Jerry Jones insists Jason Garrett isn’t on the hot seat

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The question was the last of the Cowboys’ kickoff press conference: Is this a playoffs-or-bust year for Jason Garrett?

Owner Jerry Jones didn’t hesitate.

“No. That’s the best answer I can give, and the fairest,” Jones said.

Of course, in 2010, as the losses and the questions about Wade Phillips’ job security mounted, Jones continually reminded reporters that he had never fired a coach in the middle of a season. After a 1-7 start, Phillips was fired, with Garrett becoming the interim coach.

So Garrett would be well served to take his boss’ words with a grain of salt.

Jones, though, was effusive in his praise of his coach, saying, “Our coach and our coaching staff are the No. 1 reason that I’m excited about what we have ahead of us this year.”

The Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl or even made the NFC title game since 1995, of course. They have only nine playoff appearances and three postseason wins since.

Jones is on his fifth coach since Barry Switzer. Chan Gailey lasted two years, Dave Campo three, Bill Parcells four and Phillips 3 1/2.

The owner has given Garrett a longer leash than any of his other six head coaches despite Garrett going 67-53 with only two postseason appearances in his seven full seasons as head coach. (Garrett did win coach of the year honors in 2016, but the Cowboys lost to the Packers at home in the divisional round.)

“Everybody wants to step in like we did when we first got here and win three out of four in seven years,” Jones said. “Everybody wants to do that. That’s not the NFL that I see. I think it’s as logical as watching my step as I walk off this stage that Jason is better and the right man for this job, even though he didn’t get coach of the year last year. Having said that, I’m very solid in my thinking. Everybody here knows that I’ll take a risk with anybody. But I also would like for you to review pragmatic decisions, some pretty logical-type decisions as well, absent the risk. All of this weighs in it. We [he and Stephen Jones] see better than anybody in the world Jason. Better than anybody. Consequently, I’m excited about him being our head coach.”

Executive vice president Stephen Jones was told that, over the last 30 years, most head coaches have won a Super Bowl within their first four seasons if they’re going to win one. The Cowboys, though, maintain faith that Garrett is the right man for the job.

“I think you can always pull up stats on a lot of different things. Obviously our game has changed a lot over the years with the salary caps,” Stephen Jones said. “I think we get better at looking at what’s in the best interests when you look at a salary-cap era and how important the draft is and all of sudden midstream, you change coaches and whether you like it or not, you might think you’re not, but it’s different schemes, different philosophies and you look up and all the resources you put into building a roster don’t necessarily fit the next guy.

“. . . We have a lot of confidence in Jason. We think he’s put together a strong staff, and we can go out and really have success this year. Now this is a young football team. Three players over 30 and two of them are specialists. Sean [Lee] is the only [position player] over 30. Half of this football team wasn’t here last year.”

52 responses to “Jerry Jones insists Jason Garrett isn’t on the hot seat

  1. This guy, Garrett, should be on borrowed time.
    Lots of the current problems, however, are because the Jones family, do not judge talent very well.
    Hopefully the Eagles take them apart, again.

  2. Jones = Idiot

    Billionaire idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. He is loyal to a fault, out of touch w/ reality, AL Davis pt 2 – his mentor by the way.

    Cowboys wont win anything, sadly, until he passes.

  3. Cant blame Jason for the Murray fumble in Green Bay that cost us. Cant blame Jason for the BS Dez Non Catch in Green Bay.
    Cant Blame Jason for Zeke getting suspended. Cant Blame Jason for Tyron Smiths Back issues missing 7 games.
    Cant blame jason for Dez having butter hands and no speed.
    Cant blame jason that Romo had back problems.

    Jason > Parcells PROVEN FACT!

    Jason Not only REBUILT a Team but an Entire Organization. Took us out of cap Heal, Drafted Better, and been more competitive. Our team has what 2 guys on it 30 or over, we are young and talented.
    NOW jason thus being his first HC job YES has and will have LEARNING pains. I get it. BUT Parcells couldnt win here
    and we had the coaching carousel for years and went NoWhere! Jason is a play away and a call away and an injury away from taking us deep into the postseason. You guys would be signing a different tune if one or two of those calls had went the other way.

  4. If he wins, he stays. If he loses bit time, he is gone. The Owner, GM, Chief Trader, Face of The Franchise, Game Planner, etc., will not take the blame for having a weak roster. Consequently, the Owner doesn’t go out the door and down the road, it is the Head Coach

  5. bigd4defense says:
    July 25, 2018 at 8:57 pm
    Jones = Idiot

    Billionaire idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. He is loyal to a fault, out of touch w/ reality, AL Davis pt 2 – his mentor by the way.

    Cowboys wont win anything, sadly, until he passes.

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    that isn’t just an opinion, that will be a fact

    look at their draft room on draft day. they all act like whoever they pick, they just pulled one over on the league. lmao

    they all pat each orher on the back and smiles are everywhere

    then compare that to the pats draft room, where it is all business
    and on to the next pick

  6. If he’s never on the hot seat, how do we know if Garrett is trying to do his best ? Really, if he doesn’t have to worry about his job, why would he even try to be the best ? There’s no incentive for him to try and do his best coaching job. He could coast and never worry about being fired. Stupid thing thing to say, Jerry.

