Jerry Jones says Terrell Owens making a “mistake” skipping Canton; TO responds

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who earned induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year, has not talked to Terrell Owens about the former star receiver’s decision to skip his enshrinement next week. But Jones said he would tell Owens he’s making a “mistake” by not going to Canton.

“Had he asked my advice, or had I been compelled to, I would have shared with him that this is a mistake,” Jones said Wednesday. “For your own reasons, but more importantly because of fans, you should participate. I didn’t give him that advice and consequently, you see where he’s going. He is making a mistake, but that’s his decision. Terrell, as you know, has a mind of his own.”

After Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News tweeted Jones’ quote, Owens responded on Twitter.

“Jerry ‘made a mistake’ of releasing me after listening to others when I produced, gave my ALL, sacrificed my health for the team but who am I?! But hey I thought Jerry had a mind of his own too. #GOFIGURE What I’m doing is for the FANS. #THISISFORYOU,” Owens tweeted.

Owens played two seasons after the Cowboys released him, making 127 catches for 1,812 yards and 14 touchdowns.

47 responses to “Jerry Jones says Terrell Owens making a “mistake” skipping Canton; TO responds

  1. Nobody cares if this nutcase doesn’t show. Heck, I even prefer if he doesn’t.

  2. Poor deluded T.O. is trying to convince himself he’s doing something for the fans. Everything he’s ever done is strictly for himself.

  3. How the hell is he doing this for the fans? If you ask me, the average fan will tell you that T.O. is all about T.O. and T.O. only.

  4. I think some of the guys in the HOF and owners like Jones are acting like 5-year-olds. Geez, someone elected to the HOF has decided not to be there for his induction. How will the world survive this catastrophe?

    I thought the mandate of the Football HOF was to recognize the finest athletes, owners, etc. and add their busts to the showcases. I didn’t realize that attendance was mandatory to be inducted. If the HOF – or its members players – feel somehow insulted that a player may thank them for the award but not show up, they really need a lesson in what the Hall’s purpose is.

  5. It is so weird that the dude was held out of the HOF because he was a constant distraction, me-first player that embraced anarchy. They voted him in on stats and he is just the same dude.

    He was a great player, and alienated every team, quarterback, owner, and fan base he ever played for. Deserves his own exhibit in the Self Above All Else wing. Revis is excited to join him.

  6. It is all about him, when it should be all about sharing this moment with all those who helped him along the way.

    Having his own ceremony at his high school, college or wherever else he decides to celebrate is NOT The Hall of Fame. Doing so deprives those deserving of a thank you (from him) in that special setting and instead is quite the opposite.

  7. When the mirrors break around Owens he’s going to find himself to be one lonely guy. In the meantime we just gotta ride this out a few more weeks because unless he gets a chance to play in Canada, the NFL is done with him.

  8. TO couldn’t possibly try harder to justify every stereotype that was ever said about him. Me me me first dbag. The HOF is not even a real team and he is once again the worst teammate of all time. Incredible.

  9. Ironically he IS not attending for the fans. The HOF is for the fans, by him not attending, we don’t have to see or listen to him. Seems like every HOF speech I have heard, they have thanked the fans for their support over their career, but those guys have class and understand the integrity of the game.

  10. “He wonders why no NFL team will touch him”???

    The dude is literally 44 years old. You and all the people that upvoted this are acting like he just recently left the league. How many 44 year old receivers have ever played in the NFL?

  11. Wait minute. I thought this was for all the other guys who had to wait to get in? Now it is for the fans….ok

  12. I’m not an Owens’ fan. Never have been. But I do believe in free will. I don’t think any player should be forced to attend the draft (the #1 pick stayed at home this year). And I don’t think players should have to attend their HOF induction ceremonies. Most do because they appreciate the award and the spotlight, and they want to thank some people. But if Owens – or any other inductee – wants to extend their appreciation a different way, fine by me.

    Football players reward me through their play on the field. They don’t owe me a speech at an induction ceremony. I would handle this differently if I ran the HOF. I would act as if Owens was there, introduce his name and highlights, then congratulate him and move on to the next inductee. That would maintain the proper introduction of the class of 2018 IMO without making a big deal of his absence.

  13. charger383 says:
    July 25, 2018 at 8:02 pm
    shut up Jerry, it is much better if Owens is not there

    You got the “shut up Jerry” part 100% correct.

  14. When TO is 65 years old and looks back on his life he will regret missing this ceremony. His fans will be there and he will not. Sad that he won’t understand until it’s too late.

  15. nflguru12 says: July 25, 2018 at 7:34 pm They should put his bust in the bathroom of the HOF. Make it part of the toilet paper roll dispenser.
    They should have all the urinal mints carved in his likeness.
    Otherwise, a bunch of us should drive to his induction speech and stand in the back with our beers and start a chant of “Randy, Randy, Randy ….” That would be a good one. We would get on TV I bet.

  16. Who in the hell gives a damn? Next! Show up, don’t show up. Nobody will notice either way !

  17. T.O. isn’t going?

    Hmpf… ‘magine that.

    Can someone who loves the game go in? Like maybe…. Jerry Kramer after 40+ years go in instead?

    Oh… He is? Uhhh.. OK. Is he happy about it?

  18. Why would T.O. give a rats patootie what Jerry Jones thinks? Hes not Jason Garrett, he can think for himself.

    Maybe Jerry should focus on his trainwreck of a team instead of spewing off about T.O.

    Terrell Owens : zero drug arrests, zero steroid suspensions, zero spousal assault allegations…

    No surprise Dallas let him go, didnt fit into “the culture”.

  19. TO fans? There aren’t very many. He burnt that at every stop in his career. SF? Nope. Philly? After his SB effort he could of retired with that team and been a local hero with massive endorsement $$. Instead he burnt that bridge with the ridiculous driveway scene and release. Dallas? Crybaby side line antics ruined that. He put up the numbers in his career but the locker room costs to the teams he played for overshadow his accomplishments.

  20. He is taking a slap to the faces of all of the living and posthumous award winners who helped to etch a notch towards the evolution of the sport.

  21. Leave Owens alone! He’s doing it for all the idiot Canton people who vote players in after death….hello Bob Hayes….. Or waiting till they’re 80 years of age..Hello Jerry Kramer……The process must change for elections……I was hoping this moment would come…Thank you Owens!

  22. Lester Hayes, Jim Plunkett, and other RAIDERS are so much better than TO. Talk about HOF priorities being skewed. They won SBs. What did TO win?
    TO and Jerry, shut up both of you. Neither of you belongs in the HOF. Neither one of you earned it. Shame on the HOF! Bogus all the way.

  23. T.O. out hear dropping bombs on Jerry. He knows Jerry has been struggling lately bc he hasnt been the gambler he once was. That he lets other people change his mind. So what does T.O.? Jugular. Lol.

  24. The hypocrisy of Jerry Jones once again on full display. Jerry has gone out of his way to protect, employ and support criminals. TO never committed a crime. All he did was produce.

  25. routerunning says:
    July 25, 2018 at 8:25 pm
    I’m not an Owens’ fan. Never have been. But I do believe in free will.

    As do I, but when will we hear about accepting the consequences of free will? Free will does not make one right, righteous or even sensible. I have free will. If I use it to utter an expletive at a customer I’d expect a pink slip. Seems other want unlimited freedom and zero accountability. And we wonder why things aren’t all tickety boo.

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