Ryan Fitzpatrick: I thought I’d seen it all, but this is a “different situation”

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Ryan Fitzpatrick has gone into seasons as a starting quarterback and he’s gone into seasons as a backup quarterback, but he’d never gone into the season as a starter because the guy ahead of him on the depth chart has been suspended until this year.

Jameis Winston‘s ban means Fitzpatrick is in line to start at least the first three games of the 2018 season for the Buccaneers.

“I mean, I thought I had seen and been through it all but another year, just another different situation,” Fitzpatrick said, via the Tampa Bay Times.

With games against the Saints, Eagles and Steelers on tap in the first three weeks, the Bucs will need to be sharp right out of the gate if they are going to avoid hamstringing themselves in the standings. Fitzpatrick said he isn’t looking that far ahead, but will be counting on his teammates to help carry the load once they do get to the regular season.

“I mean, the season hasn’t even started yet,” Fitzpatrick said. “It’s a cliché. It’s one game at a time but you have to look at it that way. Not even based off last year talent wise, looking at the team we have out here, I get in that huddle on offense and I mean, it’s a pretty exciting huddle to be in as a quarterback looking at some of those guys.”

Fitzpatrick went 2-1 as a starter for Tampa last season. That was his 10th straight season making at least three starts in a season — he also made three starts for the Rams in 2005 before that streak started — and the Bucs are the seventh team that Fitzpatrick has started that many games for in a single season.

None of that should have any bearing on how he fares this year, but it does support the notion that there isn’t much Fitzpatrick hasn’t seen at this point of his career.

10 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: I thought I’d seen it all, but this is a “different situation”

  1. So in other words the Bucs are pretty screwed? How many more losing seasons are the Bucs going to tolerate from Jameis Winston until they realize isnt the answer? Winston is a stat QB that doesnt win, his stats point to an average/above-avg QB but his W/L record points to a bad well below average QB. It boggles the mind that Tampa knew this suspension was coming down the line on draft day yet they did not draft QB when they could of taken who many consider the best QB in the draft. Its time to start over at QB Tampa.

  2. The Bucs have 3 tough games to start the season and very well could be 0-3 when crablegs is eligible to play again. If Fitz has played well through that stretch they should continue starting him, irrespective of the Bucs’ record.

  3. Just win the starting job and it won’t matter what happens when Winston is eligible again. The Bucs should stick with Fitz regardless. They really don’t have any other choice. Fitz may not be the answer but neither isWinston.

  4. Doug Williams still has the best QB season in franchise history. His stats look mediocre or even bad compared to now but the advanced numbers show that he was that much better than his competition and not far off from Joe Montana for a time.

  5. 2015 Fitz signs with team to backup talented but immature QB. QB has a meltdown Fitz becomes starter. 2017 Fitz signs to backup talented but immature QB. Guess what happened next.

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