Ezekiel Elliott: We’re the Dallas Football Cowboys; we stand for the anthem


The Cowboys have 90 players on their roster. You could interview all 90, and none would have anything negative to say about owner Jerry Jones’ national anthem policy.

Most are either looking to make the roster or seeking a next contract.

Realistically, only two Cowboys’ opinions matter, and Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott both support Jones’ edict that the Cowboys stand for the anthem “toes on the line.”

“Us as a team, we chose to stand together for the national anthem,” Elliott said. “It was our decision. I think it just shows our culture. It shows that we have unity. We’re going to stand as one. That’s not knocking anyone else who may choose to kneel during the national anthem. But we’re the Dallas Football Cowboys, America’s Team. We stand for the national anthem.”

Elliott was asked about executive vice president Stephen Jones’ suggestion that the Cowboys will cut players who violate the team’s anthem policy.

“Who is inferring? You or him? He said it? Next. I’m good,” Elliott said.

Prescott was outspoken in his comments about the anthem Friday, asking for a “next step” that involved “action” to combat social injustice rather than players taking a knee.

The Cowboys are one of the few teams never to have had a player protest during the national anthem.

63 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott: We’re the Dallas Football Cowboys; we stand for the anthem

  1. Taking a knee now is more prevalent than ever, considering the dingbat of a President we are stuck with for the next 2.5 years (rolling eyes)

    “…makes me vomit…” – David Bowie, “Modern Love”

  2. Never considered rooting for the Cowboys before, unless maybe they were playing the Steelers, I suppose.

    Need more team leaders to lead on this, like Dak and Zeke.

    Maybe they ARE America’s team.

  3. Never liked or disliked or the Cowboys, but their actions towards this are how most Americans feel. Major, major props to the Cowboys for standing up to the left and the kneelers, and telling them exactly what’s up. I stand with the Cowboys. Americas Team!

  4. Love us or Hate us, We are setting the example to follow. Now ONLY IF 30 other owners would draw that line and make that stand then THIS BS would FINALLY go away! It’s pretty SIMPLE.

  5. wallabear says:
    July 28, 2018 at 12:39 pm
    Taking a knee now is more prevalent than ever, considering the dingbat of a President we are stuck with for the next 2.5 years (rolling eyes)


    I’m sure you meant to say 6.5 years.

  6. The NFL allowed this to spiral out of control for a few years now into the mess it is today. The NFL wouldn’t allow the Cowboys to wear a sticker on their helmets to honor 5 fallen Dallas cops for fear of opening up a Pandora’s box of politics in the game. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

  7. See, what protesters don’t realize is that you have not given the fans a choice. I don’t watch CNN, Fox News, whatever because I don’t care about politics. I don’t want to talk about it, like, ever. Once the protests started, I didn’t really have a choice. It started with the protests during the anthem at games I attended. Then, the media salivates and needs to drum up stories, that take place on sports radio, television, and even here, a sports forum. Now, it’s Anthem Protest first, Football second, and I don’t like it. 90% of the players are not qualified to speak on what’s going on in this country, it’s just basic facts. Now, should they have a voice, or an outlet to make change? Yes, absolutely, but on their time or a time created by the team/league that isn’t during a football game. It’s been as divisive as ever, which is the flavor of this country currently. You can’t blame trump, this whole fiasco started under the Obama administration and, quite frankly, was being instigated by the president at the time, just like it is now, just the opposite direction.

    So, as a fan of football, congrats to you protesters. I’m glad you see a need for change. But please, stop hijacking an event I paid hard working dollars for. Would you appreciate me showing up to a fundraiser of yours and begin banging the drum for marijuana legalization? Or how about during that fundraiser gala I begin protesting the meat products because I’m vegan and it’s murder? Seriously, a football game just isn’t the place to entice change. We’re drunk, adrenaline filled animals, the furthest thing from being rational.

  8. rabidbillsfan says:
    July 28, 2018 at 12:56 pm
    See, what protesters don’t realize is that you have not given the fans a choice. I don’t watch CNN, Fox News, whatever because I don’t care about politics. I don’t want to talk about it, like, ever. Once the protests started, I didn’t really have a choice. It started with the protests during the anthem at games I attended.

    Most people don’t want to watch these anthems at sporting events at all. We weren’t given that choice EITHER.

    And it wasn’t even a thing until the payola between the NFL and the military even made it a thing in 2009.

    The fake outrage about something that you didn’t even SEE unless you were live at games 10 years ago is pure comedy.

