Todd Gurley hopes his deal helps other backs get paid

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Running back Todd Gurley got a big contract from the Rams this week that may have done more than just set him up to make a lot of money over the next few years.

It could also lead to big deals for other running backs after years of seeing bigger deals flow to players at other positions. Gurley’s deal is a quantum leap over the one Devonta Freeman signed with the Falcons — it was the previous leaded for average salary per year on a multi-year deal — and Rams General Manager Les Snead said that the deal will “blaze the new standard” for players like David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott and Le'Veon Bell in the years to come.

Gurley said that’s something he’s happy to do for his peers.

“I’m just happy to even be in a position to take the next step for us running backs,” Gurley said to Albert Breer of “And to be able to get closer to what a receiver or a D-end makes, it’s pretty good for us. There are a lot of great running backs in the league, and their time will definitely come. And when it’s time for them to get paid, hopefully my part has played a role in it.”

While it remains to be seen how many teams will follow the Rams’ lead, seeing someone break through for the first time since Adrian Peterson in 2011 will likely have a copycat effect around the league as long as other backs can come to the table with the kind of production that Gurley provided the Rams last season.

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  1. Not going to happen – since running backs are lucky to have a five year effective career, this is not going to help. Management knows running backs are not long term prospects and this will prevent them from earning big dollars – and until the current passing fad is dissolved, running backs really aren’t that big a deal other than as a distraction.

  2. The Rams did Gurley right…I admit I was wrong and thought they would do him the way the Steelers did Bell…They got out in front of the RB salary storm that is coming…Bell next year, Zeke the following year…Kamara and Hunt the year after…

    The part I’m most looking forward to is all the Giants fans turning on Barkley when its his turn…by that time his value might be 25 million a year…then when the Giants screw him over with options and tags, their fans will be exposed the same way they’re turning on Beckham…This will hopefully result in draft picks and stars refusing to play for a low class organization like NY…

  3. It’s ok to pay top-dollar for a 2000 yd season, but guaranteeing most of it is foolish – his body as both big runner & big catcher is doubly exposed, as is the cap when his ACL snaps. Eggs. Basket.

  4. How ironic it would if Gurley helps to loosen the RB salary scale, then a bunch of guys get paid and then Gurley does a Julio Jones and wants to renegotiate after a couple of seasons.

  5. The Rams did the decent thing and smart thing by giving Gurley, who is the center piece of their offense, a big contract 2 years before his rookie deal was up.

    The reason it’s smart is you are giving him big money, which he has already earned by his production anyways, 2 years before you have to but in exchange the team also gets 2 more years of Gurley at a likely lower rate than the future franchise tag numbers. If he isn’t producing in year 4 the team can always cut him. If he is still producing then they have him at a decent number.

    The Steelers have their way of doing things and have been successful following their model. But fans have to accept the rocky negotiations that come with having a player like Bell play every season of a rookie contract he had out performed 2 years ago. The Steelers had an opportunity to reward his production early and choose not to. Now Bell wants every single penny he can get because he had been underpaid for his production over the length of his slotted value rookie contract and I don’t blame him.

  6. I mean it is kinda ridiculous how these backs have to put up Marshall Faulk numbers in order to get paid though. Meanwhile of all the high paid WR in the league, how many were in the championship game last season??

  7. For good or bad RB is not a high paying position anymore. Teams have shown that it is more important to have a really good offensive line than a great RB. A good line and 3-4 serviceable RBs will out-perform a mediocre line and a star back.

  8. Big mistake. Donald is the key for the Rams. Now they are screwed. Unfortunate! You can’t buy a championship.

  9. nhpats says:
    July 26, 2018 at 7:12 pm
    For good or bad RB is not a high paying position anymore. Teams have shown that it is more important to have a really good offensive line than a great RB. A good line and 3-4 serviceable RBs will out-perform a mediocre line and a star back.
    If running back isn’t a high paying position any more then why do I still see top 5 running backs signing big contracts? Name me the last time a top 5 back didn’t sign a big contract and had to settle for scraps? Even Le’veon Bell has a contract on the table for $15 million this season.

    I also see running backs who are considered elite still getting drafting in the early to mid first rounds even though teams know they have to fully guarantee them their relatively big first round contract.

    Is the market for mid level to slightly above average backs down? Absolutely. But elite backs have always gotten paid and I haven’t seen anything to suggest that will not continue.

  10. The Rams have offered to make Donald the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. If he decides he doesn’t want to sign, they can franchise him for three more seasons after this one. Injuries happen, and no one is irreplaceable.

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