Josh Rosen: I’m “unbelievably fortunate” to watch Sam Bradford


Cardinals coach Steve Wilks said last week that the starting quarterback job in Arizona is Sam Bradford‘s to lose and that first-round pick Josh Rosen‘s immediate competition is with Mike Glennon for the backup job.

That arrangement leaves Rosen with time to watch Bradford go about his business during practices and the rookie said on Sirius XM NFL Radio that those moments of observation been a valuable part of his transition to the professional ranks.

“I don’t really think people understand how good Sam is,” Rosen said. “I’m unbelievably fortunate to watch him and how he plays. I’m just really lucky to have that as my frame of reference to start the NFL, because I really believe he’s one of the better quarterbacks in this league. … He’s very quick and deliberate, and he just knows football really well. I’m very lucky that’s my intro into the NFL. I’m not exactly modeling my game after him, but more so taking what he does really well and trying to put it into what I do because Sam is really, really good.”

The idea behind having a first-round quarterback sit to start their career is that the process will give them a chance learn what they need to do to thrive down the road. Bradford’s injury history is one that suggests Rosen will get down the road sooner rather than later, but he may still get some benefit from starting out down the depth chart before that happens.

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  1. Rosen is smart for laying low and letting Bradford enjoy his starting position on the depth chart. Everyone knows the owners and the coach want to move Rosen into the starting position as soon as possible.

    Rosen doesn’t want to be known as the jerk that tried to force Bradford out of his job… even though that’s exactly what he’s doing… silently.

  2. A lot of what Rosen says comes off as kind of phony to me.

    Had he said “I’m fortunate”, I’d have bought it. But it’s the “unbelievably” part that comes off disingenuous.

    And it’s not just this comment, by any means. I’ve thought that about Rosen for quite a while now.

  3. Rosen is probably being completely honest here. I bet Bradford is being a great teammate and mentor. He might be made of glass, but for brief stretches, he shows that tantalizing “what could be”. Plus, having a smart veteran who’s been in that high draft pick position to help him? It’s a really good position to be in. He’s not saying “I want to be Sam” but he’s smart enough to know that he can learn from him and is thankful for the opportunity. Given Rosen’s history of ramming one or both feet into his mouth, this is probably music to Cards fans’ ears.

  4. .
    It will be interesting to see how each of this year’s first round QBs work out. After all, there was a diversity of opinions on every one of them. The odds are that at least one becomes a star while at least one totally flames out.

  5. A coach once said that a player’s greatest abilities are durability and availability.

    I truly believe Bradford could have been one of the great QBs if he’d remained healthy. After watching him here in Minnesota, he looked like he had everything a QB needs except durability. Too bad, really.

  6. chief0727 says:

    July 30, 2018 at 11:30 am

    “I’m unbelievably fortunate to watch Sam Bradford” said no fan of any team Sam Bradford has ever played on.


    Not true. I am a Vikings fan, and watched a lot of Bradford. I thought he was a very good QB. His Arm talent is unbelievable and I think as a thrower is better than Cousin’s who we spent a lot of money on, and Case Keenum last year. The only thing fans don’t like about him, is his durability and his lack of mobility.

    If given protection he can tear apart defenses. I would have loved for him to be our long term starter, but the dude just can’t stay healthy. It’s a shame.

  7. I don’t really think people understand how good Sam is,” Rosen said.
    How can we?
    He’s never on the field.

  8. He won’t have to watch Sam long. Soon, Sam will be watching him in crutches. Learn quickly!

  9. Sam actually put together a damn good season for the Vikes in 2016.

    71.6% completion percentage, but their horrible offensive line couldn’t protect him. 37 sacks = turnstile line

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