Sean Lee: Dez Bryant needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable

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Dez Bryant called out former teammates Travis Frederick and Sean Lee on Twitter, implying they were responsible for his departure from Dallas. Both denied having anything to do with the receiver’s release after hearing the accusations from the team’s public relations staff after practice Friday.

But Lee had some harsh words for Bryant, who referred to the linebacker as “Snake Lee” on Twitter.

“First thing to say, that I can get anybody off the team and have any input on a roster is absurd,” Lee said on the practice field, answering only one question. “The second thing [is] I love Dez, and I want the best for him.

“You know, to be honest, we did butt heads, because I wanted Dez to be more accountable to this team and his teammates. To be honest with you, a lot of the team felt that way. I think he needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable.”

On April 13, the day Jerry Jones informed Bryant of his release, the receiver accused “Garrett’s guys” of working against him. Until Friday, he had not named names other than to refer to players who wear the captain’s “C.”

“I think you’d find it hard to find anyone in the NFL who has personnel input in your fifth year going in the NFL, so I certainly did not have any input into that,” Frederick said.

Frederick called it “disappointing” to have his name dragged through social media by a former teammate.

“One of the unifying things we have as players is we’re teammates and that we all played this game and we all sacrifice together,” Frederick said. “It’s disappointing when you hear guys turn against each other, but I think in the end, Dez was a great teammate of mine, and I’d still consider him a friend.”

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, whose play calling was called “garbage a@%” by Bryant, declined comment.

66 responses to “Sean Lee: Dez Bryant needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable

  1. Anyone with two eyes could see the person responsible for Bryant departing Dallas is Bryant himself. Age caught up with him and he could no longer make the plays he could earlier in his career.

  2. Funny thing is…. nobody cares. These are Professionals who are paid handsomely to player a game, but rarely act professionally.

  3. IDK about the rest but it’s just comical at this point how many sources are calling out Linehan’s predictability. That part is pretty well settled at this point. I’m just hopeful that the old man is finally turning over a new leaf. If not I don’t think he should last through the season.

  4. Bottom line is Dak Prescott is a crappy QB. The Cowboys were forced to run a vanilla offense cause he can’t operate at Romo’s level. Dez’s numbers suffered cause Dak couldnt hit the broadside of a barn from 20 feet away. Zeke’s absence exposed who really is the engine that makes that offense go.

  5. Dez is a man child, always will be but he and the rest of the football is right when they call out Linehan for his trash for play calling. Dude should wear a dress like Childress.

  6. Yeah ok Dez its Sean Lee’s fault…that should go into the “Come on Man…” Hall of Fame

  7. Dez is acting WORSE than a scorned ex-lover and he’s also throwing matches and gasoline on 31 other wicker huts he could call home as well by acting like he is…..not sure how smart that is. Could’ve just said, “Peace out, thanks for my millions!”. Nope, gotta try to burn it all down.

  8. Why are they even responding ? You’re in TRAINING CAMP not pre school ! Play football !

  9. Dez is the same guy he was when Dallas drafted him. Talented but immature. 10 years later no difference. When someone shows you who they are, believe them!

  10. Dez should hold himself accountable?

    Like Jerry does? Like Carrot Top does? Like the drug cheats, spouse beater and steroid freaks do?

    Pretty harsh words com8ng from a part time player.

    Seems like Dez just didnt fit “the culture”.

    Thank you Cowboys from an Eagles fan.

  11. I like that Sean Lee said it himself and not on social media or leaked it anonymously to a reporter.

  12. I can agree with one of Dez’s points; Linehan’s play calling was garbage. I’ve seen more imaginative and adaptive play calling watching Division 3 college games. That being said, throwing your teammates under the bus is garbage too. Grow up, Dez, and acknowledge your limitations.

  13. It’s hard for lee to be a leader he’s simply not healthy enough and he’s quiet to start with, prescott no leader he talks way too much and it’s all false bravdo, frederick a laid back country boy who doesn’t want the responsibility. Translated …they don’t really have a leader

  14. In a league where GM’s and Owners would sign the Devil if they thought he’d catch 100 balls and score 10 TD’s, Dez is still unemployed. I’m sure it’s not HIM, at all?? It’s always been “the other guy” , the media, the haters….it’s never the guy in the mirror. I realize I’m not 2nd Team All Big 12 Academic like Dez, but it seems he never learned the very basic lesson of “when your productivity no longer matches the headache you cause, you will be unemployed”. Good Luck in Cleveland.

  15. If the Cleveland front office reads all of this AND STILL signs Dez Bryant, I think the Browns should be on Hard Knocks every year from here on out.

  16. I think I need to side with Sean and Travis on this one. They’re certainly taking the high road.

  17. Dez needs to live in the present, not the past. Focus on your route running and catching, be the best you can be. Be a teammate not a distraction

  18. This is going to make it that much harder for somebody to step up and sign Bryant.
    Lee is right, Dez does tend to pass the blame around.
    Dez is a great athlete and good player, but with all this going down and his past,
    good luck.

