Cowboys incorporating yoga into training camp


The Cowboys, who have had their share of soft-tissue injuries the past few seasons, are trying something new. They are incorporating yoga into training camp.

“It’s certainly something that’s been a part of getting yourself physically ready to play for a long time,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “Flexibility is important, so you have different ways that you try to do. We’ve had yoga teachers in the past at [their home training facility]. We’ve had different people stretch our players, our strength coaches, then people from the outside. One of the challenges you have with a shortened down offseason is there’s only so many things you can do and we really emphasize the strength and conditioning, a running program and also what we’re doing with football, so you try to find spots with adding these kinds of things to your program, but our team has embraced it.”

The non-special teams players went through a half-hour session while the special teams players participated in a walk-through Saturday morning. The special teams players then worked with Los Angeles-area instructor Stacey Hickman once their practice ended.

Garrett said the Cowboys will make yoga a regular part of the training camp schedule, with sessions on special teams-only walk-throughs.

“Everybody is cool with it,” cornerback Jourdan Lewis said. “Everybody is a manly man, and understand this is just to prolong their career.”

Hickman works with left tackle Tyron Smith in the offseason. Lewis and several other players also do yoga as part of their individual wellness plan.

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  1. 31 teams practicing blocking, passing, catching, kicking, defending but not the Cowgirls. Theyre practicing standing at attention and yoga.

    Heres to “The Culture”.

    Long live King Jerrah and Garretts Guys!!!

  2. Are they going to read books, do a little knitting next. Perhaps I dunno join the Girl Scouts

  3. Right on this is awesome! Soft tissue injuries plague all teams Especially with this new CBA BS and less training and being with the coaches and team. Im All In! Cowboys LEADING the way YET AGAIN!

  4. You never hear these types of stories about the Eagles. They just focus on World Champion Practice sessions.
    Then deliver 2 losses to the cowboys during the regular season.

  5. stylzinc says:
    July 28, 2018 at 6:50 pm
    You never hear these types of stories about the Eagles. They just focus on World Champion Practice sessions.
    Then deliver 2 losses to the cowboys during the regular season.

    0 2 Rate This

    Except they didnt. And they pulled one championship in 57 years bro. Thats called a seattle dynasty one and done.
    And you never hear about the eagles because they are irrelevant P E R I O D !

  6. To all the hamstring pulling, stiff-backed, imbalanced fat boys:

    Mix in some stretching.

    Fancy stretching is sometimes called “yoga”.

    700….vet was posting between 12oz curls, obviously.

  7. Yoga? What, do these clowns think they’re going to meditate their way past the divisional round of the playoffs?

    I don’t know about any of you guys, but if I were a head coach I would incorporate to activities into the strength and conditioning program, besides regular football drills of course: judo and ballet.

    The first thing you learn in judo is how to fall safely to the ground, how to roll without injuring yourself. That’s important, because every football player gets knocked to the ground sooner or later, in any given game. Then you learn such things as hand placement, joint locks, leverage, and throw downs. These are crucial skills for blocking, especially among linemen.

    In ballet, you’ll learn more about stretching and flexibility, but also balance and dexterity, not to mention leg strength and the vertical leap, than you will in any yoga program. Hey, Bob Lilly, one of the greatest defensive tackles to ever play the game–Mr. Cowboy, first draft pick, first in the Ring of Honor, and first in the Hall of Fame–studied ballet while he was in college at TCU. It was all about calisthenics and ballet exercises to him for years; he didn’t even start lifting weights until he was near the end of his career; yet he was virtually impossible to block. It took five players to prevent him from getting to the quarterback. Fluid motion, that’s what he understood, balance, flexibility and dexterity. He could just dance through opposing linemen.

    There’s nothing comparable to anything like that in yoga. If you want to study slow motion meditation, take up tai chi–at least in that you’ll learn how to redirect an opponent’s force against him.

    I’ve been a Cowboys fan all of my life, since I was a baby in 1961. Believe me when I say I have seen it all. But yoga in training camp? That about takes the cake. What next, Buddhism to save them from being trapped in an underground cave, while desperately awaiting rescue from Navy SEALS?

    I look forward to this season like I look forward to self-flagellation.

  8. Oh no Mr. Gawainghost. Cowboys fans don’t want to hear common sense.They aren’t like you, a fan for life, they simply simply want to be sugarcoated. I hope your team succeeds, and a real fan gets to enjoy it.

  9. They think it’s normal to see a 70 something year old man ina suburban mall bathroom,drunk out of his mind with teenage girls the age of his grandchildren,while watching the salary cap and paying attention to the fans and putting together a team.

  10. I thought lots of water and stretching helped soft tissue injuries? With some Chip Kelly smoothie’s and sleep monitoring.

    In all fairness it can’t hurt but limited time now should be spent on practicing. But nothing will stop a 320 lb lineman falling on your knee or ankle.

  11. Next thing you know they’ll be practicing ballerina moves in their tutors. How ‘bout dem Cowbabies?

  12. Hey, 700levelvet, it’s not that I want or look forward to watching the Cowboys lose. I’ve been cheering for them since I could barely say goo goo gah gah.

    But I remember the Ice Bowl. I remember the Blunder Bowl. I remember the Cowboy’s first appearance on Monday Night Football, which was a totally humiliating 38-0 blowout loss. (It was also the only game after which Tom Landry did not require the players to watch game film on; instead he took them out into the parking lot to play touch, so they could relearn the fun and forget the misery.)

    I also remember the great victories. Super Bowl VI, are you kidding me? What a remarkable season that was. Dallas remains the only team to hold an opponent to a field goal in a Super Bowl, and Bob Lilly had a 35-yard sack in that game. And Super Bowl XII, what a great return to glory that was. But I remember more the two losses to the Steelers in between.

    Like any poker player, I remember the bad beats more than I recall the big pots. Yeah, yeah, the 90s Cowboys, great team to be sure, won three Super Bowls in four years, 92, 93 and 95. I remember the Conference Championship loss to the 49ers in 94 more than any of them.

    Dallas had not advanced to, much less won, a Conference Championship since 1995. That to me is the definition of a winning season, make it to the Conference Championship. Win or lose, give yourself the opportunity to make it to the Super Bowl. Win or lose, give yourself the opportunity to become League Champions. Win with grace or lose with dignity, that’s how real men play the game. What you do not do is embarrass yourself on the field. Unfortunately, over the course of my life, I have watched the Dallas Cowboys embarrass themselves, and all real men everywhere, a lot more times than I’ve watched them prove themselves.

    The Dallas Cowboys, I got to tell you, they will lift your spirit and break your heart at the same time on any given game day. It doesn’t matter, pre-season, regular season, playoffs, or championships, the Cowboys will either prove themselves or embarrass themselves. And it’s a toss of a coin as to which they will do. (I suppose it’s the same for every other team, but for this team it is most acute.)

  13. Soft tissue translates to “I don’t want to play today”

    Yoga won’t fix being soft

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