Michael Bidwill suggests Steve Keim’s absence may be longer than five weeks

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The Cardinals suspended G.M. Steve Keim for five weeks after he pleaded guilty to extreme DUI. When the five weeks expire, it’s possible Keim won’t immediately return.

Via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, owner Michael Bidwill suggested that Keim will be reinstated only if he meets other requirements imposed by the team, including mandatory counseling. Even though Bidwill realizes it’s better to have Keim than not to have Keim, Bidwill seems committed to ensuring that Keim has checked all boxes.

“It’s obviously not a great time to not have your General Manager,” Bidwill said. “Training camp is an important time. He’ll be able to, hopefully, be here for the end of training camp if he completes everything. The whole plan is there is no impact from his absence.”

Bidwill added that the team is functioning well without Keim, and Bidwill remains irritated with Keim’s decision to drive a car after drinking enough to put his blood-alcohol concentration above 0.15 percent.

“[In this day and age there is no excuse to drink and drive,” Bidwill said. “We have Lyft. We have Uber. And there are consequences, not just legal consequences for the person that is arrested. People can be hurt and killed. . . . There is no excuse. I’ve had the conversation with our staff, with our players, to talk about what the expectations are. Everybody can have a designated driver or leave their car at home and take Uber or a Lyft.”

Keim surely will be on a short leash when he returns, and it’s possible that the incident will count against him if/when the team fails to live up to Bidwill’s expectations. As much as he tries, he simply may not be able to get past Keim’s poor decision-making, and that could make it easier to hire someone else to be the team’s chief football decision-maker.

15 responses to “Michael Bidwill suggests Steve Keim’s absence may be longer than five weeks

  1. But you didn’t fire the guy for being a total embarrassment to your organizatio, an executive no less and a threat to the community. Empty words.

  2. How about replacing Keim and McDonough with personnel men that actually know how to do their job AND are good examples outside of the building. That would be an awesome start

  3. Hey kids… make sure ya play60…. but watch out for drunk GMs driving along the road… we are all about community

  4. Lol at the trolls. Only fools throw stones at glass houses. The reasons why they aren’t talking about who their team is is because they are bandwagon Niners fans, who are basically the crowd from central booking.

    Cardinals will take second place behind the Rams this year. We will be here to check in on the bandwagoners’ whining!

  5. Most of the people with their “inspired” comments have probably had a beer or four, and then gotten behind the wheel of a car. News flash…you were impaired.

    I in NO WAY condone what happened. But since most everyone has driven impaired – and not been caught – all I care about is 1) no one goy hurt, and 2) what does the next time look like? As a counselor I have been through many a victim impact panel. Tends to change lives. As a coach I work with people who make mistakes, who also try to do better next time.

    You people act like you have never done something stupid. You have. We all have. When you have to spend your day slamming someone for their mistakes it tells me you don’t have the self esteem to own up to your own.

    Hey Steve? You need a coach? Hit me up. I believe in people.

  6. I’m a sales manager at a car dealership on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If I was to make a terrible decision and drive drunk and get caught and get a dui, I would not lose my job. I would be punished by my employer and the law but I would still be employed. Why should Keim lose his job when nobody else in America would. Police officers would not lose their job after a dui. Admilrals in the navy don’t lose their job. They are punished, but they keep their jobs… People who apparently hate the Cardinals are the only ones screaming to fire him… It’s comical how people who live in glass houses are the first ones to throw stones…

  7. 700levelvet says:
    July 29, 2018 at 7:08 pm
    But you didn’t fire the guy for being a total embarrassment to your organizatio, an executive no less and a threat to the community. Empty words.
    Slow your roll self righteous guy. Pull back on the judgement a bit.
    This guy broke the law, will be punished and will lose a lot of money. Dui’s Don’t get you terminated from your job anywhere unless you drive for a living.
    Come back to earth.

  8. Keim will be back in mid August, what Bidwell says to the media for PR purposes and behind closed doors are two different things. Keim has done a great job, is regularly ranked among the top 10 GM’s in the league, it’s hard to just replace that as good GM’s arent easy to find. I’m sure Keim will fulfill his end of the bargain and complete the required counseling, we should see Keim back by the 3rd preseason game.

  9. orangeraider says:
    July 29, 2018 at 8:05 pm
    Get rid of him.
    There has to be a better choice then Keim without the baggage.
    Was he liquored up when he was pushing Josh Rosen?

    LoL!!! You realize Oakland’s QB is Derek freaking Carr right? Josh Rosen is a far more talented QB than Carr, regarded as the best most polished pure passer to come out since Andrew Luck. Enjoy Carr leading ya’all to another 6-10 season.

  10. Why he hasn’t been fired outright, is beyond me. Repeat offender in a manner dangerous to the community in which their fans live. I’m sure they can still place 3rd in division without him.

    Garbage franchise, with the exception of Larry Fitzgerald. So sad for him that his greatness has been wasted on an awful team, in one of America’s worst states

  11. I think that Keim and his staff have actually done a pretty good job for the most part. They’re just missing one critical piece of the puzzle…
    They need a real disciplined, hard working task master who has the ability to assess talent and inspire young athletes to reach their full potential at the next level. There’s guys out there like Pete Russell who are currently available who could fill that void but unfortunately have been blackballed from the league… all it takes is an ACCUSATION of domestic violence and his career and personal life is ruined. That guy would never ever beat the ever living hell out of a woman, it was all a smear campaign concocted by his previous 3 employers, nothing more than pure coincidence. Where’s his right to the presumption of innocence? I think the Cards would be getting that essential missing piece if they were to hire Russel.

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