Steve Wilks: Starting job is Bradford’s to lose, with Rosen, Glennon battling for No. 2


Steve Wilks said during the offseason that it wasn’t a long shot that Josh Rosen would start the season opener. But the starting job, Wilks said Saturday, is veteran Sam Bradford‘s to lose.

Wilks labeled the backup job as an open competition between Rosen and Mike Glennon, according to multiple reports.

It is expected Bradford will begin the season as the starter, but he will have to play well, and the Cardinals will have to win, for him to keep the job.

It will come as a surprise if Rosen doesn’t begin the year as the No. 2 quarterback ahead of Glennon, who signed a two-year, $8 million contract with the Cardinals after one season in Chicago.

But the Cardinals are giving Rosen a chance to win the job in training camp if he outperforms Bradford, which is what Russell Wilson did his rookie year in beating out Matt Flynn.

15 responses to “Steve Wilks: Starting job is Bradford’s to lose, with Rosen, Glennon battling for No. 2

  1. That is until Sam is injured in camp/preseason. Then it’s Plan B. All while the GM is telecommuting while in time out.

  2. I’d wager Bradford or Rosen will start and Glennon will back up, period. You, me and every other person who has watched the NFL over the past 10-years knows it’s just a matter of time before the rookie is starting. Here’s me predicting all three will start games this season.

  3. We all know Sam won’t make it past September without being injured and gone for the year. I’ll then be surprised if Rosen isn’t injured in October and done for the year.

  4. #1) Matt Flynn was a terrible QB who had 1 good game to his name that was his claim to his game when SEA signed him, comparing Rosen’s situation to Wilson’s is beyond stupid. Sam Bradford is A MUCH better QB on his worst day than Matt Flynn ever was on his best day. Not an equal comparison there.

    #2) Josh Rosen will end up taking the starting gig from Sam Bradford, he is too good not to. Bradford was told when he was signed he would be the starter to open the season even if they drafted one, so Wilks has to say it’s Bradford job to lose and he will. Either thru injury or play, Josh Rosen will end up starting and will keep the job for the next decade plus once he does. I’d bet Rosen ends up taking the job by week 6 at the latest.

  5. Josh better be ready to start! Cause Mr. Glass will get injured and Glennon is just terrible.

  6. I can’t believe Mike Glennon is still in the league. I live in Chicago and watched Glennon try to play QB for the Bears early in last year’s season (before he was replaced by Trubisky). Glennon is a horrible QB. Seriously, I wouldn’t pay him twenty bucks to quarterback my team. I don’t know why the Cards signed him, because he isn’t worth whatever they’re paying him. If Josh Rosen can’t beat out Mike Glennon for the number two QB job with the Cards, then Rosen doesn’t belong in the NFL. Seriously.

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