  9. Sounds like Meek Elliott doesnt want to get cut by Indiana Jones or trucked over by Garretts Guys.

    Funny how all the gutless Cowboys all jump up and down and repeat whatever Jerrah says like a Carrot Topped puppet on a string.

    Nobody cares what a guy that beats his girl says, nobody cares what a 3rd string quarterback says, nobody cares what the owner of a two playoff wins in 20 years has to say.

    Funny all the drivel in the NFL seems to almost always originate in Dallas, must be “The Culture”.

    Jerrah would be best to stick to delivering bad football and bigoted pizza.

    The NFC East loves Jerry Jones and Garretts Guys.

  10. These Dallas players sound like spouses in an abusive relationship. They say it’s was their choice to stand as one for the National Anthem yet the owner has already came out & said they don’t have an option, which one is true?
    Never mind, we all know the answer as a matter of fact Zeke said he’s not against protesting.

  11. We’re the Dallas Cowboys who actually play in Arlington and practice in Oxnard CA. We have not done squat in over two decades and are irrelevant concerning true success on the field.

  12. I wish we’d stop playing the anthem before games altogether. If you’re really patriotic you don’t need to parade around showing it all the time, people in this country spend so much time trying to out-do or prove that we’re more patriotic than the next guy.
    The league is paid to play it before games by the military, maybe, just maybe they could spend that money in a more productive manner in helping the men & women serving, potentially even saving lives.

    You can love your country without having to try and prove it every time you want to watch a football game.

  13. I’m sure the Dallas “roller derby” Cowboys appreciates the distinction between the two organizations.

  14. “A great man off the field”… Are we talking about the same great man,who advertised a autograph session with fans, promoting it as he will sign up to two items no restrictions , and with fans lined up out the door, arrived late, and refused to sign any items unless they were purchased from his brand items, which by coincidence are available for 25 bucks a t-shirt, hats etc. I understand commerce is commerce, but you’re fanboy dress is showing.

  15. “Realistically only two cowboys opinion matters” Really? and the other 88 players don’t?

  16. “Toes on the line” from the guy who’s football career is hanging by a thread. How patriotic. Strap a set on Zeke and stand up for what’s right.

  17. In Dallas you’re allowed to beat the living hell out of a woman and still play, you’re allowed to drink and drive resulting in the death of a teammate and still play, but if you take a knee during a song you’re cut.

    This is disgustingly sad.

  18. I’m from Philly and bleed green. For the first time I ever have nothing but 100% respect for the Cowboys. Proud to call them America’s team, and its a true joy to hear a player make this team statement on this issue !

  19. As opposed to the dallas baseball cowboys?? This team is a joke. Full of druggies, roid users and woman beaters. But hey, they stand for the anthem so they’re patriotic, I guess. This is the only team I know of that actually got fined by the NFL because they had too many players with suspensions.

  20. nfcleast says:
    July 28, 2018 at 2:14 pm
    Cowboys fans…your top 2 offensive players remind me of Sam Jackson’s character in Django Unchained.
    I agree. If you’re a real man you’re not going to let anybody tell you how to act or behave unless that person is truly your elder that cares about you.

    Jerry Jones made this issue more than a “anthem issue”. He crossed the line. The Cowboy players are cowards though so they have no power.

    I don’t even know why Cowboy players are even speaking out on this issue. Nobody cares what they have to say. Just continue to be a good Jerry Jones worker and shut up, suit up, and play football. Leave the anthem issue to the real admirable men of the NFL.

  21. Easier said than done but I think the players should push back, not revolt but push back. Insinuating consequences is no different than saying so directly. Nonethless, I think the end-game for Jones is to escape his dads shadow, show he can lead the franchise…Using this issue is the wrong way to do it.

  22. Dallas doesnt cut players that beat their gf or wife, Dallas doesnt cut players with multiple drug suspensions, Dallas doesnt cut players that drive drunk and kill people and Dallas doesnt cut players with multiple steroid suspensions but they will cut you if you dont stand for the anthem?

    Ill believe it when I see it.

    Dallas Cowboys, Americas Team, leading the NFL in moral backbone since never. Is it any wonder Jerrys Kids have two playoff wins in twenty years? Maybe Garretts Guys should focus more on football than who theyre running out of town next.

  23. “We’re the Dallas Football Cowboys”

    As opposed to?

    Does Dallas have a Baseball Cowboys, a Basketball Cowboys or a Hockey Cowboys?

    I even question if they have “cow” Cowboys!

