Jarvis Landry says he begged Adam Gase for bigger variety of routes

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Dez Bryant made several disparaging remarks about the Cowboys on Friday, including what he called the team’s “garbage-a@& play calling.”

It seems to be catching.

Jarvis Landry ripped his former team in a Sports Illustrated story, saying he was glad to be out of Miami and in Cleveland.

“[In Miami] no one appreciated [expletive],” Landry told Ben Baskin. “Here it’s blue-collar; it’s hard-working. People that actually appreciate what you bring to the table.”

The star receiver, who made 400 catches for 4,038 yards and 22 touchdowns in a four-year career with the Dolphins, has not held his tongue since the Dolphins traded him to Cleveland. Last month, Landry revealed on NFL Network that he and Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not have a good relationship.

This time, Landry made Dolphins coach Adam Gase his target. Landry said he frequently asked Gase for a more expansive route tree.

“When I’d go to talk to [Gase] about it, he’d curse me out,” Landry said. “’Why are you telling me how to do my job?’ It got to the point where the environment was just awful.”

Gase declined comment to Sports Illustrated.

Miami used the franchise tag on Landry, but he said the Dolphins’ best offer was five years, $55 million with $27 million guaranteed. The Browns signed him a five-year, $75 million deal with $47 million guaranteed.

“I was hurt by it,” Landry said. “I became the face of the franchise in Miami, and I don’t think they wanted me to be that. The respect was just never there.”

43 responses to “Jarvis Landry says he begged Adam Gase for bigger variety of routes

  1. Jarvis “Dirty” Laundry is a ME player. His comments are all about himself. Miami didn’t appreciate “me”. What a baby. They threw him the ball more than any other player in history and the Diva made a few nice plays, but did basically nothing with all those touches. He and Dez deserve each other. Bye the way, Cam Wake is the face of the franchise. “Laundry” got that wrong too.

  2. Jarvis is 1,000% right about all of this and will be missed.
    In addition its impossible to succeed with the overall poor play of Tannehill, no accuracy no pocket presence and no leadership ability.
    Jarvis was the face of the franchise along with Jay Ajayi, both gone now because they couldn’t deal with losing.
    This is life as a Dolphins fan, sad but true.

  3. Wait till the Browns sign Dez what a free for all that’s going to be about get me the ball.

  4. The Superbowl Championship teams like my Eagles and even the Patriots and Seahawks all had (or didn’t have) a diva WR or a me first player. Teams win with players who love their team mates and coaches and play for each other not stats. Alshon Jeffrey didn’t complain about getting the ball nor did any other Wr/RB.

    Teams don’t with players like him. I think he’s a top 5 talent though. Shame he’s me first.

  5. Jarvis wasn’t a star receiver. Like biggs13 said we threw him the ball more a ton. He was covered by backers until we reached the 10 yard line. Then the defense could shift to cb covering him and shut him down. When we were in three WR sets between the 20s defenses could stay in base defense and still cover him while playing the run. Tannehill’s inability to attack down hurt that situation as well. Jarvis couldn’t draw enough attention to open up the outside. He has 4038 and 22 tds, honestly that’s not worth 8 million. They should have traded last year before the deadline acquiring a 2nd pick. I highly doubt Gase cursed him about asking for more routes. Not defending Gase by any means but that doesn’t make sense. Unless Jarvis continually asked and was told he wasn’t doing enough of the little things in practice, finally Gase had enough. He blames everyone but himself. He runs a 4.77, just not worth the investment.?

  6. Only a team with a horrible coaching staff and/or front office would give in to such demands from a loudmouth player.

  7. One breath he says he is the face of the franchise, on the other he is questioning the head coach..good riddance 2 yard Landry. You will wear that welcome out in Cleveland and wont see nearly half of that contract you signed because you will be cut or traded. Gase got rid of the me first players and you were the biggest of them all.
    Did I also hear today that this fool said the Browns will go to the Super Bowl this year?

  8. For a guy that doesn’t miss being in Miami he sure can’t seem to stop talking about it. Not that I care but it does seem that nobody in Miami has any interest in what Landry has to say. If Landry’s objective when looking in a mirror is to see a reflection of Dez Bryant I would say to Jarvis…time is right to buy another mirror.

  9. these butthurt players that can’t let go, like malcolm butler, this guy and others, are just embarrassing

    you are on a new team now because you were super greedy and selfish. you made your choices, so move on

  10. I sure hope all the RT haters come back to post how wrong they were when he has an above average season this year. Nobody has given him a chance. He has been through a few OC and has NEVER had a half decent OL. Yet somehow he still has decent stats. He will have a great season this year.

  11. What else would you expect of this guy? It’s only a matter of time before he starts saying the same thing about Cleveland. It’s for stuff like this that nobody on the Dolphins was sorry to see him leave. He obviously hasn’t learned from what Dez Bryant has done since they cut him. Either that or he just isn’t very bright.

