and that’s it. Nowhere does it say the city name. The shield logo is what people where. Nowhere does it say Oakland.

  31. Dejadoh. The Raiders make strong licensing profits annually off their gear which includes the words OAKLAND Raiders. Google it on images or keep your head in the sand.

  32. tylawblowncoverage says:
    July 24, 2018 at 8:24 pm
    They’ll be serving ice water in hell before the Raiders rebrand. And I highly highly doubt they change the logo.
    – – – – – — – – – – – – –
    It is Mark Davis we are talking about.

  33. You Vegas people dont know jack! We didnt support the team? Well let them go over 10 years without having a winning record. Several 4 and 12 seasons. See them draft Jamarcus Russell when Calvin Johnson was the next pick, then pick Darius Hayward Bey, a wide reciever who couldn’t catch! And LA you didn’t support the team, plus the games were to dangerous to attend. I wish they would leave now! We dont need you Mark Davis! By the way cant you do something about those herpes lesions on your lips. Vegas is the perfet place for you. Legalized prostitution and gambling. Perfect place for nfl players.

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