  24. Typical comments from self absorbed suckups like Elliot and Prescott . Lets see what they say after a 7-9 season and the Jones think tank starts pointing the finger at them for failure .

  25. Kuruz1968 says:
    July 28, 2018 at 3:29 pm
    Jerry Jones for president 2020!
    The same Jerry Jones who kneeled with his entire team last year?
    The best part of that, other than him looking like a fool, was it took 3 players to help him up.

  26. As a child, I became a football fan … because of (skip) If I had the soap box to stand on, I would tell you that my hate for the Cowboys (not justified) drove me into the arms of the Washington Redskins, before I even knew what football was.

    Today I can tell you that I still hate the Dallas Cowboys (the word “hate” is just for effect), but I am learning to respect the team known as America’s Team …. That hurt just a little to say, but at least that hated team is standing for my beliefs.

  27. 700levelvet. So you have issue with Zeke’s use of his own celebrity to sell his own branded merchandise (Nike, Adidas,etc have built their business on that premise), but you proudly display a username that is synonymous with the scumbag philthy fans that flooded the 700 section of old veterans stadium? And then flooded the jail cell that was Required to be built in-stadium, shortly therafter? But yeah you’re right, Zeke is wrong for trying to make money. Can’t fix stupid.

  28. I don’t think this is Dak or Zeke just siding with the owner for no reason or being Uncle Toms, which is just offensive. These men feel strongly about this and this is their honest opinion take it or leave it. Also it’s always worth noting that Bob Ryan of NFL films coined the term “America’s Team” because of all the Cowboys fans he would see in other stadiums. Love them or hate them the Cowboys move the needle like no other team and their stance on this issue will have traction.

  29. Zeke,

    Youre Dallas Cowboys. There’s two times you all stand. For the anthem, and when the the court bailiff tells you to all rise.

    Man enough to knock out a defenceless woman, but not man enough to tell Jerrah no.

    Stick to yoga Zeke, cause you and the rest of Garretts Guys surely cant play football.

  30. Yeah, who thinks that the Jones crew would cut Prescott or Elliott for kneeling. They kept a guy who drunkenly killed his best friend, I don’t even see a stern talking to if either of these guys decided to bend the knee.

  31. people should know the term ‘Cowboy’ is EXTREMELY offensive, as it identified the black men who drove herds of cattle;

    white men were called cow hands, or just hands…they NEVER referred to themselves as cowboys, because everyone knew the term was meant exclusively for black men who were always referred to as boys, regardless of age, just like black women were always called girls;

    Zeke obviously never went to class or read a book or he’d know what a fool he has made of himself, unless it was his attempt to align himself with the descendants of slaveowners in a pathetic attempt to deflect attention away from his perverse treatment of women;

  32. Dang!! Jerry sounding like Bob Mcnair, don’t let the inmates run the prison! And Jerry really wants to smoochie smooch donnys ass! You go jerry! I’m sure the other playas are puking hearing zeek spewing out to the heavens, we’re not kneeling! We’re better than all of you! Pretty pathetic..and Jerry doesn’t give a dang about the NFLPA, n their contract, agreement, pact, however you want to characterize it! I hadn’t looked at the schedule, but the boys will face a few teams likely who have playas that’ll be kneeling! And the Zeek will be looking….N that’ll anger him n he’ll go back out n punch a few things, lol…anyways, if the frkn bonehead owners hadn’t colluded n someone picked up kap it’d be all over, but no! the owners were to smart to do that. Instead, we’ll continue with the protests maybe. N capn bonespurs should fkn keep his head on putin n he’ll be ok..

  33. Lots of people in the comments that think a black man is only allowed to think one way.

  34. bluebongzilla says:
    July 29, 2018 at 4:10 pm
    Lots of people in the comments that think a black man is only allowed to think one way.

    Yep, those people you are talking about are called Democrats.

  35. Ron Jull has a lot of free time on his hands to rip the Boys, Just a word of advice to you, be careful when you criticize someone (Zeke) for something he was not formally charged with, i would do some research fist before posting something like that, totally ignorant!

  36. Jerry told the players “Guys, this is a business first and foremost and the majority of fans are sick of the kneeling. If you don’t want to take paycuts in the future, I suggest you stand from now on.”

  37. McDonald’s employee says before taking every order “Killing animals is disgusting, how may I take your order.”

    Now if you owned McDonald’s are you ok with freedom of speech as your employee(s) drive away customers. Its all about $$$$$$$.

    Does that make sense???

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