Julio Jones gets $4.4 million signing bonus, reduces base salary


The Falcons didn’t give Julio Jones more money to get him to report to training camp, but they did give him money sooner.

A league source tells PFT that Jones’ revised contract with the Falcons gives him a $4.4 million signing bonus and reduces his base salaries by $1.5 million this year and by $2.9 million next year.

The $4.4 million signing bonus will be spread out over 17 weeks, so what the Falcons effectively did is take $2.9 million of Jones’ 2019 salary and moved it into his 2018 salary, although for salary cap purposes that $4.4 million is spread over the remaining three years of his contract.

A $2.9 million salary advance is nothing to sneeze at, although it remains to be seen whether it’s enough to keep Jones satisfied next year. It’s possible that Jones and the Falcons will again be facing a contract dispute at the start of training camp a year from now.

For this year, however, Jones is satisfied, and so are the Falcons.

26 responses to “Julio Jones gets $4.4 million signing bonus, reduces base salary

  1. if journeyman slot receivers are getting paid like no.1s, the best wide receiver in football the last five seasons running just ought to be paid like it;

  2. If he has another huge year the Flacons are going to be in more trouble next year, and he could hold out since he is getting that money this year.

  3. This makes not strategic sense at all. Unless the cost of living index rises dramatically, what was the point? You’ve taken $$$ way from future earnings so you can have it now, other than you having the $$$ now, where is the overall increase? The only benefit here would be if he gets a reworked deal before the 2019 season, so that the $4.5M he’s been advanced is not accounted for or shorted in a new deal! SMH

  4. All they did was kick the can down the road. He was due to make $12.5M next year (not including the $2M pro-rated signing bonus). Subtract the $1.5M from next year which has been converted to a bonus and he’ll “only” be making $11M next year and he’ll conveniently have anmesia about the bonuses. He’ll do the same in 2019.

    I don’t understand these guys being unhappy making $12.5M in a single year. These guys make more money in one year than people win in the lottery. For normal people that’s a life-changing event. For professional athletes apparently it’s an insult. #smh

  5. Getting the money now helps Julio protect against injury. Let’s face it…if he shreds his knee this year he could be cut or unlikely to get anywhere near top money.

    The Falcons are becoming an attractive destination for free agents. They will pay you and don’t care if you protest or not. The Cowboys better wake up….times are changing.

  6. tylawspick6 says:
    July 28, 2018 at 10:22 am
    I am sick to my stomach if I am a Falcons fan.

    To know one of your key players is only focus is the most money.


    Oh shut the hell up. This guy puts his body on the line to entertain you. Not just now but effects of football that may arise in the future. If he gets a career ending knee injury tomorrow Falcons will cut him without much of a thought. Football players have the most to complain about in sports about money.

  7. Do not look at another man’s paycheck as it does not affect you. That goes both for the fans and the players that are constantly ‘rubber necking’ on the next man’s deal. This needs to stop. Each player needs to look at their own market value and evaluate it from that standpoint rather than what other team may have overpaid for another player. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, especially in the area of gauranteed money, but then again, prior to signing, that should always be the focus of attention.

  8. It would be interesting to see how much the players get after taxes. Still crazy money, of course, but I bet the government gets about half of that bonus. Maybe less, if Julio has a good accountant.

  9. If the cap goes to $200 million, guys like this are going to be fine. Agents gotta chill.

  10. He shakes down his team after only 3 tds? LMAO. Way to be strong, Falcons. I hope you are willing to give the rest of the team the same treatment. They are lined up outside the door.

  11. Can the Rams do this w/Aaron Donald?
    Prolly not. Donald is reportedly asking for 4 years, $100M ($25M/year), base salary and $70M in separate guarantees.

  12. what’s the preseason for except for contract adjustments…I’m gonna hold my breath until I turn blue or you give me a new contract, or adjust my current contract…welcome to the current NFL…

  13. In what situation would Julio not get this $2.9 million next season? Pretty much only retirement.
    Even if injured, he’d get next years salary.
    So it’s not like the Falcons gave him anything extra.
    I think this shows the Falcons called his bluff, then came to an agreement to help him save face.

    All the talk in Atlanta is they will rework the deal next off season.
    Now, if the Falcons ignore this adjustment in the negotiations, that changes things. I don’t see Jones as a Larry Fitzgerald, wanting to play until 35. I see him more as Dez, where his skills fall fast (due to bad wheels), but then he chooses to retire.
    I’m expecting the next contract to be long in length, big in numbers but easy for both to walk away.

  14. What you want to bet we’ll be going through this same dance with him this time next yea,if not sooner.

  15. If the Man is giving you Top receiver production, you better give the Man Top receiver money. He can count!!!! Nothing greedy about knowing your worth!!!!

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