  19. Take Lee or take Dez side…I don’t care.

    But one thing is true dating back to his time as head coach of the Rams as well:

    “Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, whose play calling was called “garbage a@%” by Bryant, declined comment.”

  20. It is encouraging to read texts/tweets like these, no name calling and such. Declining comment is also a wise move. Mr. Bryant could learn from these guys.

  21. Two years ago Dez was the toast of the town and the team was 13-3. The he gets released and is being blamed for everything gone wrong last year. Of course he’s going to be pissed and you can’t blame him. Its also obvious that Garrett and certain players were asked their opinion by Steven Jones and took the opportunity to bury him. I find it amusing that these same players have twisted his words and are now saying they didn’t have any a voice in the matter. The team remains a circus and the Jones’s are the headlining clowns.

  22. ““The second thing [is] I love Dez, and I want the best for him.”

    I get the feeling the unsaid conclusion to that quote might be “…as long as there’s a few thousand miles between us. The man needs something else to occupy his time.”

  23. People can hate on Dez, but I bet he’s right here.

    if they simplified the offense for Dak and kept deception to a minimum and didn’t work to scheme for anyone’s production outside of Ezekiel Elliott, that probably hurt everything.

    plus Romo created opportunities that Dak is just not creating at this point.

  24. True. Dez needs to move on from the Cowboys. Professional football players, get cut all the time. He is bitter and has missed out on a opportunity, because he wanted to play in the division, to go against Dallas, twice a year. He maybe cooked this year…why date a girl, still pinning for her ex boyfriend.

  25. The proof that it’s all on Bryant is the fact that no one has rushed to sign him. Bryan’t play has declined and he’s a pain in the butt to deal with. What else is there to know?

  26. Lee nailed it. It’s a foreign word in our culture, but it’s the right word…
    Not blame.
    Lee didn’t make him run lazy routes and drop balls.
    IMHO Dez depended on talent and not talent + work ethic.

  27. Dez hired a route running coach this offseason, but not in previous years which means Dez wasn’t trying to get better. So, I’m guessing that’s what Sean meant by being more accountable. Also, Dez must’ve been late to meetings and practices.

  28. Was Linehan’s playcalling garbage, when the team went 13-3 in 2016, with one of the more exciting offenses in the NFL? No. Well you can’t have it both ways, same playbook same scheme, just difference in execution (mostly due to key injuries and a major suspension). We are talking about a team that went 9-7 and had a chance for the playoffs until a week 16 nightmare game against Seattle. Dez gave up on himself and his team that day and instead of being a man about it and accepting responsibility, he deflected and pointed fingers. And now this? Lee doesn’t speak negatively about teammates or ex-teammates , and certainly not to the press, but this had to be said.

  29. PS

    Throw away that mindset Dez
    It contributed tongue being cut & can damage whatever team that DOES want you Bro
    Think HOF from here on out
    & whoever crossed you out
    🤠if so
    Prove em wrong

  30. Scott Linehan offense didn’t keepers nor adjust from the 16 season
    The world saw this & it CSNT be excused

    Playing was atrocious at key times far too often
    But decent most the time
    Yet the bad play calling is what stands out because you don’t leave your franchise guy, QB or otherwise, to the wolves

    Dallas cranked out a major turd with the untimely release of Dez

    #1 they owed him the best opportunity to get the best deal for himself
    They’re all still say g they love him & wish him the best

    They disadvantaged him by not giving him the heads-up

    Then we could’ve been $4m+ richer bad they designated him a post June cut
    Both Dez & salary cap would’ve been better off

    And Sean Lee’s comments are not in question with me concerning Dez
    With those he made against David Irvin I DO take issue with

    He came Dow hard on DI, as Irvin deserved it BIY Gen Sean Lee neglrctedto equate himself #& show extraordinary leadership skills + humility in saying

    “David, I’ve let our team down as well
    We lost every game I missed last year

    I could’ve & should’ve prevented my HAMMY’S from occurrin
    You could’ve prevented BKTH suspensions”

    David’s missed games haven’t cost us losses as Sean Lee has

    Yet Sean refuses to call himself out
    I understand his leadership role, but many have & are calling him out to accountability but he’s too focused on his teammates

    Yeaaaaaa for drafting LVE
    Because chances are we won’t have Lee again for a significant portion of the season

  31. Who will the cowboys blame when they go 6-10 this year. Dak is terrible. I know he is still young but losing witten and dez will effect him whether you admit it or not. Dak better get as much yogurt commercial money as he can cause his career isn’t looking promising.

  32. Garretts Guys in all day meetings to determine who they’ll fault for this seasons failure and run out of town next.

    Garretts Guys forever.

    -Every fan of every team in the NFC East

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