Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant will have a job for the regular season


It’s now 103 days and counting since the Cowboys parted ways with Dez Bryant. They will hold their first training camp without the star receiver since 2009.

And, for the first time since 2009, Bryant isn’t in an NFL camp.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expects Bryant to have a job by the time the season starts.

“Dez is an NFL player,” Jones said. “There’s no doubt in my mind, and [he] can really contribute. It was best for us that we’re in the spot we’re in, but when I say us, it includes Dez. I believe that strongly.

“I love Dez. I spent a lot of time –- and inordinate amount of time with Dez –- but this is for the best. But he’s certainly good enough player that he can help people. He can help teams win games. I say that unequivocally. I believe that. Just look at our last few games and see if he made any plays against Oakland or anybody. He did.”

Jones remains close with Bryant and said he last talked to No. 88 about two months ago.

Bryant, 29, is seeking a one-year prove-it deal with a contender.