Vita Vea carted off with leg injury


Training camp. It’s time for optimism, hope. And endless worry that a key player will be injured.

We know the injuries will happen. We just don’t know who they’ll happen to, when they’ll happen, or how long the injured player will miss.

In Tampa, the breath-holding has begun regarding first-round defensive tackle Vita Vea. Via, Vea left Sunday morning’s practice on a cart with an apparent leg injury.

Before the cart ride, Vea was seen getting his left shin wrapped. The injury, according to the report, seems to involve the left calf.

Vea is one of several upgrades that the Bucs made on defense, and he drew rave reviews from coach Dirk Koetter for the strength demonstrated in the offseason program.

21 responses to “Vita Vea carted off with leg injury

  1. Lots of injuries so far and the camps have JUST begun! Im telling ya you all laughed but my Cowboys are doing yoga for a reason bro’s. This cba crap has got to go! These players need more time in camp with the trainers and coaches. This is ridiculous screw the helmet to helmet rule these players wont make it until then. More injuries now more then ever before camps are half through,

  2. He had his leg wrapped by the trainers, was sent back out and got injured on the very next play. How about playing it smart and turning off the soundtrack to Macho Macho Man!!!

  3. Hope he’ll be fine. These tools have been going non stop since their college season ended: prep for combine, combine, pre draft workouts, post draft mini camps….it’s no wonder they drop…especially the WRs with all the sprinting and little rest.
    Dude earlier talking about yoga is right…last thing I’ll add is it’s a heavy contact sport where athletes are pushed to their limits so there are going to be injuries no matter what they do. Just hope they’re not on your team.

  4. I know these guys are limited with how much they can do with a team, but these guys can stay in shape during the off season. There is no reason some buddies can’t get a professional trainer and work on football specific exercises. Too many guys come in to camp and their knees and legs fall apart.

  5. “Before the cart ride, Vea was seen getting his left shin wrapped. The injury, according to the report, seems to involve the left calf.”

    Hey guys, I think I know what happened. Vea had a calf injury, but the trainer treated his shin. Maybe the trainer went to Colorado on vacation this summer? Someone should check his backpack.

  6. Florio could you do an article looking at the training camp injury stats? i feel as if a lot of fans would like to if the new training camp rules put in during the last 2011 hold out has effected the players. Which teams have more training camp injuries than others? Has it gotten worse since 2011?

  7. The Jack Lambert ,Deacon Jones era was the healthiest era for players ,big but not crazy big ,dudes are too big but I guess for showbusiness sakes and optics the NFL likes the huge bodies

  8. How is it in the seventies full contact practices never produced injuries but no contact drills today produce season ending injuries ,oh that right I just told you dudes are caring to much weight

  9. Obviously these guys need more practice during the”off season”. They get to camp, fall down and are injured. The CBA is killing these guys by not practicing.

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