Jim Caldwell, John Fox consulting with the XFL

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A couple of recent NFC North head coaches are advising the XFL.

Jim Caldwell, who was fired by the Lions this offseason, and John Fox, who was fired by the Bears, are both consulting with the XFL.

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck assembled a committee that will help shape the rules and style of play for the upstart league, which wants to have a fast-paced game with few interruptions. In addition to Caldwell and Fox, committee members include former pro quarterback Doug Flutie, sports technology innovator Bill Squadron and concussions expert Kevin Guskiewicz.

Caldwell and Fox aren’t exactly known as the most forward-thinking of coaches, so it’s hard to imagine that they’re going to be part of reinventing the wheel in the XFL. But the new edition of the XFL, which will launch its inaugural season in a year and a half, has promised that it will give fans an exciting brand of football. That was the promise the XFL made in 2001 as well, and it didn’t work.

13 responses to “Jim Caldwell, John Fox consulting with the XFL

  1. Lions have one of if not the worst franchise historys in the NFL.

    Browns vs Lions Who is the bigger dumpster fire?

  2. The original XFL was very brash, in your face, over the top…

    So for the revival they hire two of the nicest coaches in recent memory? Maybe things have changed.

  3. If the XFL has any chance at going anywhere they will need to hire the manziels and Kaepernicks of the world AND give them huge platforms. Bring in T.O. as well. Regardless of how the on field play looks, people will watch players like this.

  4. This league will fold within two years. People say they want more football but they expect the next league to be like the NFL and it won’t be. First the NFL thrives when they have great QBs running the league. The two leagues starting up won’t have the QBs to give the fans the level of football needed to keep their attention. You are going to have QBs that couldn’t even make the practice squad. These teams won’t get a lot of time to work on being in sync as their rosters will turn over constantly. With two starting at the same time they only be deluding their talent all the more.

  5. I guess they needed a couple of guys to show the new blood how to stare at the Jumbotron all game long and do absolutely nothing to lead or coach. Should be an exquisitely boring league.

  6. Just reading this headline makes me feel bad for Peyton. Imagine how many more playoff wins he’d have with Belichick or Bill Walsh as his coach. Heck, even Doug Pederson.

  7. If they don’t pull this “he hates me” bs, it might make it as an alternative. Year round football is a plus. The
    AAF is stealing their thunder however.

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