  7. The question to Jerry Jones from the media about Jason Garrett is to ask what does it take for him to be fired and are you trying to win a Superbowl because its not working out in reality hes not good in post season so you cant win a Superbowl do you know that or not? Hes smart doesnt equal winning championships results do

  8. Well.. uh… The G.M. is the one who should be on the hot seat, before Garrett.

    Now, Garrett isn’t the greatest, but he’s done a better job than the G.M. has.

  9. Yes Jerry. Keep JG…let him stand on that sideline looking like Opie Cunningham and keep on clapping his way to more average 8-8 seasons.

  10. As long as Carrot Top dances like a puppet on a string that says yes Jerry, right awaynJerry, of course youre right Mr Jones then Garretts Guys will enjoy yearcafter year of “the culture” of arrests, suspensions and best of all …..losing.

  11. Jason garrett will never be on the hot seat unless Stephen gets full say over the organization and we know good and well that wont happen as long as jerry is breathing air …jerry knows he cant find another puppet like jason

  12. Brilliant marketer…Idiot GM…Last year in 3 games against the chargers eagles and falcons the Cowboys where outscored 72-0 in the second coaching staff made half time adjustments another did not that’s flat out on your Golden Boy Jerry

  13. I used to consider Garrett merely a puppet of Jones. But watching the Amazon “All or Nothing” on last year’s Cowboys, I came away with a newfound respect for the guy. The way he relates to his players, the way his inner gyro seemingly keeps him balanced while on an endless sea of Jones-induced chaos.

    Garrett isn’t the problem in Dallas.

  14. “The owner has given Garrett a longer leash than any of his other six head coaches despite Garrett going 67-53”. Despite? 67-53 is a pretty good record considering how typically flawed the Dallas roster has been over that span. You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too, football fans – if you spent years insisting that the Cowboy roster was overrated and lacking depth, then you don’t get to pretend that the team “should” have been better than 67-53 over that span

  15. “Lay off Garrett. A great coach who deserves an extension.”


    All NFC fans, coaches, owners and GMs outside of Dallas

  16. orangeraider, once again let me set the record straight, Cowboys and Eagles split last year’s 2 games.
    Trust me this year you all won’t be that lucky.

  17. So…Garrett is basically toast if he gets off to a bad start? I mean the vote of confidence from Jerry is the kiss of death.

    Garrett has been BETTER since he let someone else take over as OC to call plays and getting a new defensive coordinator. I could see Jerry letting either coordinator take over if they get off to a bad start. Especially since the Eagles are coming off a super bowl win–Jerry will be more antsy than normal.

  18. Can someone in the Jones family put their foot down and a sock in Jerry’s mouth. The guy hasn’t made any sense in years. He’s constantly making up new words and phrases, and talks in circles. Stephen at least makes sense when he talks.

  19. Jones won’t realize Dak Prescott isn’t a great QB until he fails under a different coach. Garrett is the last excuse they can make for Prescott and it will be made sooner rather than later.

  20. I’m a Cowboys fan and I get tired of the same excuses and the same reasons for why Dallas doesn’t win.

  21. He may not be on JJs hot seat but he sure is with most of the people paying JJ (fans). How much more of this are we going to have to endure???
    If we win the SB this yesr I’d still be in the remove JG crowd.
    One you’ve tasted spoiled meat why take another bite? Any good that comes out of this season I’ll be crediting his coaching stafff not him.

  22. It is frustrating year after year watching the Cowboys fall short come January. I have no faith whatsoever that Garrett can lead this team to the promised land.

    Having said that, he is improving, & drafts have gotten better. I never thought I’d see the day that Philly won a Super Bowl so, I suppose anything is possible but, I won’t hold my breath on Garrett ever hoisting a Lombardi trophy.

  23. Jones has an aversion to successful HC’s who don’t bow down to him – that’s why Jimmy Johnson & Bill Parcells both left.

    I think Garrett will be with the Cowboys for many more years because Jerry knows just how difficult it is to find HC’s that are skilled primarily in boot-licking (although Dave Campo also fit that criterion previously). This is also the same reason why Elway in Denver is keeping Vance Joseph as his HC.

  24. I applaud loyalty, but blind loyalty in this case doesn’t make sense. Isn’t the point of it to win the SB? And the Cowboys haven’t even come close to that under Garrett.

  25. Has he just gotten soft in in his old age? I couldn’t imagine 90s-00’s Jerry being so lax with his head coach.

  26. Why should he be on the hot seat? Garrett is the best yes-man that Jerry’s ever had, even if he stinks as a head coach. I especially love Garrett’s hand-clapping after a boneheaded play or a botched set of downs.

  27. He says half the team wasn’t there last year like that much roster turnover is a good thing.

  28. young jones speaks in the same unintelligible gibberish as old jones. and already making excuses about having a young team? you hand picked every one of them and got to pick ahead of teams that have been hammering you for two decades. there are no excuses in the nfl.

  29. @nhpats says:

    Garrett is an incompetent stooge for Jerry. This guy makes Mike Tomlin and Jeff Fisher look capable.
    Super Bowl wins: Mike Tomlin (1) Fisher (0) Garrett (0)

  30. wisbadgfan says:
    July 25, 2018 at 9:12 pm
    Garrett is not on the hot seat, however, he may well be thrown under the bus.

    WHICH would be fitting seeing how when they lose he does to the players and other coaches…NEVER taking any of the blame himself even though he’s responsible.

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