Dez Bryant rips Cowboys’ play calling, Travis Frederick, Sean Lee


The Cowboys need to move on from Dez Bryant, and the receiver needs to move on from the Cowboys. Maybe that will happen once Bryant signs with a new team (the Browns?).

The Cowboys divorced Bryant on April 13, but his name continues to pop up in Dallas.

Bryant called out Stephen Jones, Travis Frederick and Sean Lee in a series of tweets Friday.

SiriusXM NFL Radio trolled Bryant after an interview with Stephen Jones. Sirius tagged Bryant after the Cowboys executive vice president said of Dak Prescott, “Dak is working on his game and accuracy. He has to trust the system. I think that was tough last year with @DezBryant in his ear. I think he’ll have the year he had [his rookie year] if not better.”

It didn’t take Bryant long to respond on Twitter.

“Here we go with that scapegoat [expletive] .. i charged everything to the game and went the other way. y’all know what the real problem is .. don’t put it on me with that bull[expletive].. garbage [expletive] play calling.. Everybody lined up in the same spot for 17 weeks..”

The day Jerry Jones informed Bryant of his release, the receiver accused “Garrett’s guys” of working against him. He didn’t name names other than to refer to players who wear the captain’s “C.”

Bryant named names Friday, accusing Frederick and Lee.

After a fan replied to Bryant’s tweet, suggesting Stephen Jones was clueless, Bryant said, “He’s not clueless.. Jerry was the only one who was clueless.. [expletive] was a planned to get me out ask Travis and my brother snake Lee I mean Sean Lee.”

Bryant later clarified his statement about Jerry Jones, saying, “I love Jerry just not the others.”

He also offered more on his accusation that Lee worked against him, writing, “Yea he suppose to been my brother .. we laughed talk about goals and stuff he sat right across from me in the locker room..never thought we had a problem.. I got cut.. he was the first to know.. I find out he was also behind it Damn!!”

UPDATE 8:14 P.M. ET: SiriusXM finally tweeted the audio from Stephen Jones’ interview. It was innocuous compared to the inflammatory first tweet from SiriusXM, which prompted Bryant’s tweetstorm. “He’s gotta trust the system, which at times last year, there was pressure, with Dez in his ear and to some degree Jason [Witten] in his ear. Those great players want the ball,” Stephen Jones said.

62 responses to “Dez Bryant rips Cowboys’ play calling, Travis Frederick, Sean Lee

  1. Gee Dez, I just can’t figure out why they would not want You around? Kind of moving into TO territory with this garbage.

  2. Like a HS girl at the dance with no date leaning against the wall .. TO is watching and waiting

  3. Dez started out being interested in joining the Patriots and he’s gone through the standings to where he is now. Hamilton, Ontario, get ready for Dez Bryant interest.

  4. Diehard cowboy fan and agree with Dez. Garret want Sal as his qb because he can use I’m in a simple game plan.. these 10 yard passes will not get them the big game. Gallup is a down the field receiver and if he has a bad year it will be because he’s a rookie and not because dak can’t get him the ball deep…

  5. This is coming from a grown man who needed a babysitter. Gee, Dez, maybe if you learned how to run routes and catch passes, you’d still have a star on your helmet instead of going to Cleveland. I pity whoever end up being your quarterback. I can’t wait to see the inevitable confrontation between Dizzy Dez and Todd Haley.

  6. So, it was Sean Lee who kept dropping all the balls that hit him in the hands?

  7. Dude is D.O.N.E. He couldn’t catch a cold and he has the audacity to blast the team he played for who stuck with him longer than they should have? There’s a reason why he’s still unemployed

  8. Stephen Jones seems to have his old man’s genetics when it comes to dealing with microphones. He literally brought this drama on to training camp. Drama that never happens in other organizations.

  9. I pity his agent who will try to defuse the vitriol in Dez’s messages. Dez is out of the league because of his play, his juvenile emotional outbursts and his inability to see reality. Instead of trying to adjust to his massively diminished skills he blames the world for not seeing how great he is. His drops were not his fault; his failure to get separation was not his fault; his childish outbursts were the result of his desperate desire to win not his immaturity. This from a player who needed a nursemaid to keep him in the league? If Cleveland signs him it will be a signal that John Dorsey is no longer the GM – Haslem has again taken control. Good luck Cleveland!

  10. Calling out Lee and Fredrick? C’mon man. No one is going to buy that. Certainly not from someone who steals underwear and leaves houses with crap (literally) on the walls.

  11. Dez is no longer a Cowboy. It sounds like the Cowboys are extremely happy, and looking forward to the season, with confidence. Dez doesn’t sound too happy. For his sake, I hope he stops talking. If anyone’s thinking about signing Dez, they’re liable to have second thoughts.

  12. This from a guy who cried and whined about getting the ball and then dropped it when it was thrown to him. Who does Dez blame for his bad routes and leading the league in dropping the ball?

  13. This is why the Browns, and any other team for that matter, not bother signing this guy. He’s not even on a team and all he’s done this off-season is criticize Dallas. Ironically, all his complaining shows why Dallas was right to get rid of him.

