Rams get permission to wear throwbacks five times this year

Getty Images

The Rams have resisted unveiling new uniforms until they open their new stadium in 2020. The NFL has now softened its rules to give the team the ability to embrace the yellow-and-blue uniform previously worn in L.A., through the team’s victory in Super Bowl XXIV while operating out of St. Louis.

The Rams have announced that they’ll wear the throwbacks at home for five regular-season games, against the Vikings, Packers, Seahawks, Eagles, and 49ers. For the two other home games played at the L.A. Coliseum, the Rams will wear blue-and-white helmets with their white (with blue and not much gold) jerseys and white and blue pants. For the “home” game to be played against the Chiefs in Mexico City, the Rams will wear their Color Rush uniforms.

For all eight road games, the Rams will wear white jerseys with their blue and white helmets.

“Since returning home to Los Angeles two years ago, we have received a lot of feedback from our fans about their love for these iconic uniforms,” Rams COO Kevin Demoff said.  “We appreciate the NFL working with us so we can celebrate even more of the history of Los Angeles Rams football over the next two years as we create our new look that will take us into our new home and the future.”

Here’s the best news: The Rams won’t wear a single time this year the rods-and-cones wrecking combination of blue helmet, white horns, and blue jerseys with copious amounts of gold. Unless, of course, they end up playing a road playoff game against a team like the Cowboys, which traditionally wears white at home.