  12. Finzfan49….Ryan Tannehill will not have an above average season. And if that is the bar set in Miami then I can see why guys want out of there and trash talk the organization when they leave…

  13. Some people say there is no me in team, I guess he didn’t get the message. You got your money, now grow up. Bill…And don’t show your rear end on Hard knows, every one is watching.

  14. Ah Cleveland indeed. Have fun with that. Maybe Vegas will run a prop bet on him pouting and getting tossed from a game. Another bust for the basement dwellers.

  15. biggs13 says:
    July 28, 2018 at 7:52 pm
    Jarvis “Dirty” Laundry is a ME player. His comments are all about himself. Miami didn’t appreciate “me”. What a baby. They threw him the ball more than any other player in history and the Diva made a few nice plays, but did basically nothing with all those touches. He and Dez deserve each other. Bye the way, Cam Wake is the face of the franchise. “Laundry” got that wrong too.

    Cam Wake is 36 years old and has zero national image. The Dolphins have no face. Shouldn’t have traded Ajayi away for peanuts. He would be their best player right now. Landry is right, he was the face of the franchise.

  16. Based on these comments my team dodged a bullet wanting to sign him. We already got rid of a me player in Wilkerson. Now they’re thinking of signing Dez Bryant?! Damn Browns fans.

  17. JL left out that the reason the coach scoffed at him was his 4.7 speed and inability to learn more than the four routes they gave him from the playbook. 160 targets last year you selfish blowhard. Only Cleveland would “respect” you with that absurd contract for a slot guy. Mr. “face of the franchise.” What a self-absorbed clown this guy’s become. Acts like T.O. with half the game. He’s so insecure it’s just sad. You against the world, right JL?…

  18. Is there a code that in order to play WR in the NFL you have to shoot your mouth off? I swear over the past 2 decades there have been more diva like receivers than all other positions combined.

  19. So…why didn’t Landry complain about this last season? Now, when he’s not with the dolphins anymore, he complains.
    Landry is gutless.

  20. Pull some tape of him “trying” on outside routes. Here’s what you’ll see….zero separation, poor body control against an boundary corner and a failing grade.

    This big mouth diva is a slow, emotionally immature slot receiver period. He should be thanking Miami for that stupid contract he signed with the 1 win in 2 years Browns.

  21. I thought Cleveland overpaid him, but he has a point. Gase’s offense was terrible his first couple of years, even taking into account the injury last year. They were offensively inept for much of last year. The two offensive guys they’ve gotten rid of because Gase couldn’t handle them, one just was a big part of a Super Bowl win, and we’ll see what Landry does. He can only help that terrible Cleveland roster.

  22. You guys are calling Landry out for only being a slot WR. That’s exactly what he’s complaining about!!! He felt he had more to offer. We shall see in Cleveland.

  23. Typical thoughts from some Dolphin fans. Can’t see the forest through the trees. Landry has been and will prove he still is top five receiver in league and plays every week. Cleveland will be very happy with this guy.

  24. “I was hurt by it,” Landry said.


    This explains a lot. The man needs to move on. Embrace your team!

  25. You know Jarvis..you were a good player here and you have alot of talent…but at the end of the day man look at the team that ended up giving you all that money. The worst run team in sports. As your career went on here it was constantly all about what you didn’t get, who’s to blame, who under threw the pass, who’s got the contracts you don’t, who’s not giving you your love and that’s not what inspires people. Its not what inspires people. The Dolphins added by subtracting you. You know its true thats why you wont shut up about them. Move on.

  26. Hey man I get that you appreciated Jarvis but fellow fan of a moronic organization, Jarvis barely got 4060 yard and 22 tds. That’s a 5.5 avg. He was so slow he got shut down in the red zone. He’s Devon Bess. If Tannehill could read a defense or have any pocket presence Jarvis would not have anywhere near the number of catches. He’s slow and can’t beat dbs on routes so he stayed at the line of scrimmage or 5 past it and Tannehill is great at throwing 1-5 yards past the line of scrimmage, they were a prefect marriage. We put Jarvis outside against a rookie and was shutdown. He’s fake tough guy act got old. 16 million for 1000 yards a season 5.5 tds and a significant portion of the offense directed at him. Why’s he bitching about Miami now, he’s a brown now, focus on the season not the idiots Miami. If he was so worried about miami get 1300 yards a season 8-11 tds a season. Instead he’s blaming everyone but himself. Duper has 150 more receptions than Jarvis but double the yards. Yes Danny throwing but double the yards. Jarvis isn’t a play maker. The should of trsded him last year for the 2nd pick from Baltimore. PLay Carrue(sp) the receiver we drafted from Rutgers. See what we have, make a decision. Stills and Parker both have vastly suoerior talent than a 6ft 4.77 slot guy who cant score tds.

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