  14. @ 700levelvet


    Really? 700levelvet = closet cowboy fan and perpetuator of said drama.

    Dez is making some seriously sour lemonade. A very bitter man who was blindsided by getting cut, and still obviously isn’t over it.

    I hope the Browns sign him, and we will all get to see his downslide continue. He will get paid well, but will be a 2nd tier producer at WR, and continue to be a frustrated vet who will always be bitter about getting cut.

    Time to grow up and move on, Dez. The Cowboys are better off without you.

  15. If he signs with Browns, he gets paid so much per catch and then he is deductedfor all those he should have caught, dropped or didn’t make an effort.

  16. Just saying, if this was a white receiver calling out 3 men of color he would be labeled a racist. Den has always been over rated so he has to blame some one.

  17. If Dez Bryant was smart enough, he would shut his mouth, knowing that not one team has yet to sign him to a contract. The comments he made in response on Twitter and throwing previous teammates under the bus is not a good look for him. Stay humble.

  18. Dez is the problem but excuses are made for Jason Witten. As usual, the minority is given the short end while the white guy gets all kinds of excuses made for him.

  19. Dez, just realize that you have fallen so far in your career that you will soon be a BROWN! Let that sink in! Mutual interest= I couldn’t find another team to pick me up!

    Don’t go away mad, just go away!

  20. Was Dez a pariah in the locker room? YES

    Was it time for Dallas and Dez to go separate ways? YES

    Does Dez have some behavioral issues? YES

    Will Dallas be better off without Dez? Probably

    Unless you are working in law enforcement or for the military. Is their anybody that likes to work or live with a rat snake, roach or weasel? NO!!!!!!!

  21. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a player with a bigger ego problem than Dez. TO and Keyshawn got nothing on this guy. The definition of locker room cancer. Going to be interesting to see who’s desperate enough to sign him.

  22. Nice way to burn a bridge which you may NEED considering how ‘hot’ the market is for your talents, Dez.

    Enjoy your time with the Browns (IF they have you)…

  23. Dez Bryant is a big, physical receiver.
    Getting his brain to make his gifts worthwhile may be difficult.
    A contender should sign him because he can at times be dominant.
    The right team could really benefit from a motivated Dez.

  24. Is there anything better than watching that overrated and weak Cowboy team find one way or another to bring distractions that only lead to them being a mediocre team week after week? Seriously they lead the league in scum bag players, pathetic coaches, and even worse ownership. Yet their delusional fans always think that they are SB contenders. Dez stunk these last few years but what none of the cowboy fans like to discuss is the brutal draft misses, how bad Jerruh manages that team, what an atrocity Garret is, what a punk Zeke is, how massively overrated Dakota is, how washed up Lee is, and that the O-line is not what it was. Hey I am enjoying watching that train wreck because the SB champs should have the deed to the Cowboys by now knowing how bad the Eagles own them and how much better they are than that weak team. But man, do the Cowboys owners, players, and coaches love to cause negative press and situations for themselves.

  25. Dallas is the one talking about Dez, not vice versa. They lost major talent(at least for Dallas) on defense, 2 primary receivers won demand attention on offense and their QB can’t throw the ball more than 20 yards. Not to mention their star and captain on defense can’t stay healthy. Based on the o-line and zeke they’ll be competitive, but you can’t hand the ball off 500 times and your D can’t stop a nose bleed. Man up and stop positioning to blame Dez and witten for the upcoming failures by most metrics

  26. Dez just needs to get a head start on his future and apply at McDonalds this year. He’ll be broke within a couple years and back in Lufkin TX flipping burgers.

  27. 700levelvet says:
    July 27, 2018 at 7:01 pm


    Yep. Now we know. After all these years, it’s clear. Dez shot J.R.

  28. you can tell who actually read the article and who is just actually here hating , Dez did not start this, Stephen Jones started it by calling him out, so please read before you just start saying Dez wake up and decided to name call, if the cowboys owners never mention an ex player, they never mention the cowboys, but the owners cant help themselves, where do you think Dez developed that attitude from, those are the ones that trained him from the beginning.

  29. When he was cut I caught myself thinking the Redskins should sign him if the price is right. Holy moley, bullet dodged! He’s like a dumb* version of TO without the talent.

    * say what you will about TO, but if he isn’t smart you have to accept he’s pretty crafty in the least. A dash of insane in there maybe, but not a dummy.

  30. I know everyone like to hate on Dez, but his production drop off significantly when Romo got hurt and was replaced by Dak. Dak just isnt that good, you could see it when Elliot was off the field.

    Though I will say that being on the Dallas team is better than being on the Browns.

  31. Well, Dez sure hit the nail on the head about the play calling!!!!! It is putrid 🙁

  32. justhereforthepftcomments says:
    July 27, 2018 at 7:10 pm
    Sean Lee was promoted to GM? What a wild offseason

    Stephen has been mentoring him. You can easily GM from the trainer’s room.

  33. Kind of seeing why you don’t play there anymore. I’m sure this nonsense was a regular act. Now only the browns want you. Once the performance drops off people don’t want to deal with this nonsenseanymore.

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