Ryan Tannehill feels 2017 was an “invaluable” experience


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is back on the field after missing the end of the 2016 season and all of last season, which adds up to 19 months away from the game and big questions about whether he can be the player the Dolphins need him to be.

Tannehill said that he accepts that and loves “feeling that responsibility” when he’s on the field. He also feels that his extended stay on the shelf because of knee problems has left him better equipped for the job than he was before getting hurt in 2016.

“Yeah, I would say I’ve grown a lot as a leader,” Tannehill said, via the Miami Herald. “I’ve grown a lot as a person just because of the adversity that I’ve faced — like I said, being able to take a step back and watch from a different perspective, taking in all that information, filing it away, writing things down. I’ve been going back and gone over my notes of things that hit me over the head the past [19] months or whatever it may be. I’ve just built on that. It’s an experience that while I wouldn’t want it to happen that way, it’s going to be invaluable for me moving forward.”

With David Fales and Brock Osweiler as the other quarterback options in Miami, there probably won’t be much hope for success in Miami should Tannehill get hurt again or struggle in his return to game action. That makes for a lot of pressure for a quarterback, but there’s nothing for Tannehill to do but embrace the chance to answer questions about his fitness for the job once and for all.

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  1. Ryan has shown very little improvement in 5 full seasons as starting quarterback and still cannot win meaningful games in the 4th quarter.
    What makes anyone thing 2018 is going to be different?
    The Dolphins refuse to address the quarterback position and have put their future in the hands of a below average QB, it’s always everyone else’s fault when he fails.
    When will he be held accountable for his poor play?

  2. He grew as a leader while sitting on the bench??
    Yeah, that earns a lot of respect from your teammates.

  3. The Dolphins had no good options at 11 and 2nd round picks are routinely wasted on a QB. Ravens are already running plays with L Jackson (@ 32) at slot so don’t even go there. Ryan was a project when drafted and Philbin started him game 1, week 1 which was stupid beyond words. Tannehill was a crash dummy for the next 2 years. The entire team, not just Tannehill, stank like roadkill, including the coaches. For all the bad throws RT has made you can count a long list of dropped passes. Remember wide open Kenny Stills in Seattle? That would have been game winner and he just dropped it. The difference in fan attitudes comes down to this – it’s more fun to look at the positive opportunity that is there than to whine and complain because the Dolphins don’t have a HOF quarterback. By the way, he did improve in 2016.

  4. Wasn’t “invaluable” from a fan perspective.

    Tannehill is a decent QB whose almost never had a good Oline in front of him. He’s played well when he’s had any semblance of a decent Oline. Hard to blame all the issues in Miami on him.

  5. .

    Astute analysis…. I agree that Tannehill would be a different QB today if he had some time on the sideline before being thrown to the wolves. Brady, Rogers, and Brees all had some time to assimilate the NFL game before starting.

  6. I don’t give a crap what “TruthfulDolphinsFanWithoutBlinders” says–clearly the man or woman has BLINDERS ON!
    1. This dude or dudette wouldn’t believe Tannehill was any good even if he won two Super Bowls (not saying he’ll do that, but some fans will never believe Tannehill is any good.)
    2. What can one expect when he was poorly coached by PhilBUM and Lazy-Lazor for two years, and when PhilBUM let RT17 know that he didn’t trust in him when he wanted to draft Derek Carr (whome Tannehill beat in London in 2014)
    3. What can one expect behind a perennial crappy O-line with crappy guards (thank you, BullyGate! Thank you, Jonathan Martin!), penalty machines at tackle (J-wan James), and Tunsil misplaced at guard. And, oh yeah, no good TEs.
    4. Yeah, I know…it was Matt Moore (a damned good backup, BTW) that got Miami to the playoffs in 2016. So you are blaming Tannehill because that crappy O-line couldn’t block Calais Campbell? It is not the QBs jobto block for himself, it’s the O-line’s and TE’s job, and RBs as well.
    5. What would you rather have, “Truthful,” another rookie QB who you expect to be the next Tom Brady (oh, and Brady had a year to learn, doncha know) in year one, or someone who actually gives a crap about the team and being a leader, with now a coach who believes in him whereas the ones before did not?
    6. But go ahead, “Truthful,” believe everything ESPN, Omar Kelly, and the rest of the Tanne-haters believe. Or do you just hate the fact that he’s a “game manager”…you know, like BOB GRIESE WAS?
    7. Or, are you just a t-sip? Gig ’em, Aggies!

  7. He wasn’t that good in college. Just saying. Maybe the 19 months off will actually help him out.

  8. To his defense, he’s never had a good, consistent line blocking in front of him and his receivers were terrible when he came into the league. There seems to be no excuses this season. The team is decent up front and the receiving corp solid. With that said, per Sun Sentinel writer, Omar Kelly on the first days of training camp, accuracy seems to still be an issue with Tannehill…..”Every single media member has CRINGED watching some of the passes Tannehill throws Amendola. If the action were live Reshad Jones and T.J. McDonald would break his ribs, or give him a concussion. Ball placement is a very important trait a QB needs, ask Dustin Keller.”

  9. …….The Dolphins refuse to address the quarterback position and have put their future in the hands of a below average QB,

    Said the below average fan….

  10. If Sir Dan Marino was our QB today you would still get people being negative, he probably had his critics in his day. I am not a big fan of players talking the talk this time of year because they are either talking themselves up or their team which is right and proper or they are calling someone out, an ex coach, teammate etc. Doesn’t really mean anything to us fans but the players have to speak and it generally is the same old stuff. I like Tannehill always have, have I got mad and frustrated with him yes but no more than a dropped pass, penalty or a missed field goal etc.

  11. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    July 27, 2018 at 8:20 am
    “Ryan has shown very little improvement in 5 full seasons as starting quarterback and still cannot win meaningful games in the 4th quarter.
    What makes anyone thing 2018 is going to be different?”
    1. He has shown a lot of improvement. From a passer rating of 77 in 2012 to a passer rating of 93.5 (12th in the NFL)
    2. 2018 can be exactly the same as 2016. The Dolphins made the playoffs that year. You would hope he would avoid the rocky start 1-4. But then he won 7 of the last 8 games

  12. He is always running for his life with such a poor OL. With proper protection, he is in top 5 when rolling out to the right.
    With time and with play action his rating over 3 years is 102.4. Only Rodgers and Wilson had better ratings when rolling out.

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